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Asimov's SC4-impressions

Started by Asimov, June 20, 2007, 01:25:12 AM

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That's an impressive transport system, and I see you've learned how to create underwater tunnels too!  :thumbsup: Later on, would you please show some traffic data (auto, bus, freight, etc.)? I continue to struggle with these systems and I'm trying to learn from more experienced players like you.

Until next time...

WOW, I finally made a post with a zero at the end and started a new page to boot. Congratulations to both of us!  :P


Your transportation systems look great, Asimov! I love the tunnels and your port area looks wonderful, too! I can't wait to see what you've got for us next!


Wonderful couple of updates! The last one was great; sort of a tutorial to see how the transportation thing should be done. I love the nightshots of downtown Auckland, they are great.


Wow - I missed quite some impressive updates. Your building style, and the use of Marrasts Embankments are very fresh and give the city, especially the CBD, a very prosperous glow! The transitwork is very well laid. Good job Asimov!

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Fantastic using of the roads and so on. Wonderful update, Asimov! :thumbsup:


Hello everybody and thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Today we'll continue with South Auckland, currently populated by 20.000 people. I hope you'll like the pictures.


The largest cemetery of the City

Close-up on the "Tomb of the unknown Soldier"

The neighborhood south of the Cemetery

A typical Auckland Residential area, on the left my first use of the SFBT Railway-Electrification

The old Bridge across the Auckland-Canal

The Connection to the first Industrial Area of the City

Night in Auckland


Hello Asimov,

Very interesting general view, the transit layout shows your building concept, I am curious how it will develop :thumbsup:

The port area looks very promisive too
But this time my favourite is the cemetery - great planning, dark alleys look very well here, the mausoleum with the arch is an excellent composition  &apls. All area looks very well-ordered, but not such artificial as many French - type parks
The church is very nice and well placed too
Now I am looking at the general view and the cemetery looks great on it too!
One little thing - it would be even better to have some space in the front of the arch. Maybe a nice plaza (but it should be at least about 5x5 or 6x6) or if the avenue would go to the entrance - you have a roundabout a few tiles away...

Edit: Ok I see the plaza on the last picture, but it is 5x1 ;)
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Yup, I like the cemetery, too. Up close, it's peaceful and reverent, and at a distance it adds a nice big green area to the city layout. Good work!  :thumbsup:

Until next time...


Really great new pictures, Asimov! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


With this post, you're on your way to the Ones to Watch section! Congratulations, my friend--I'll go make the move now!


Welcome back to another, rather short Update.

thundercrack83: Thanks for the promotion, I hope I can continue to show some comment-worthy pictures, so let's target the 100 replies... ;)

Ennedi, Jmouse, & bat: Glad you liked the pictures, especially the cemetery was something I wanted to try for quite some time. Actually this was the second attempt, the first one got lost thanks to the famous Puzzle-Piece-Crash-To-Desktop-Bug. But it didn't look that good anyway, this was actually the first time I was thankful for the crash, it spared me thoughts about whether I should erase that thing and start from scratch.

The two Thumbnails below are showing an overview of the entire city, including an preliminary layout for the main roads and highways. So for the first time you can actually start to see the planned shape and dimension of the city.


Great overview of that whole city! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


Asimov - your city-region overviews are very welcome. It's indeed a very good proof that your city is well ahead planned. The ringroad looks very cool.  I see in the first post that you're playing on the Auckland region... well, think I will head to Stex now to DL it from there asn the map looks great: I am pretty much charmed by it  :thumbsup:
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