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December 03, 2022, 06:23:07 PM

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Fantozzi's Lotting Adventures

Started by fantozzi, March 01, 2018, 06:14:08 AM

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I love the truck with the hose in the previous picture :thumbsup:


Ditto the truck and hose  ;D The whole lot is coming together brilliantly


Thank you!

Next lots still very caotic. For orientation please compare with the map/plan provided earlier.

Now going slowly from south to north, the area is split up into western and eastern part. On the eastern side, next lot will provide the continuation of the acetylene production chain, with acrylic acid and acrylic resin leading finally to the carpaint (main east part 2). Also - on the left side of the main eastern part 1, there will be the menthol production. Did you know that a quarter of the menthol in toothpaste etc. is made synthetical from bromide and not destilled from herbs? I'm learning quite a lot doing those lots.  :D

On the western part we have the headquarter and the main entrance. The other administrative buildings are still in the works. So sorry, in total not much new to show. But work is going on.


On the contrary, you've been very busy. The results look fantastic. The underground entrances that you've used on the main west lot are very eye-catching.  &apls


More elevated rail stations would be greatly appreciated . I love your  work btw



All of a sudden I had the opportunity to change work - a new job, all different, with shiny new money. Also more responsability all new colleagues etc.

It may take some months until everything is settled but ...


Congratulations on the new job!  :thumbsup:

And, like old bar-flies, I'm sure most of us will still be here when you return  :)


Thank you, Matt!  :thumbsup:

Wow! Didn't know they sell super-sized Alexa.

So the whole city can shout commands: "Alexa turn this damn backround off."

Things got even worse. My Mazda 6 took his fnal breath at 132.872 kilometers.

Farewell. I'll miss you, my old pal.

So until I find another one like him, I'm travelling by train & bus spending much more time an therefore having even lesser free time.

I miss SC4 really much and asap I find a little space I'll get back to the main objective of this thread.


I'm sorry to hear about the car. And only 130000 kms? In Australia, that is the morning drive to the shops for milk.

Lets hope that the train trips are at least relaxing.  :)


Well, the car could have been fixed for 2000 EUR. But now, going by train, I see other interesting things.

Bruchsal Trainstation.

Sorry, no modding news. Still hoping to get back soon.


I hate my place being so boering and silent. Sorry. Hope on christmas holidays there's some time to get on with the last projects.


Drat. Returning to my stuff started with a bad surprise. As discussed earlier I wanted to create timed families from the bus props. I realized now I missaligned some of the bus props in the opposit direction, so I have to rerender more than a third of them. In total there will be 20 different busses in ortho and 45-dia (40 bus props). I definitely can't release it for christmas. Have to find a small compensation present  :(



Urban props perphaps? I mean you've made a bunch of fountain and other plaza related stuffs, plus the street food vans etc... :)

I want to see these buses to be released, but I'm a bit glad that you can not do it before christmas. I would feel the need to go through on my lots and start replacing the buses what I use from my Essentials (blanco_05 and Motokloss). So at least I can leave those lots alone and if I manage to put into shape the essentials then some lots are coming from me too....
But currently I'm getting deep into Polska Files organization...
Anyway! These projects of yours are truely awesome! Thanks for working on them!

- Tyberius
You may find updates about my ongoing projects into my development thread here at SimCity 4 Devotion: Tyberius Lotting Experiments
or over there on Simtropolis into the Tyberius (Heretic Projects) Lotting and Modding Experiments.
I'm also member of the STEX Custodian and working on different restoration projects on behalf of non-anymore-active custom content creators.
Current projects: WMP Restoration and SimCity Polska Restoration.
Member of the NAM Team and RTMT Team.


This thread became helpfull as a notebook, so please don worry if sometimes I put information here just to remember myself and keep my thoughts together in one place.

;D Diggis-Paeng unification lots

;D War Memorial

&Thk/( Fantozzi Mega Street Pack

&Thk/( La Via Appia (Avenue Parking)

&Thk/( BASF (Chemical Mega Plant in close colaboration with rivit and Simmer2)

:sleeping: Dehoust (relotting DOT printing by Bj&oml;rn)

:sleeping: Rural Docklands Reworked (better layout, new props by Simmer2 and Linus van Pelt)

:sleeping: Aerospace Museum

:sleeping: Big Paeng Theory Reworked (reduce dependencies, texture changer 2, fz_audio integration)

:sleeping: timber yards and scrap yards lot set (Simmer 2 props)

:sleeping: Colossus Farming XXXL (reduce dependencies, Fred props, Simmer 2 props)


I realigned all the bus props in BAT, as accurate as I could - so they should match when they are packed into families for the parking lots. But now I have to rerender them all and I have to reload all the textures manually as on loading textures BAT is as dement as my mother when she's walking with the shopping cart through the supermarket. She has a long shopping list but at the end the cart still is almost empty.

So there's nothing new to show but I'm working on it.


Happy new year to all of you!

Really hope you're still alive and well. I'm still on my feet and one day I may just pick up things just were I did left. I really miss SC4.

2021 - it should become a better year.

Best wishes


Hi Fantozzi,

Maybe you have time to take a look at the stuff I sent you?



Update. 4 icons ... that's close to nothing. Agreed. But a sign evil despot major Fantozzi's still alive. And in these days - that's something, isn't it?


Nice to see you're back with ... nothing less than four iconic icons ! ()stsfd()  ... and  a lighter mentality than the last time  I read you : your humor, salutary self-mockery and always welcome spirituality  were truly missing. :thumbsup:


°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


- Thank you Frank. Of course I've been lookin into your farms, read the redme, studied the pics. Nothing changed regarding my SC4 todo list. I still want to do rework the Colossus Farming Mod.

- Thank you Cédric for the nice words.

So slowly, slowly retaking where I left (working parallel on my first mega pack, Via Appia and the BASF).

Fresh from the render oven.

From left to right: german police car, german police van, emergency physician car, emergency van intensive care, emergency van regular.


Two years ago someone had luck to take this picture of the police stopping a police car transporter:

While police has a federal organization and may not look exactly the same in every federal state anyway since 2015 cars were slowly upgraded contrywide with the neon yellow sheeting. In direct sunlight it's almost invisible on the upper part (see picture) but works well under less bright visibility conditions. I wasn't able to reproduce it. And also I'm getting tired of how often they change colour scheme.Since SC4 was released: from green-white to green-silver, green-silver to blue-silver, blue-silver to blue-silver-white lines, from blue-silver-white lines to neon yellow lines-silver-blue.

But as I'm already about it - thanks to the immense efford to nerdly_dood (poor guy, no one ever talked to him in the community as no one wanted to adress him this way: "hey you, nerdly_dood ..."  :laugh:) there is a immense variety of police automata reskins for many, many countries:

Nerdly_dood's content on Simtropolis

So my props match his automata thereabout.