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March 21, 2023, 01:55:04 PM

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New here, longtime sc series fan, anyone have a copy of the JDatPacker?

Started by tj_cities, December 01, 2022, 05:43:43 AM

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Hi all.  New here, but have played the Sim City series through most of my life, starting with the original when I was a kid.  Sim City 2000 was the one that really hooked me in the mid 90's.  A funny remnant of the past, you use to be able to buy game guides at regular bookstores like barnes and nobles.  I remember having at least 3 books bigger than your average textbook all on Sim City.  Sure we had dialup internet but finding information was different then, the printed guides were great.

Anyways, I'm trying to get NAMM working on sc4 (Mac Steam version) but I need the JDatPacker apparently.  Haven't been able to get into the LEX for days.  Anyone have it laying around that would be nice enough to make it available? 


I have it laying around. Here's a temporary download link while the LEX is down. Sorry if this breaks any rules—but I believe the license included allows for redistribution.


Indeed, generally, redistribution can be a pretty thorny issue with a lot of SC4 files, though JDatPacker was released under the MIT License.  The LEX is (for the moment) back up, as the server finally cooled down enough, but I've also just uploaded it to our forum-side download platform, and it can be picked up here (without registration, too).  SC4Mapper has similarly been offered that way for awhile now.

We're trying to avoid having to have a "temporary LEX" before we have the real solution ready, because there's quite a few technical hurdles even with that, and I'd rather us not have to do them twice.