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Searching for NAM Controllers in Conflict

Started by ebina, January 10, 2010, 03:48:37 AM

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When you cannot place or drag the NAM pieces, you would try to uninstall the NAM, remove outdated controllers and modds using BSC Cleanitol, and reinstall the NAM.
Even if you did those procedures, if you could not resolve the issue, please try this method.

If you don't have the Reader, download it from the LEX and install.

Run the Reader, and select the Plugins Analyser from Tools menu.

The tool scans files in the Plugins folder by Type/Group/Instance values. When the tool detected files in conflict, in other words files of the same TGI values, the tool colors pathnames, so you can easily know which file you need to remove and where it is.

Find and click the NetworkAddonMod_Controller_RIGHT_HAND_VERSION.dat or the NetworkAddonMod_Controller_LEFT_HAND_VERSION.dat in the left pane.
If both LHD and RHD versions are in the list remove one of the two, as you should not install both controllers at the same time.
If you have problem with building the bridges that cross the water, then click the NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_Plugin_Controller.dat. In this case INI files will be reported as conflict.

After clicking the NAM Controller, look at the right pane. Scroll down the list and see if RUL files are colored. "Display only common files" option hides "safe" files from the list, only files of duplicated TGI values will be displayed.

Ignore DIR file even if it is colored
Usually DIR file does exist in all files, thus it will be always colored. Since it is not an actual conflict just ignore DIR file.

If RUL files are not colored:

This shows you don't have outdated or incompatible versions of the NAM Controllers.
If you still have problem with using the NAM contents, the cause would exist in elsewhere but I have no idea in that case.

If more than one RUL file is colored:

Try to remove the files that contain the colored RUL file from the Plugins folder to see if it fixes the issue.
Click and select the pathname in the right side of the list, and press Ctrl + C keys to copy it to the clipboard. Then paste it to Windows Explorer's address bar.
After reading the filename, remove the filename from the pathname in the address bar and press Enter key to go to where the file is.
Finally remove the file from the Plugins folder and test in game.
You may need to close the tool beforehand. X button in the right upper corner seems to be another "refresh" button, it does not close the tool but redraw the list as well as "refresh" button. You need to use "Close" button.

The file you found may be not listed on the NAM Cleanitol file since you couldn't find it using BSC Cleanitol. Please post filename here, your reports will be added onto the Cleanitol file.

[tabular type=3]
[row][head colspan=2]List of Incompatible Downloads[/head][/row]
[row][head]Downloads[/head][head]Replacements or Workarounds[/head][/row]
[row][data]BLaM Arched viaduct (STEX version)[/data][data]Use the LEX version instead.[/data][/row]
[row][data]BLaM Millau Viaduct (STEX version)[/data][data rowspan=2]Use the LEX version instead.[/data][/row]
[row][data]Viaduc de Millau
Millau Viaduct released on ToutSimCities.[/data][/row]
[row][data]GLR Neighbor Connection Jan 07 NAM[/data][data]Use Draggable GLR to connect cities.[/data][/row]
[row][data]Steel Viaduct[/data][data rowspan=2]Use the LEX version instead.[/data][/row]
[row][data]Pont d'acier
Steel Viaduct released on ToutSimCities.[/data][/row]
[row][data]Temporary NAM File from 111504[/data][data]Use most recent version of the NAM.[/data][/row]
[row][data][url=http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=942]Supercento Parche para sistemas de transporte[/data][data]Use most recent version of the NAM.[/data][/row]
[row][data][url=http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads.php?view=667]NAM version fran├žaise

Hasn't been updated since December 2006.[/data][data]Use most recent version of the NAM.[/data][/row]

You should not install files from the downloads above, otherwise the NAM contents will not function properly. If you know other files that conflict with the NAM are still downloadable from exchanges, please post them here. I'll update the list.

Last update - July 5, 2010
June 21, 2010 - List of incompatible downloads has been updated. Thank you Fukuda for removing the outdated files from the STEX. Links to detail pages have been removed.
July 5, 2010 - Five downloads have been added to the list.


Thank you, ebina :thumbsup:! I've found (and removed) conflicting RUL files.
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Five downloads have been added to the list. ParcheST.dat found in the second of the five will be added to the NAM Cleanitol file.