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Hey Alex, why i cant "Like" this posting? After i klicked on "Like" nothing shows up or happens..

Regards, Oliver

And BTW, could you please change my Username to City_Slider? (at the LEX) im using Silvaner in there. ... If itīs possible.

Regards, Oliver
the "next big thing" in NWM development: the long-awaited diagonal intersection and crossing functionality.
Now that's exciting! Before making diagonal intersections though, be sure you're happy with the paths on diagonal networks themselves. Last time I looked, TLA-7 was a little bit squeezed, with only pedestrians able to use the outermost cells. As a result, TLA-7 had no more capacity than TLA-5 when diagonal.

Don't feel like you must finish all intersections at once; it would be amazing if you just rolled out one generally useful one to start (e.g. vanilla road).

NAM Creations / Re: RealRailway (RRW) - Development and Support
« Last post by dyoungyn on Today at 10:51:14 AM »

Can anyone tell me how to get back the long slop with the Rail like it was with NAM 38 and beyond?  I love this long slop as it looks flat but no flat very gradual decline?

NAM Creations / Re: Real Expressway Mod REW (Development and Support)
« Last post by Wiimeiser on Today at 04:52:13 AM »
Okay, I don't see what the point of the 270 degree curve is. It's too small to be used in an interchange...
I can't really object to a code cleanup. The cleaner and more consistent the code, the easier it is to develop new features.
NAM Creations / Re: NWM (Network Widening Mod) - Development and Support
« Last post by Tarkus on Today at 04:36:15 AM »
Just a little heads up for everyone regarding NWM development . . . I've started sketching out a code revamp for the NWM, using the same structure as the Project 57-Mark IV improvements that came to the RHW last year, and also making use of the Draggable Road Viaducts expansion code I wrote for NAM 38.  The goal with this is not only to make some pretty massive improvements in terms of network stability, but also to get everything ready for the "next big thing" in NWM development: the long-awaited diagonal intersection and crossing functionality.

However, one of the major issues I've encountered in the initial groundwork is that there's some notable inconsistencies in terms of how certain intersections are rotated.  These issues are, oddly enough, most prevalent with the single-tile networks, with the ARD-3--arguably the most unstable of all the NWM networks--being the biggest offender.

Unlike the original "Project 57" plan with the RHW, I am not planning on embarking on a widescale re-IIDing of everything in the NWM, and in fact, plan to keep the IID scheme for the NWM in tact, as it (mostly) works.  This will potentially mean, however, that should I reorient the various intersections to be consistent, it would be necessary to rebuild these intersections (generally just a simple single click over/near them with the appropriate network tool) in order to bring them over to the proper (new) rotation.

To that end, I want to see if there are any significant objections to this prospect before I proceed.  Thank you all for your thoughts and continued support of the NAM and the Network Widening Mod! :thumbsup:

SC4 Community-Related / Re: Touched By Bad Vibes?
« Last post by Tarkus on Today at 03:30:13 AM »
If Tarkus kicks me ... next will be the german SimForum.

Don't worry--I enjoy having you around! :thumbsup: And I think you've brought up an interesting topic that's created some good discussion.

Speaking from the NAM side . . . we've actually been gaining a number of new development team members (Flann, LucarioBoricua, and Jiwoahn), who have helped make our post-NAM 37 "revival" all that more lively. 

Being that the game is "SimCity", there is a built-in predilection for many players and content creators to gravitate toward emulating the real world.  That's admittedly my own predilection.  But is that the only valid way to play SC4?  No.  And I'll also note, even among those going for "realism", there's a lot of differing opinions as to what constitutes it.

I will note, however, that the only way those other ways of playing SC4 will take off is if others create content that suits them.  SimMars, as Lucario mentioned, is indeed a great project that really envisioned a new way of playing SC4--but sadly, it's been dormant for a good number of years.  From my own experience with building up the RHW from qurlix's initial, very promising idea, the old saying "build it and they will come" is very much true of the SC4 world.

There are, of course, matters of balance, and of what the game's engine allows--but otherwise, this is an open-ended game with a lot of room for creativity.  And that's what's great about it--and certainly why I've been playing (and/or heavily modifying :D) SC4 for over 17 years now.

SC4 Community-Related / Re: Touched By Bad Vibes?
« Last post by fantozzi on Today at 01:52:15 AM »
Andreas! Glad to see you. Hope you're alive and kicking. Indeed my complaints aren't welcome everywhere and Sc4Devotion is already the very last english SC4 site I can post and upload and being on the nerves of the community. If Tarkus kicks me ... next will be the german SimForum.

So please let's not discuss those circumstances - who should be adressed with my initial post - as such an attitude of exposing community members indeed wouldn't belong here. And if you get the impression I want to expose certain members of course I will delete this thread imediatly. I was hoping to discuss something gerneral here and not starting some kind of brawl. 
CAM - Colossus Addon Mod / Re: Can I make a CAM fork?
« Last post by twalsh102 on Today at 01:44:09 AM »
Speeder, there is a Building Exemplar property titled "Allow Joint Occupancy" which would ostensibly allow multiple developer types to occupy the same building (such as Residential buildings having first-floor businesses). But apparently Maxis never implemented this.

You might want to take a read through this thread:
SC4 Community-Related / Re: Touched By Bad Vibes?
« Last post by Andreas on Today at 01:27:30 AM »
And sometimes poor members are attacked with knowledge. I noticed it not here in this forum. I must confess.

Ahh, I really started to wonder what you're talking about, since I'm only reading this forum. Maybe you should post your thoughts at places where you noticed those "bad vibes" as well, in case you didn't do that already?
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