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The Kingdom of Kaibesia

Started by feliwi, April 04, 2009, 02:43:07 PM

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The Kingdom of Kaibesia
(an upcoming nation in Southeast Asia)

This pictures shows, where Kaibesia is located

Visit the country's official website:

Kaibesia is located on a peninsula (Samut region), which is located south of Vietnam and Cambodia, on Borneo island (Saha province) and on several other islands such as Ko Wan, Ben Wat, Ratchawan and others. The capital is Krung Thanbu, other important cities are Mae Suya, Pretunam, Saepenang, Malpassar, Chiang Ben, Senyong, and Beng Dao.

On this picture you can see the country's most important cities and islands

Although the country still is a developing country and hit by the current economy crisis the country's economy is still rising with quotes around 10% per annum. One of the most important commercial sectors is tourism. Due to the unique landscape and diversity of Kaibesia's flora and fauna the country is a very popular for both Asian tourists and travellers from Europe and the USA.

The country is a constitutional monarchy and mainly embossed by the influence of Buddhism. Although Muslims can be found as well (Saha Province) Buddhism is the "country's religion"

More will follow soon, until then enjoy my collage picture, showcasing different shots!


This looks very promissing Feliwi...... very!  Looking forward to what you will display here  :satisfied:
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Looks great so far, can't wait to see more! :thumbsup:
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@sebes: Thanks so far! More is coming now!
@io_bg: Thanks for nice comment, hope you like it!

Today's update is about arriving in Kaibesia. For the moment Krung Thanbu International Airport in Don Maneng is still the biggest airport in the country. It's very overcrowded and already borders its limits. For these reasons a new airport is planned and construction will begin soon.
But let's return to KTI:
The airport is base and hub of several airlines, such as KAS (Kaibesian Airline System), the first private airline in Kaibesia, operating the new A 380. Another airline is Kaibesian, the nation's flag-carrier, operating Learjets for domestic service and B 777 for international service and special domestic routes.
The most important domestic destination is Saepenang, the most important international one Bangkok and Tokyo.

On this picture you can see an overview of the airport. As you can see there is a golf course between the two runway, which was meant to be an etablisment for the King. The airport is very close to the coast, for this reason there are several channels, which dewater the once wet field. Another aspect you can see on this picture is the variety of airlines serving Krung Thanbu. From all major Asian carriers to European and US airlines, up to airlines like QANTAS or ANZ!

Another collage of the airport, hope you like it!

"Krung Thanbu Tower, this KL 5011, we're landing down on runway 9 left"

Now I'll just post some more airport shots, some of you may know pictures yet, but I tried to mix up old and new content!

This is the oldest aviation facility, buildt in the 1950s.

Let's fly the new A 380, flight KA boarding to Tokyo!

What a heavy plane! KAS A380 waiting for its all-clear!

Let's get picked up by a air-conditioned taxi and go to Downtow Krung Thanbu!

Kaibesian and Palmair jets! Fly them and you will reach every single landing strip allover the country.

The fire brigade at the airport.

Have a pleasant and send Japan our regards!



Absolutely Amazing! It is just breathtaking. You must have spent weeks on it.
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I wanna land my airline at your Stunning Airport ! :)



@sebes: Thanks a lot!
@io_bg: More will follow soon! Thanks a lot for posting!
@grasloek: Thanks a lot!
@darraghf: Actually it didn't take me that long for this airport. But if I put together all the lots I used for this airport it would be more than weeks! Thanks a lot for posting!
@Nexis4Jersey: Thanks a lot, of course you can fly to Krung Thanbu, but slots are expensive

@Swesim: It's not photoshopped it is retuxtured. But I didn't do it, tabi made the A 380 for me! For the buses, they were part of a prop-pack, but I don't exactly remember how it was called, but I found it on the LEX or the STEX, that's sure! If I find out, I will let you know! Thanks for posting!
@Scirius: You're right, there is a golf course between the runways. That's because Bangkok's old airport (Watch http://www.thaiflyingclub.com/images/linkAirportPics/picAirportBangkokDonMuang.JPG) inspired me, which has a golf course between its runways! Anyway, thanks for posting!

UPDATE 2 - Visiting the island of Ko Mangang

Today we leave Krung Thanbu and visit a small Kaibesian island, called Ko Mangang!
Enjoy the video and don't forget to switch on your speakers!

Sorry, but I didn't manage to put the video into the update!
Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXIif4gbeS0

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Beautiful airport, but there's a golf between runways ???

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Nice work with that airport!

Did You do Your own textures for the KAS A380 or is it Photoshopped into the pic?
I would also like to know where You found the Yellow/red bus in the pic after the KAS A380 closeup.
Keep up the good work, I´ll hang around for the next update!