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NAM Feature Usage Poll

Started by Tarkus, April 05, 2019, 08:12:06 PM

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Hello NAM Enthusiasts-

In order to help guide our ongoing plans to revamp the NAM's packaging system, a new poll is up, designed to gauge the adoption rate of various NAM features, and help guide our plans to improve the mod going forward.

As the forum software here does not have the most robust polling system, the poll is over at Simtropolis.

Thank you to everyone in advance, for providing valuable information to help us keep one of the longest-running continually developed mods going, into its 15th year and beyond.



As promised, the packaging redesign poll is now up, also at Simtropolis, along with a summary and brief analysis of the results from the feature usage poll.  Thanks to everyone who voted in the last one, and to everyone who provides their feedback on this poll. :thumbsup: