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Started by Eliteforce, January 27, 2009, 06:29:16 AM

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Amainor is a region in northern Maine which has remained mostly untouched by modern development until now.  I have been placed into the role of mayor for all the cities and projects that take place here.

As you can see the region is mostly composed of pretty boring hills, but my "Terraforming Team" will take care of that shortly.  You will see a lot of geographical changes to that map very soon. There is only one population center here which is a tiny town of around 700 people in the center called Brighton.

I will go into much greater detail very soon, I am just really busy with planning right now.  Expect the 1st update later today!

Thanks for viewing my first MD, any suggestions/questions/comments would be awesome so please post them!


Good start! That region looks nice; can't wait to see it developed.

Looking forward to more ;)

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After a few hours of terraforming and planting trees, the northern corner of the region is looking pretty nice, I think I'll leave it that way until I start some huge developments.

vvv Much better! vvv

City View

Region View

The town of Brighton is starting to grow well into the surrounding area and it's time to start construction on Riverside avenue.

It all starts with Jefferson Bridge...

To keep the avenue looking smooth, I have to level the path with plopping streets.

Rinse and repeat to finish it up...

Now I'm finished!  Time for some development..

I almost always zone commercial along avenues because they always get the heaviest traffic. (duh!)

Commercial seems to be developing nicely!

I really wish my game didn't have "Prop Pox" which makes many things like driveways just disappear! :angrymore:


Alfred- Thanks man, expect a lot of development for a long time, I got a lot of elbow room!

The next update will show the agricultural development of the southwestern plains!


Leoland coming Spring 2009


Fantastic start there on your new MD there!
The region is great, also wonderful first pictures of your town... ;)
Looking forward to more... :thumbsup: ;)


I really wish my game didn't have "Prop Pox" which makes many things like driveways just disappear!
Just make sure you're on 'High' and 'Hardware' on your graphics options

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I've been busy since the last update.

First is the farming development.

This flat area in the corner is great for a large farming area.

After throwing in a few small farms it starts to look pretty nice.


Enough with the farms, time to get the city off its feet!

Before I started my work it sat at a tiny 10,000 sims.

Now its up around 70,000!

Oh, this traffic simply won't do!  Upgrade time!

Buh-bye road, hello avenue!

Replies come later!