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Lot Editor Keyboard Operations

Started by CasperVg, September 24, 2008, 09:22:46 PM

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Ever wanted a list of Keyboard Operations within the Lot Editor, there you have it.

arrow keys : nudge selected asset in x,y directions

shift + arrow keys : nudge selected asset in x,y direction 8x the distance as without shift

ctrl + up/down arrow : raise/lower elevation of selected asset

ctrl+shift+up/down : raise/lower elevation of selected asset 8x the distances as without shift

page-up/page-down : rotate selected asset

M : mirror selected texture

del key : delete selected asset

D or d : creates a duplicate of selected asset, offset position from original

I or i : open add item menu (mode specific)

F or f : open add family menu (mode specific)

Esc : escape from selected item plop

N : Cycle through the buildings in a family

View Control
H or h : pan tool activated   

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 : jump to zoom level (3D view)   

ctrl + page up/page down : rotate view (2D and 3D views together)   

Mode Selection
T or t : switch to base texture mode

V or v : switch to overlay texture mode

P or p : switch to prop mode

B or b : switch to building mode

R or r  : switch to flora mode

L or l  : switch to Lot property mode

File Management
O or o : open existing lot

S or s : save lot

ctrl + s : save as

Q or q : quit

That was it, have fun Lotting even faster!  ::)
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Nice list

What's the keyboard operand for using multiple overlay textures.   ::)


Ctrl D, but now that PIM-X is out, you might not need this information anymore.  ;)
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