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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mayor's Diary (MD) and City Showcase Changes (December 2018)

Started by Tarkus, December 02, 2018, 12:07:43 AM

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From time to time, the SC4D Staff has adjusted the layout of the Mayors' Diary Section and its subforums, with the goal of figuring out just how best to foster activity in this part of the site, for the benefit of both authors and readers.  With the MD Hall of Fame elections returning, the staff decided to take stock of the MD and City Showcase areas of the site, and has made the following changes:

  • All active MDs are now located in a single, unified Mayors' Diaries board, with the exception of Hall of Fame MDs.  The general criteria the staff uses to decide whether the MD section requires additional subforums on a post/view count basis is for there to be at least 2 forum pages of MDs outside the Hall of Fame.  MDs inducted into the Hall of Fame will remain in the MD Hall of Fame board, as before.  The Classics, Best Sellers, and Recently Published boards will remain with the appropriate thread redirects until December 15, 2018, to help everyone acclimate to the new layout.  Inactive MDs under each of these subforums will also be moved to a new general Inactive MDs board.
  • MD Authors will now be honored in a new way--badges.  New membergroups have been created with badges, each corresponding to one of the old categories.  General MD authors will receive an "MD Author" badge, those with at least 100 replies/1000 views will receive an "MD Best Seller" badge, and those with at least 500 replies/5000 views will receive an "MD Classic" badge.  Hall of Fame authors will also receive an "MD HoF" badge.  The badges will be rolled out with a provisional design shortly, and members with active MDs have already been assigned to the appropriate membergroups.

  • A final badge design, to replace the above provisional design, is planned to be selected through a community-wide competition, the details of which are forthcoming.
  • The "Show Us Your . . ." and "Best SC4 Pictures Contest" Boards are now part of the City Showcases section.  The "Show Us Your . . ." and "Best SC4 Pictures Contest" are also forms of city showcasing, with less formality than the traditional MD, and as such, they have now been moved to the same section of the forums, to group like activities together, and draw more attention to all of them.
  • The criteria for "active" status is being re-evaluated.  Provisionally, any former Recently Published or Best Seller MD receiving an update in the past 180 days, and any former Classic receiving an update in the past 365 days, is being placed in the new unified Mayors' Diary board.  The previous criteria were 45 days for Recently Published, 60 days for Best Sellers, and 90 days for Classics.

We hope this new layout will do well to serve the needs of our MD authors, and everyone sharing their latest cities and builds here at SC4 Devotion, and welcome any questions or feedback that may arise from these changes.

-The SC4D Staff