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Republic of Karasem: 2022 Holiday Traffic Report (22/04/30)

Started by Nanami, March 18, 2011, 02:36:57 PM

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So first of all, sorry that Bandan update was delayed to undecided time :-\

This is the continuation of the annual update I did since 2012 where it shows the holiday traffic on the intercity roads around Karasem. There was break between 2020-2021 because.... obvious reason.

Quote from: manga rivotra on July 26, 2021, 12:47:23 PMI'm glad you're still active   ;)
I have always admired your very lively and realistic scenes.
I particularly like the 1st photo with this beautiful rice paddy countryside and the river made with the MMPs. Great job  :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot! I try to keep it afloat these days despite of whats going on. but yeah I'm still pretty much do these days


2022 Holiday Traffic Report

Introduction: April 29 2022 is 3 days before Idul Fitri in Karasem, lot of people go to their hometown to celebrate ied with their family. It has been 2 years without this tradition due to the travel limitation imposed by the government but finally the limitation partially lifted with the pandemic died down in Karasem. These travelers come from the major metropolitan areas such as Meriah Metropolitan Area and Cibebek-Kota Baru Metropolitan area. Travelers went to various areas in Karasem such as Southern part of Cikulon Islands, Sumut Island, Great Natuna Islands and other places in Karasem. The tradition mostly take places on western part of Karasem as majority of population are located.


Map of western Karasem

This year peak of hometown bound traffic predicted to take place on Day-3 (29/4) to Day-2 (30/4) of eid. Based on the observation, the number of travelers keep increasing since this morning. Ministry of Transporation enacted several policies in order to avoid long traffic jam. These policies includes the contraflow on several expressway including Meriah-Malang Bawah expressway, Muara Karang-Krangan Expressway, Kota Baru-Bankalan Expressway and Cibebek-Cikaas Expressway. Other policy enacted include the odd-even rule of the car license number that can use the highway on selected time. However due to the network capacity limitation and the number of traveler is very high, traffic congestion hit main lines throughout the country.

First report today is from area around Malang Bawah, Cikulon Utara Province. Malang Bawah-Purwasari Expressway ever since the completion on 2018 has been a major relieve on the bottleneck of route around Malang Bawah where the Meriah-Malang Bawah Expressway ends. Situation are mostly smooth despite on high traffic volume using this route to reach Purwasari and areas on Central and South Cikulon Province. 

   Traffic on the Malang Bawah-Purwasari Expressway in km 45 of Malang Atas Regency

As for the traffic going through regular non motorway main national roads monitored to be rather congested, most of these people are bound to areas in western part of Central Cikulon, mainly Sumberjati and Sukasirna areas while some other are going to South Cikulon as an alternative route of the expressway route through Purwasari

    Traffic in the Western Cikulon coast route of National Route 1 around Sukasari Border of North and Central Cikulon Province

As for the traffic of the motorway connects Meriah and Malang Bawah, Meriah-Malang Bawah Expressway, congestion spotted on several location. Rest area alongside this motorway has been an issue of the traffic congestion due to the traveler trying to enter the already full parking on the rest area. one of the rest area with this issue is in KM 82 from Meriah on Malang Bawah Regency. Traffic queue on this rest area lined to 1 km and affecting all 3 lanes on this motorway. Some of the traveler even park on the side lane of motorway which can be dangerous. Officer advices traveller to limit the parking time up to 30 minutes to alleviate the queue and there has been several closure on the rest areas with full parking spaces alongside this route.

Traffic queue to the Rest Area KM 82 Meriah-Malang Bawah Expressway.

Next report is from the Meriah-Kota Baru Expressway. This motorway is the main route that connect 2 major metropolitan area of Karasem, Meriah and Cibebek-Kota Baru. Traffic are known to be congested from both direction due to the high volume. The Expressway operator PT Jalan Tol Karasem temporary disabled the Sumberrejo Toll Gate as the transaction now combined for both section of this expressway (Meriah-Kemayoran and Kemayoran-Kota Baru). The opening of Kota Baru-Meriah High Speed Rail which was constructed in cooperation with Teiko in April 23 alongside this route has helped alleviate the traffic demand on this very crowded route on this season as the ticket of trips from April 28 to May 4 has been fully booked as of today. The operational of the Kemayoran Integrated HSR Station-Bus Terminal also utilized by traveler that use this mode to travel to the eastern part of North Cikulon Province. For the conventional train route between these two city also has been fully booked up to May 5 for this holiday season. 

 Meriah-Kota Baru Expressway on Krangan Regency also shows the newly opened High Speed Rail.  

Last we go to the Tanjung Pasir Regency. The recently opened part of Tanjung Pasir-Bandan Expressway first section has saved traveler times. The 29 km expressway connected the Tanjung Pasir Selatan to Semilalang in Tanjung Pasir used by those who are going from Cibebek to the eastern part of Natuna Island. As for the situation on Semilalang exit, there is minor congestion reported for 500m when it join the Karasem National Route 1. 

  Semilalang exit of Tanjung Pasir-Semilalang Expressway

Thats all for today! Happy Eid Al Fitri for those who celebrate it!  And wish you all reading this all the best.