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Making the LOT Editor run in Full Screen

Started by CasperVg, September 24, 2008, 09:12:04 PM

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Ever wanted your Lot Editor to run in Full Screen? Well then, it's possible.

1. Open up your Lot Editor Shortcut
2. Find the "Target" area, which includes the link to the application.
3. Copy -r1280x800x16 -f (where 1280x800 has to be changed to your Screen Sizes) to the end of that link.
4. Save and exit the window
5. Start the Lot Editor using that precise shortcut.
6. Have fun lotting.

Also possible
* d:soft - Run using software graphics driver.
* -w - Run in windowed mode.

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Another way, which is what I do is open up your Lot Editor Shortcut then Properties and go to the Compatibility Tab and set it to run 640 x 480 screen resolution

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As Casper notes, you can make the Lot Editor run in windowed mode (by replacing the "-f" in the first post with "-w"), but only at certain resolutions - typically the old resolutions that have been supported forever.  From what I can tell, the following resolutions are supported, and no others:


If you put in a different resolution, the LE exits while starting up; no window ever appears.


I thought I saw a discussion on Lot Editor Not Responding message and won't load. Does the app need to be installed at a specific location?  Any help is appreciated.