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SNT - V. 2.0 available for download!

Started by 000, June 25, 2017, 01:19:41 PM

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Wow! You're still handling it! Amazing work, I wouldn't be able too keep tracking of all of those textures  &apls &apls

The best ideas are your images with OWR-1 and AVE-2 of cobblestone. That would be awesome thing!
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Thank you kbieniu7 and alejogc13 for your comments! :)

Tonight a little update on the work that will be done for the third version of SNT and projects in mind. For starters, the third version of the SNT should be available at the beginning of 2020 normally, with all the textures that are possible in orthogonal, as shown in this table (which can be seen on the first page too):

Code               Type                 Description                         Orthogonal             Diagonal               TexturesPicture         
M01.01RoadWith markingFinishedFinished486Click here
M01.02RoadWithout markingFinishedFinished330Click here
M02.01StreetWith markingFinishedFinished417Click here
M02.02StreetWithout markingFinishedFinished280Click here
M03OWR-2FinishedIn project (v 4.0)306Click here
M04AVE-4FinishedIn project (v 4.0)381Click here
N05TLA-3FinishedNot in project262Click here
N06TLA-5In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N07TLA-7In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N08AVE-2FinishedNot in project238Click here
N09AVE-6In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N10ARD-3FinishedNot in project459Click here
N11NRD-4In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N12RD-4In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N13RD-6In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N14OWR-1FinishedNot in project193Click here
N15OWR-3FinishedNot in project236Click here
N16OWR-4In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N17OWR-5In project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N18GLRIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.01SAMParking LotsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.02SAMHerringboneFinishedNot in project200Click here
N19.03SAMDirt RoadsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.04SAMGravel StreetsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.05SAMTrolcas Dirt StreetsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.06SAMKlinker StreetsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.07SAMAsphalt StreetsFinishedNot in project198Click here
N19.08SAMCobblestone StreetsFinishedNot in project196Click here
N19.09SAMBrick StreetsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.10SAMJapanese StreetsIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N19.11SAMIndustrieSAMFinishedNot in project194Click here
N20RRWIn project (v 3.0)Not in projectn/an/a
N21RoundaboutFinishedNot in project75Click here
N22RHWNot in projectNot in projectn/an/a
P23OWS-1FinishedNot in project191Click here
P24OWS-2FinishedNot in project280Click here
Total Textures :4'922
Last Update :24.09.2019

M = Maxis network / N = NAM network / P = Personal network

Once the third version is released on the exchange, I will make the diagonal textures of the one-way road Maxis (OWR-2) and Avenue Maxis (AVE-4). It will be a small version, but necessary... Because after this, I have a big project that I want to achieve and I think for several months, it is to create a mod with the textures of the SNT to replace the American textures of the Maxis and NAM networks by Euro textures. I think I will start creating this mod in the end of 2020, at least not before, and it's still just an idea. I will need some help with this project if the idea materializes.

Here is an overview of the work done since the second version of the SNT:

In progress :

The 3-tiles networks (AVE-6 and TLA-7) will be the biggest in terms of textures, but there is not much work to do, it's a lot of copy / paste.

When all 2-tiles and 3-tiles networks are completed, they will be fully compatible with each other. For example, it will be quite possible to make a TLA-5 / AVE-4 / AVE-6 / TLA-7 crossroad. Even though this is unlikely! $%Grinno$%

That's all for today, see you soon! :)