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REVANTE - Update 1: Historic Capitol

Started by jetset3, December 31, 2008, 08:32:27 PM

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Hello everyone!  Just wanted to introduce you to a little SimCity nation I am building called Revante.  The updates to this MD will probably be quite a bit more far-between than in some MDs, so please be patient with me :)  Okay, so, without any further to do...

Revante [rev-AHN-tay] - Officially the Royal Commonwealth of Revante, island-nation in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, former Dutch colony, fully independent territory of Great Britain.

Weathered by the sea...

Built by the Dutch...

(and the English)

Enriched by international finances...

Made famous through the ages by natural beauty...

This is The Ocean Country.  This is Revante.


Alright, that's all.  Thank you for viewing, and PLEASE comment and come back!!!
Oh, and I managed to get it in before 2008 is over!  Woo woo!


Very nice start here. The framing of the pics looks good and adds an elegant touch to them. It looks like there will be much to explore here, do you happen to have an overview shot of the area? Love that last shot of the house on the island. Nice work.


Interesting start. Nice centre and island, I think, you'll show very good stuff  ;)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Wow! You have some beautiful stuff here. I look forward to more!  :satisfied:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Excellent intro , is this a dutch themed MD i smell &apls :thumbsup:


Hey Jetset, great start here and I cant wait to see more here of Revante... I like the frames you are using!!!

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Oh great - I love your MD already!  I always adore former Dutch colonies that remained independent from the British  ;)

Looking forward for more...

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Albus of Garaway

Hi Alex!

It's finally here! After waiting for months, I finally get to see what Revante actually looks like! It's different from your usual style, and very creative. The detail in downtown is remarkable. Each plaza, every tree, even those tiny little bushes that we have trouble with sometimes, seems to be in the right spot. You can tell this wasn't thrown together, and you can see a story in every little thing in the city. Remarkable job, and I hope I'll have time to visit often.



OMG... I sooo want to live there. Great work.

Will premiere in January 2009
Otherwise, look up "City of Hypertrophy" on Simtropolis


That's a great start there!
And the first picture is really fantastic! Nice work on that area! The nature is really nice!
The city is also fantastic!
Looking forward to more... :thumbsup:


Hi everyone.  After a LONG wait, it's time for more of my MD!  Today we will be visiting the city of St. Quentin, the financial and cultural epicenter of my little country.  But first some replies:

threestooges:  Thank you, although the framing messed up the quality a bit.  And yes, there is next in this update  :)

kbieniu7:  Thank you!  Hope this update can match the intro!

Schulmanator:  Thanks!  Hope you like this update!

Nexis:  Indeed it is!  Sort of.  It's more supposed to be Dutch colonial with a mix of architecture.  But in this update, it's very Dutch-themed since this is the historic part.

Pat:  Thank you, I'm so glad you like it!  Yeah, I sort of like the frames, but they mess up the quality and make the straight lines squiggly.  That's why I quit using them.

sebes:  Wow, that's an excellent assumption!  At least I hope it looks like a former Dutch colony.  We'll see.  Thanks for stopping by!

Albus if Garaway:  Hey hey hey!  Wow, I certainly hope this MD lives up to your description there :)  Being a perfectionist, there are parts of this update that just... don't seem quite perfect.  But oh well, hope you enjoy this first update!

anarchy0029:  I want to live there too, haha!  Thanks.

bat:  Thanks so much.

Welcome to Saint Quentin, the capitol and largest city in Revante.  St. Quentin is a major port-town, as it has been for over a thousand years.

Founded by Dutch merchants during the early Colonial Era, the city is the cultural epicenter of Revante.  It was first called "Portenstraat" until Revante came under British control during the Third Anglo-Dutch War in 1674, and the name was changed. 

The Revanten people still remained friends with the Dutch, and Dutch ships continued to utilize Revante's ports almost more then the British did.  This resulted in a strong Dutch influence on the country's culture that remains very prevalent today.

St. Quentin is a major center for the arts...

But most of all, St. Quentin is the financial center of Revante, and much of the world.  With no income or capital-gains taxes, and an extremely stable currency, Revante is among the world's richest offshore banking hotspots...

Hundreds of international companies choose Revante to be their headquarters because of its ultra-low taxes and high standard of living.  This has made Revante's Global Properties Exchange (GPX) one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world...

Demand for urban housing is at an all-time high...

In the 1990s, St. Quentin's system of small parks that encircled the downtown was replaced with underground canals to allow for more retail space...

The Royal Palace was built by the British to be the seat of the Commonwealth's governor.  Today, it serves as the Capitol building of Revante...

The luxurious Prime Minister's house at "500 Okenstraat" is also a major historic landmark...

The country's parliament meets in this new building, built across from the Royal Palace on the Portenstraat Commons...

And lastly, the flag of Revante...

Thank you for reading!  Next time, we'll explore rural Revante!

Albus of Garaway

Wow, really stunning Alex! I love how many different cultures were integrated into the nation. Great work!


Hey, great start here.  Not sure why I didn't notice this one before.  You have some really good pictures here, I hope you can find some time to enter some of these in the SC4D Picture Competition.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Very nice continuation Jetset! I love the feeling that comes from your pictures. The underground canal is absolutely adorable!
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