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run sc4 on gpu laptop

Started by dxc7io, June 05, 2023, 02:44:45 AM

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howdy yall
i managed to get my old retail of simcity4 2disc cdrom  running on windows10 laptop but its running on uhd integrated graphics, and i would like it to run on the dedicated gpu : amd/ati radeon rx 550

im not having any luck with any wrappers, the game would start normally on the uhd without the dgvoodoo watermark. nor does any of the other wrappers i tried seem to work with

the only time i seen it use the gpu was with dgvoodoo2 wrapper on a sc4_32bit.zip, but it uses gpu only during the intro, which then afterwards when the intro finishes it CTD. no surpise since the sc4_32bit says version 1.1.641.0 and my installation runs successfully with   

is there a way to patch my v.272 so it can be recognized by the wrappers?


The file you mention is just a modified .exe which forces 32-bit graphics, although it's not mandatory for using dgVoodo2. However, it won't work because you don't have the additional Rush Hour addon (bundled with SC4 Deluxe also).

Just looking at the version number, from the information here, it seems you are trying to use the original SC4 without the Rush Hour addon. Honestly, Rush Hour (or the identical Deluxe bundle), isn't really so much an addon as something which everyone has. For starters you won't be able to use any mods without the full version of SC4.

We almost never hear from anyone with the vanilla game, although in theory there is no particular reason why a wrapper would fail to work with it. The wrapper affects DirectX, not the game directly, which is a feature of Windows designed for games.

I am not aware of a requirement to manually add game's details to a Wrapper to get it working. It is possible you need different settings, if vanilla somehow used a different version of DirectX, but to my knowledge it doesn't.

The best advice I can offer is you'd be better off investing in a digital copy of SC4 Deluxe, which comes pre-patched and (mostly) ready to go. I prefer GoG (DRM Free), but the Steam and Origin versions are ultimately the same code. During a sale, it regularly sells for $5 or less, so with a little patience it needn't cost much either.

If you really want to push on using the vanilla game, then it would be useful to see a screenshot of the install folder for SC4 (where you placed the Wrapper's files), so we can see if there is anything wrong. Many wrappers will also create a log file (for example Elisha Cloud's does), this may help to see what is going wrong if you have one.