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Tutorial: How to build diagonal onslope transitions with RHW

Started by McDuell, May 26, 2014, 07:28:01 AM

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This tutorial is about building RHW-based diagonal on-slope transitions (DOST). As it also involves the using of the DBE, It's directed mainly at builders who are already a bit familiar with the RHW system and the NAM in general.

The DOST technique will allow for transitions from any height level to any other height level being L0, L1, L2, L3, or L4. DOSTs are restricted to 1-tile wide networks (RHW4, MIS, RHW6s, RHW3). There also have to be existing diagonal filler pieces for both levels which means that you can't build RHW2-based diagonal transitions as there are no diagonal RHW2 fillers.

You will need the following:
- the NAM.  (NAM32)
- the Diagonal Bridges Enabler (DBE)

First, unpack the DBE an put it into your plugins folder. Make sure that you have no slope mod for RHW that loads after the DBE. Then, start the game.
Lay down a diagonal RHW2 stretch where you want the DOST to be. My example just contains 3 different types at once to show that anything goes.

Prolong the stretch over the edge as far as the white square shows.

Now, put down the desired starter piece. This can be anything from L0 to L3. My example uses ground RHW6, ground MIS, and L1 RHW4.

Connect the starter with the diagonal stretch.

Place the according diagonal filler piece over the end stub. This should be the tile directly next to the slope.

Now save and leave the game. We won't need the DBE anymore, so remove it from your plugins directory. Start the game again and load the city. Now, continue the network from the tile directly adjacent to the filler piece.

Prepare the conversion by placing the appropriate RHW starter piece. In my example that would be 2 levels higher than the fillers before.

Convert the network and put the matching filler piece at the end of the DOST, again using the high level.

You may now remove the starter piece if it's not needed. VoilĂ , a diagonal transition! :)

The result may not be perfect when transitioning from L0, as the ground RHW doesn't feature the guard rails and pillars. This is something that cannot be avoided at the moment.

It's redundant, it's redundant. (R.E. Dundant)


Awesome work--K-point for taking the time to share such useful knowledge here!

I had actually thought the process was much more difficult than that. I'd seen a method in the past that could accomplish some of this and used the DBE but with OWR but it was much trickier. I'm going to use this today  ;D


Thank you for the K-point, noahclem!  :)

I think know what you mean when you say DBE and OWR ;). Was it something like this?

I experimented a lot with this setup in the past, and you're right: it was tricky! Plus, there was the conversion from RHW4 to OWR and thus a limitation of the capacity. I was never quite happy with that solution, so lately, I began to experiment again and remembered that the RHW2 was used for building diagonal highways. So I thought: why not trying it directly for RHW based networks.
It's redundant, it's redundant. (R.E. Dundant)


Yeah, that's exactly what I meant :)   There was a tutorial on it, maybe by Metarvo (sorry if I'm guessing wrong). The technique was finicky, even by DBE standards  :D


Yes, I experimented with this a little here a while back.  Here it is.  Of course, my old method pales in comparison to interchange master McDuell's breakthrough technique.  You've managed to amaze me once again!  ;D  This greatly increases the flexibility of RHW interchanges everywhere.  I may have to fire up the game and try this tonight!  :)
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Excellent tutorial here McDuell. If anyone needs a video tutorial I made one here:


(but I think this is more than clear. My technique adds an extra tile of floating RHW I think :) )

Mod Edit: Embedded that video for you.


Mind. Blown.

This opens up a world of possibilities. Nice tutorial! :thumbsup:


McDuell, you've outdone yourself yet again--this is a really clever method, and a very clear and easy-to-follow tutorial.  :thumbsup: Now, if only we could initiate the DBE on the fly in game . . .  &idea

We might have to look into whether or not there are other ways we can build upon this on the NAM backend.