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Re: Waterfalls a New Journey... MD by Pat_Update # 219

Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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Looking good Pat, was thinking of who might of felt at home here and came up with this.

Don't know what he might of thought of the hwys but as long as there are still some bears around I'm sure he'd have been happy.

Seriously (whatever that means  :)), the landscape looks great, especially the waterfalls and can't wait to see how you develop this  :thumbsup:.




Awesome mosaic, Pat. You have all the makings of a fine region from CBD to rural outback. Just remember to leave some green spaces.

Until next time...


Quote from: patfirefghtr on June 29, 2007, 12:36:51 AM
yes i know its all the way zoomed out and this airport is still a working progress. Ya know
gotta allow for expansion packs LoL ;)

That airport is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! to small,it probably couldn't hold a Dsh-8 if it wanted to.
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LoL Nascar I know its small Airport but its only a start... Rest assured there will be a bigger BPF, its in the works had to work on some waterfalls.  Since its been awhile i was needing the distraction and had to get back to PW...

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Pat- I'd missed the video a bit ago.  Thanks for the mention, but I think the inspiration bit works the other way around.  Whenever the 3RR well seems a bit dry, it's thinking about folks like you and all the great things we've done over the past year+ that gets things going again.

Onward to the Classics, my friend!

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Quite a nice little waterfall you have there, pat. The airport's small, but that's minor.  :)


Another great MD I had no idea existed - and I like the airport a lot.

Good job so far, gonna keep my eye on this one for sure.  :thumbsup:


Hey everyone i thank you for coming into my MD... Progress has been pretty slow but here
is something to feast upon that i hope will look pretty good? ? ? ? ?

I'm thinking maybe entering that one into the pic comp as i did make it to
the second round with the devolped one ie w/highways and roads also
w/out any editing to the photo... So what do you all think yea or nay?
BTW i promisse to have more photos soon....

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Looks great Pat.  :thumbsup:
I definitely say enter that into the competition, I might even have the pleasure of competing against it. :thumbsup:


Hi Pat,

The mountainlake is looking good.  I think it's a jay for the competition pal :thumbsup:
Looking at that cool lake a dip in the cool water looks mighty refreshing and inviting :)

keep it up!



I'd would love to see that shot in the competition, Pat! It's absolutely stunning!


By all means, Pat, enter that photo in competition. It's gorgeous!

Until next time,


Yes, enter that photo in the competition. It is looking very nice... :thumbsup:


That looks extremly nice. Cant wait to see more of it. &apls

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Thank you everyone for your continued support... I do highly appreciate it ever so much and a little side note
i was looking at the forum stats and i noticed this today LoL

Not only am i included in the top 10 but just the stats in general wow who would have dunk it...
But its interesting to see that only a small amount of differences sits between our fav 3RR and the
SC4 Picture Competition of about 2055 view count diffrence... But the post count the competition
blows 3RR outta the water and that blows my mind lol...  Within the next day or so i promise i will
have a real good update here of " Waterfalls... "

Ohhh i guess i can show a small little teaser LoL....

yes you probably have seen this pic already but its to come with the next update...

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Worthy competition entry shot too PAT.

WOHOOO another Parlimentarian Congratulations  &apls &apls &apls Just making your tea mate :thumbsup:

Soon be ahead of me on posts too &mmm lol

Looking forwad to the "proper" update

Take it easy dude

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Congrats for being a Parliamentarian

And a very great picture, pat!


Those stats only prove what I have always thought, you talk too much :P

Well done Pat, you thank everyone for their support, but I think it is obvious that you return this to the
SC4D community many times multiplied.  &apls

By the way, I like the pic, but I think those boys need some serious backup.




I enjoyed your MD. And, I am glad to see someone who loves stats like I do!!
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 &apls Thanks for the stats. and nice teaser too  :thumbsup: Somebody have water ???????? Where are the firemans ?  $%Grinno$%