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Title: Become An Architect )))TSC Orange Trophy(((
Post by: Orange_o_ on April 25, 2009, 04:38:19 AM

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I vaguely spoke about it in the classic Trophies, and now I create this new specific subject for it Special TSC OrangeTrophy

Why it is a special trophy?...
The first peculiarity is its duration, while a classic Trophy takes place on 2 in 3 weeks this one is going to take place over several months because to be indeed succeeds, it is going to ask you a little of time.
The second peculiarity which differentiates it the others it is that you will not need the Gmax nor the Lot Editor.

Finally the difference it is that it is going to offer you the possibility of becoming an Architect...

The objective is the following one:    

You will have to conceive and to draw (paper or pc) a batiment according to Directives and a Specifications.  The purpose really is to draw, not to create a building with a 3D Software, otherwise the Trophy does not have interest any more. That maybe a sketch drawing in the hand which you scan and which you retouch then. Or then the opposite a sketch makes with paint which you print and which you decorate in the hand afterward...
The winner of this Special Trophy will be rewarded by the creation of his project for SC4.

The modalities:

It is the same that for the Classic Trophies except for the retouch of images which are authorized without limitations.

The Directives :

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These directives are not obligations, they are advice to present your project. I insist on the fact that you are free to use quite the graphic techniques (paper drawing, watercolor, marker, graphic tablet) except the modelling 3d
You are free to present your project and the elements which compose it as check seems to you.



The company of TSC Orange Trophy was appointed for the realization of a specifications of consultation to define the modalities of a study, for the realization of a real-estate (property) project.
The object of the study will define the needs of the customers, the ground on which the project is going to become established as well as the administrative constraints to be respected.
The information that must be inserted into the study will be given to you as well as the deadline of delivery of your offer.
Finally you will find the points on which will be chooses the project.


The present consultation has for object the conception of a Hotel Complex up-market privileging the long-lasting contruction in a perspective of conservation of the natural and environmental stakes.
The label of long-lasting construction are :

A. Working criteria:

The complex to hotel will have to include besides a capacity of hebergement of 100 rooms, a 3 stars restaurant, as well as a thalasso/spa center.
To answer the criteria of the bottom of investment financing this project, you will opt for a step of HQE / BREEAM / LEED / Minergie / ACMA returning autonomous in electricity the whole complex.
The investors will be also sensitive to any suggestions allowing to advance the ecological character of the complex.
The customers have no desires concerning the shape of the batiment. For your inspiration it maybe interressant to look at this link (, which shows how can be treated different a project.

B. Zone of the project:

The ground of 9200m ² (11000sq.yd) (6x6 tiles) was bought by the bottom of investment, now two years ago, this whole ground is a building zone.


The ground is situated in a crossing of two traffic lanes and has a face looking onto a space inconstructible by definition because it is some water. Now that this water is a river, an ocean or a lake, matters little, the important is the fact that the ground is opened on this space.
Concerning the close environment, the surroundings of this ground are potentially building because being situated in an important zone of charm. The fact whether it is a Complex top of the range justifying this fact.

C. Administrative constraints:

The occupation rate on the ground will be limited to 45 % of the building zone.
The constructions in the height will not be included in this surface will not exceed 3,5m (3,83Yd), as well as the not closed surfaces.
The height of batiments will be limited in 40m (43,74Yd)(careful it is a limit and not a height to be reached)


The study will have to allow the later realization of the BAT for its setting-up in SimCity, she will have to include:


The deadline for the delivery of this file is fixed to Wednesday, July 15th at midnight ( UTC+2), nevertheless we ask you to become known your intention of candidacy before May 15th. However and until deadline everything the projects will be accepted.


A. What will be judged:

B. What will not be judged  

We re-use the possibility of bringing more precision during of project at request of you. As well as to give you to links which can be useful for you.

An especially, do not hesitate to participate this trophy is intended for everybody, including for the members of the shade(shadow) who never post.

PARTICIPATE, leave comments

I thank you for the interest which you carry to this project, I know that many among you have examinations and revisions. It is essential that they pass before this Trophy, and I insist. Trophies there will be the others, chances of future will be doubtless more limited.

An especially, do not hesitate to participate this Trophy is intended for everybody, including for the members of the shade who never post.

PARTICIPATE, leave comments ;)


PS: Oh and saddened for technical terms which do not maybe exist in English. Do not either hesitate to say it to me
Title: Re: Become An Architect )))TSC Orange Trophy(((
Post by: Orange_o_ on May 18, 2009, 05:44:36 PM

I am surprised that no member of S4D did not post questions or a comment on this trophy

My English is so bad that you understood nothing  :'( or nobody is interested by this projet   &mmm

...Or then, my English is excellent and you are all drawing your complex  ;D

Here is the temporary list of the members of TSC, having posted their candidacy

Maire of Lyonance
Samuel le batisseur

And you?

Title: Re: Become An Architect )))TSC Orange Trophy(((
Post by: Orange_o_ on June 16, 2009, 07:19:25 AM

Reminder : The deadline for the delivery of this file is fixed to Wednesday, July 15th
Title: Re: Become An Architect )))TSC Orange Trophy(((
Post by: Orange_o_ on September 07, 2009, 03:54:01 PM

and the winner is : Lordanswer