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Title: Max Resolution?
Post by: Kitsune on September 22, 2012, 10:59:50 AM
What is the max resolution people have managed to get in SC4 while running in hardware mode? I was fiddling with eyefinity and a spare monitor last night.. and sc4 would only run in software mode with a custom resolution of 3300 x 1050.. so I'm curious if anyone has managed to get this to work.
Title: Re: Max Resolution?
Post by: Haljackey on September 22, 2012, 11:55:28 AM
Running over 1080p (1920x1080) will cause some graphical issues in regional view.

Best way to find out is to find someone who has an insanely high resolution (Ultra HD monitors exist... they're 4-6x the pixels of 1080p), but the menu bar at the bottom left will look really scronny lol.