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Author Topic: Working with blueprints  (Read 1868 times)

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Offline SimFox

Working with blueprints
« on: June 28, 2008, 04:19:53 AM »
Modeling something from blueprints is a best way, especially for begginers to get some sence of proportions of the buildings. There are numerouse sources of blueprionts on the web - developers/real estate agents sites, architectural magazines etc... But there are few points I would like to make on how to bring thyose into your modeling software aas I seen some mistakes been made in exactly that stage that led to the distorted proportions of the final model.
So here we go:

  • Get yourself blueprints you wanna use
  • Check that the image wasn’t distorted, as it may happens sometimes during bad scans
  • in MAX/GMAX create plane of any size and proportions
  • create new material. Place your blueprints into defuse slot
  • apply this material to the plane. It may look terribly distorted, never mind that we gonna fix it next
  • apply UVW map modifier to plain with blueprints Set it mapping to be planar
  • make sure that Real-World Map size is unchecked
  • click on Bitmap Fit button and select same image you use (your blueprints) this will set PROPORTIONS of you UVW mapping to same as your blueprints – this is a most important step. you’ll see that now your “texture” is tiled over the width of the plane.  You can leave it at that if it is a small and doesn’t bother you, or you can resize you plane to exact proportions of the bitmap. If you want to do that copy values in Length and width of your Mapping to the width and length of you r plane

Now you would need to scale your plane so that the numbers on your blueprints become true. To do so:
  • Pick any number clearly denoted on the blueprint. Create some object – say box with that sizes. Attention! I mean not eyeballing the sizes, but them to be put in respective boxes!!!
  • Select uniform scale tool and scale your plane up or down till the size on it matches the size of your box.
    Now you can start using you blueprints

Still I very much recommend doing everything by the numbers provided on them and use overall picture just as a guideline

If something left unexplained or illustrations are needed please let me know

Offline SimFox

Re: Working with blueprints
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2008, 05:48:25 AM »
People! Please feel free to ask any questions or ask of specific clarifications here.