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May 23, 2022, 06:39:51 AM

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AlexandrosB13' s BAT Thread

Started by AlexandrosB13, August 28, 2011, 09:18:19 AM

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Hello everybody,

My name is Alexandros, i come from Greece and i bat much, so i thought to open a thread as well in the sc4devotion site, cause i already have one on simtropolis. I am new here, it will take some time to learn the site stuff, but there are many people that i know from simtropolis, like Aaron, so i will be fine. I mostly work for the NYBT, or actually i only make buildings from NYC. Let me show you my projects.

1065 Avenue of Americas, located in the bottom left corner of Bryant Park. This was (and still is) paused for a while, since i have been working on it almost 2 years (long story....), so i wanted something new. This way i started bating the Eldorado Apartments, located in the CPW. I have also started 120 wall street, but it will take some time to go back to it (when i finish 1065 A.O.A. and the Eldorado. And finally, i attemped to make some W2W lowrises from Harlem. So, here we 've got the renders.

Any comments and help on how to improve my works is much appreciated, plaese feel free to comment!

1065 Avenue of Americas (the base is finished, but i havent any renders of it yet):

120 Wall Street (a few things):

Harlem Apartment (once again, still needs a lot of work):

Close Up

The Eldorado Apartments (these renders are a bit old, all of the bottom walls are finished, missing some details thought, that will be done, but they are all there, and i am moving on, sorry to dont have new renders but if i had to take right now new renders for all of my projects it would take ages....)

the real thing

Ground Floor:

And finally... these are some Athens styled dirty apartments, you can find them almost everywhere in Athens, or actually in all big Greek cities. I know they are not very beautifull, but not everything is Dubai luxury in the world:

Oh i forgot dont comment on these, the most of these are finished and uploaded on STEX, but if there is something i need to know dont mind to tell me :)

These are not final renders anyway:

It took like an hour to write all that stuff.. :)


Hi Alexandros and welcome here! I've seen some of your stuff in your simtropolis thread and it's great to see your projects here, too!
I like your NYC buildings - good luck with them, I'll certainly use them once they're available for download :P
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Welcome here my friend! :)

You present us a great stuff, you realize great things, I love the N-Y buildings! Congrats! &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Aaron Graham

Glad to see that you have a thread here, I wanted to know if your going to finish the 1065 Avenue of Americas, It looks like it 90% finish when it comes to modeling it, I'm ready for textures. The Eldorado Apartments look great, I can't wait to see more updates. :D
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Alright, so i am back after a while with some new projects :D I have posted on ST so i thought too post here too.

This one of the 3 newest projects i am working on, it is a typical nyc apartment building located in the corner of 3rd avenue and 84 St.. It's name is E. 200 84 St. Hope you like it so far :)


It's not yet any close to release, but it looks very nice so far!

In case you are wondering what to BAT next, I have two ideas:
- A tall hirise NY R$$$, growing on 3x3 lots (it's missing in the SC4 sets as well as from custom content). I have asked for a BAT like that is the past, take a look at this thread.
- The two buildings in your avatar! I considered batting them, but I had no time unfortunately.


It may be typical, but I like this BAT more than the typical BAT ;) Nice job.



I agree with Willy, that is one nice building. Not overcrowded with details, but not too plain either.

I'm lovin' it. :D
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I can't wait to have this beauty :)  &apls

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Very cool projects  &apls  Keep up the great work and welcome to SC4D  :)