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September 25, 2022, 11:05:43 AM

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NAM 41 Now Available

Started by Tarkus, April 24, 2021, 09:45:38 AM

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Just in time to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the very first release of the Network Addon Mod, the NAM Team is pleased to announce the release of the 41st edition of the mod, NAM 41.

Download Link

SC4D LEX (Cross-Platform)


Before you run off in excitement to install the new NAM version, please make sure to read this (short) document first, to ensure the best Network Addon Mod experience.

Note that without the 4GB Patch being properly applied to the game by Windows (and Linux/WINE) users (or the use of the "Low RAM/No RHW" Controller option for users on lower-spec systems/32-bit operating systems), the game will crash to desktop. The installation for the NAM on Windows has changed, as there is now a batch file (NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.bat) that users should run to begin installation, which will automate the 4GB Patch process. macOS users should continue to use the .jar file, and since the macOS version is a 64-bit application, the 4GB Patch is not required on macOS.


  • Java Runtime Environment (available from AdoptOpenJDK--a 64-bit Windows copy of JRE 11 is enclosed in the download)
  • [For Windows Users running the 4GB Full NAM Controller and RealHighway (RHW) System]: NTCore 4GB Patch (included in download (4gb_patch.exe) with new automated installation (NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.bat), or available from NTCore)
  • A copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour updated to at least Version 1.1.638. (GOG and Steam digital copies are already at Version 1.1.641 and ready to use with the NAM.)

Before beginning the installation process, if you have used a previous version of the NAM, make sure you remove it before proceeding further.

To install the mod, if you are on Windows, open NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.bat to begin the installation process. This will begin with the process to install the 4GB Patch on the game, and then move onto the actual NAM installation process.

On macOS, open NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.jar to begin installation.

Note that the NAM is packaged in an installer, and simply dumping the contents of the download into the Plugins folder will not install the mod. Doing so will only slow the game down, and none of the NAM's menu additions will appear.

Note that the NTCore 4GB Patch is REQUIRED if you are running the Full NAM Controller ("4GB Full" options in the installer), which is required to use the RealHighway (RHW) system. If the installation procedure is begun via NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.bat, as is the new recommended procedure, the 4GB Patch should be automatically applied to the game. Otherwise, the patch can be found inside the download, or downloaded directly from NTCore here, where further instructions on use of the patch can be found. Also due to this installer change, the NAM Controller Compiler is no longer run as part of the installation process.

Users will have an option to install one of two pre-built NAM Controller options, the Full "4GB" option, which has a substantial size and requires the 4GB Patch and a 64-bit operating system, or a "Low RAM/No RHW" version that does not require the 4GB Patch, and does not include the code for the RealHighway (RHW) system, the most expansive feature in the mod. The "Low RAM/No RHW" version should be used by those with 32-bit operating systems (i.e. Windows XP), less than 4GB RAM, and/or by those not using the RHW. Users wishing for further customization of NAM Controller size can still run the Controller Compiler manually, as it is available in the download.

Users wishing to simply use the NAM's Traffic Simulator improvements should skip the main NAM Installation and instead load up the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT), which is in the folder of the same name. The tool itself is "TSCT.jar", though may be easier to open using the batch file ("TSCT.bat"). Note that the TSCT also requires the Java Runtime Environment.


The Network Addon Mod, in its current form with the full slate of installation options, is designed to run on systems with a 64-bit operating system and more than 4GB RAM. Most modern PCs should be able to comfortably run the mod. It is possible to run the NAM on 32-bit operating systems, and/or systems with 4GB or less RAM, by selecting a smaller feature set (minus the RHW) and the "Low RAM/No RHW" NAM Controller option, or manually compiling a smaller NAM Controller using the Controller Compiler.

At least 1.2GB of hard drive space is required, in order to fully unpack the installer, but actual installation size may run from as little as 1.7MB to as much as 850MB, depending on the options chosen and if one selects to manually run the Controller Compiler after installation.

The Network Addon Mod is compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • A) Retail Windows disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack, updated to at least Version 1.1.638.
  • B) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.1.641), from all digital retailers except Origin (i.e., Steam, Amazon).
  • C) Digital Windows copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe obtained redeeming an existing CD key (not purchasing) through Origin Customer Support.
  • D) Retail Mac digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, purchased through Steam or the App Store. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited).
  • E) Retail Mac disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, running on macOS/OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or earlier. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited.)

The Network Addon Mod is NOT compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • F) Retail disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack that have not been patched (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613).
  • G) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe purchased from Origin
  • H) Copies utilized as part of EA Play (formerly Origin Access)/Xbox Game Pass.
  • I) Retail disc copies of non-Deluxe SimCity 4 (sometimes marketed later as "SimCity 4 Classic"), without the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.0.272 or earlier)
  • J) Pirated or cracked copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

What should I do if the NAM installer rejects my copy of the game?

The new NAM installer (introduced with the NAM 37 Release Candidate) no longer runs a version check. However, it is strongly recommended that users check the version they are running, as unpatched copies can be unstable. In Case F, the solution is simply to install the EP1 Update 1 patch (SKU 1-5), which can be downloaded from Simtropolis here or SimCity 4 Devotion here.

For Cases G and H, see the section about Origin here.

For Cases I, and J, it is recommended that you purchase a digital copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe (NOT from Origin).

What should I do if the NAM installer rejects my copy of the game?

The new NAM installer (introduced with the NAM 37 Release Candidate) no longer runs a version check. However, it is strongly recommended that users check the version they are running, as unpatched copies can be unstable. In Case F, the solution is simply to install the EP1 Update 1 patch (SKU 1-5), which can be downloaded from Simtropolis here or SimCity 4 Devotion here.

For Case G and H, see the section about Origin here.

For Cases I and J, it is recommended that you purchase a digital copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe (NOT from Origin).

New Features for NAM 41

  • Note: in order to ensure proper installation of NAM releases using the current installer, please remove the "Network Addon Mod" folder (and if still present, "z___NAM" folder) from the Plugins directory (usually My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins on Windows) before installing a new NAM version.  The Cleanup/Cleanitol functionality is not presently designed to remove full NAM installations.
  • The RealExpressway (REW) system for the One-Way Road network has been reimplemented and expanded.  In addition to the previous Draggable Ramp Interfaces (DRIs), new FLEXRamps and Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs) have been added, and options for new, more consistent Avenue-style striping for all the One-Way Road networks have been added. The new FLEXRamps available include the Orthogonal and Diagonal OWR-2 Type A1 (Orthogonal overrideable with OWR-1), Orthogonal, Diagonal, and Curved OWR-2 Type B1 (Orthogonal overrideable with OWR-1), Orthogonal and Diagonal OWR-2 Type D1, Orthogonal OWR-3 Type D1, Orthogonal OWR-2 Type E1, and Orthogonal OWR-3 Type E1.  MRCs supported include R1-R5 radii for OWR-2, R1-R3 for OWR-1, and R2-R5 for OWR-3. Note that in order to combat hardcoded "Tidal Flow" issues, the FLEX-based REW items are bidirectionally pathed, and use special network flags that do not allow them to be overplopped on existing stretches of One-Way Road.
  • The SAM-to-SAM and SAM-to-Street Transitions for the Street Addon Mod (SAM) have been revamped, stabilized, and expanded, adding wealth texture support, new support for SAM Set 1, and improved support for SAM Set 11.
  • The new Subway-based FLUPs system has been revamped to be easier to use.  New underground starter pieces for the URoad-2, URoad-3, URamp, and URoad-4 (underground equivalents of the RHW-2, RHW-3, MIS, and RHW-4, respectively) have been added, and can be placed directly over top of Subway, allowing the network to be converted with a simple click of the Subway tool afterward. The starters at the ends of the FLUPs Portals have been removed, making construction--particularly involving side-by-side RHW-4 portals--far less temperamental.  More details can be found in the Flexible Underpasses (FLUPs) Feature Guide.
  • A conflict between the new FLUPs and the old, legacy RHW FLUPs Crossing Puzzle Pieces (particularly the RHW-2 and RHW-4 crossings) has been resolved.  Note that any old RHW-2 and RHW-4 FLUPs Crossing Puzzle Pieces will need to be rebuilt.
  • The Rails and Misc Transit menus have been revamped, to bring the base networks back up to the top of the menu.
  • A pathing issue preventing traffic from utilizing the center tile on RHW-6C and RHW-8C crossings involving the Road and One-Way Road Draggable Viaducts has been resolved.
  • The RHW Diagonal FLEXHeight Transitions (FLEX-HT) should now properly support L3-L4 MIS and L3-L4 RHW-4.
  • A new FLEX Piece has been added to the Avenue intersections button, allowing two Streets to intersect an Avenue without crossing. Being FLEX-based, it also supports SAM Streets.
  • The RHW Orthgonal Type E1 FLEXRamps and DRIs should no longer automatically produce RHW-3 out the top of the ramp's mainline, improving overall stability with other networks.
  • A glitch involving intersections following Dual Slip Lanes off the Type 110 FLEX Turn Lanes (FTLs) has been resolved.
  • Fractional Angle Road intersections with the Street network now feature improved textures by Jiwoahn.


For more information about NAM installation and this release, please see the "Read First" document, enclosed in the download (0-read-first.html) and available online.

The remainder of the documentation can also be consulted online at:

Please note that NAM 40 and earlier have been discontinued, and are no longer eligible for any form of technical support.

Thank you all for your continued support--hope you enjoy!

-The NAM Team


I loves Sim City forever!


NAM 41 already? We're nearly at NAM 42, but what is the ultimate question it'll answer?
Pink horse, pink horse, she rides across the nation...


Nice Job! Quick question. Were can I find those traffic signals in picture? Also, will there be streetlight props on the Flex turn lane section of networks (road/avenues)?


Quote from: Opkl on May 03, 2021, 06:22:25 PM
Nice Job! Quick question. Were can I find those traffic signals in picture? Also, will there be streetlight props on the Flex turn lane section of networks (road/avenues)?

Thanks!  The traffic signals aren't available . . . the actual signals themselves are still the Maxis ones, but the mast arms are custom ones (modified versions of models I got from Ryan B.) I had been experimenting with, and had forgotten I even had installed.  Haven't really thought about the plans with those for awhile now.  I don't think we've really done anything with T21s on the non-intersection FTL tiles, though shouldn't be difficult to add.



Most things strike you once. Few things strike you twice. But to strike 41 times ... well ... your name must be NAM to do this.

On the other hand – Mr. Mike Tyson had 44 knock outs in his career so a little headroom's still left.


Slip lanes ... try to understand my point of view ... in german language "slip" means "briefs" and now, with this new release first thought is they make you throwing a clothes line with underpants through the neighbourhood...


I did everything the instructions said to do on how to install NAM 41, including manually removing the old NAM, and installing the 4gb patch. however, my game now keeps crashing to desk minutes into gameplay. The game never crashed before the installation of NAM 41. Very, very frustrating and disappointing!


First off, lyrick74, welcome to SC4 Devotion!

There's a few possibilities as to what could be going wrong for you.  You mention that it's crashing "minutes into gameplay"--is it crashing right upon loading a city tile, or is it crashing some time after a city tile is already loaded?  If it's the former, that's characteristic of a lack of memory throughput (which the 4GB Patch is designed to correct), but if it's the latter, it's likely unrelated to your recent NAM installation.

The 4GB Patch also requires that your system be on a 64-bit version of Windows, and that you have at least 4GB RAM.  While you can install it on a system that doesn't meet those requirements, it's going to have no effect, as the lack of memory access from a 32-bit operating system, or the sheer lack of memory is going to prevent it from having any positive impact.

Another thing I've seen a few times recently is that people have switched versions of the game (i.e. from disc to digital), which can negatively impact the installation process.  That's not because there's anything wrong with the digital version (unless it's a copy purchased from the Origin Store or an EA Play subscription), but because of how the NAM's installation startup batch file (NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version41.bat) works. 

It uses the Windows Registry to look up the location of your SimCity 4.exe, such that it can automatically apply the 4GB Patch, rather than requiring the user to look for it (which caused us a lot of tech support headaches prior to the batch file becoming part of the package).  Many users who have switched versions have not uninstalled the old copy, and the Windows Registry entries are still pointing to it, and not the new version, which means the old version got patched.

I've not really heard of any cases of the batch file actually failing to properly install the 4GB Patch aside from those "multiple copy" situations (indeed, yours is only the second case I've seen of someone complaining about it not being installed since we've added it), but it is possible to manually apply it by opening up 4gb_patch.exe, and when it pops up a "Select executable . . ." box, navigating within it to the location of your SimCity 4.exe file.

Some other things to consider are whether or not you've installed any other recent plugins/mods for the game, or switched between Hardware Rendering and Software Rendering recently (Software Rendering can cause crash-to-desktop situations with some plugins, primarily terrain mods).  It's also possible that there may still be pieces of an old NAM installation laying around, though the most likely scenarios there would be either the result of running a "DatPacking" utility (i.e. SC4DatPacker or JDatPatcker) over your Plugins to improve load times, or if your previous install was between NAM 37 and NAM 40, or NAM 31.

I'll note, it is possible to run NAM 41 without the 4GB Patch, by selecting the "LowRAM/NoRHW" NAM Controller options in the installer.  This will install a smaller version of the NAM Controller (the file that contains all the code required for the NAM's transit network additions to function) that can load within the 2GB headroom that SimCity 4.exe (and any other 32-bit application, for that matter) has by default, without the 4GB Patch.  The one thing to note about this "Low" Controller, however, is that it does not include any of the RUL2 code required for the RealHighway (RHW) features to operate.

Hope that helps!



I am able to load my city with no problem. However, the game is a little sluggish during gameplay and after about 5-10 minutes of game play, it crashes to my desktop. I never had any of these issues before I downloaded the NAM 41 update, as the game worked perfectly fine up until then.

I have a 64-bit version of windows, and have 12.0 GB of RAM.

I haven't switched versions of the game. I have the GOG version which I have been playing for years.

I haven't installed any new plugins or mods since I installed the Network Addon Mod 41.

I have a feeling it may be that I missed deleting something from the old NAM version, but I am not sure what all is supposed to be deleted or not as I am not that computer literate or tech savvy. Is there a way I can tell if something is in there that should have been deleted? Is there a list I can look over? I currently have four Network Addon Mod folders in my SimCity 4 files. There is a folder in my main SimCity 4 folder called "NAM Auxiliary Files", and I have 3 more folders in my plugins folder... "Network Addon Mod," "NetworkAddonMod_Setup," and "Nams_PROPS_PACK_Vol_01_1780."

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me on rectifying my problem.


I noticed, though it may be a coincidence, that it seems like my game always crashes to desktop shortly after I start working on train tracks. After I installed the Network Addon Mod 41, the train track option had a different look to them, though my city still had the old style train tracks. After the new NAM installation,  I started redoing the train tracks so they were the newer, more realistic ones. After awhile, while still working on the new tracks, that is when my game will crash to the desktop.


If that's the sort of issue you're having, that's not a 4GB Patch issue, but something that's happening in the process of updating your Rail networks.  I've not really heard of any crashes occurring in the midst of a Maxis Rail-to-RealRailway update, so if you're able to provide a screenshot of the area where you're getting the crash while trying to do the update, that would be very helpful in terms of diagnosing the issue.  If there is (or was) a station in the vicinity, it's possible that may have something to do with it.  You may even want to consider bulldozing that particular stretch of track and relaying it, rather than simply reclicking it.

As far as the other folders, you'll want to get rid of that NetworkAddonMod_Setup folder out of Plugins.  That sounds like it was once the place where you unzipped the installation files, and it's worth noting that the game tries to load any files that are in Plugins, to see if they're something it can use.  That slows down the game, and in the case of having a whole NAM installer in there, it's going to slow it down significantly.  It's probably about 1GB of files the game can't use just sitting in there.

The "Nams_PROPS_PACK_Vol_01_1780" file is actually a fairly popular prop pack/dependency by namspopof, a French BATer who is often referred to as "Nams" for short.  I'm not sure how he selected his username, but he has no connection to the NAM or the NAM Team.  The file is available on ToutSimCities (TSC), and I believe that's what the .zip file is called over there, so it's likely another installation folder.  I'd check to make sure the only things in there are .DAT and/or things like .SC4MODEL, .SC4DESC, and .SC4LOT in there (though the latter probably wouldn't be, given that it's a prop pack).



I downloaded a premade region once, in one city tile, modifying a particular area would crash unless I bulldozed the whole area first (at least that's what I think happened), so it might not even be the rail that's doing it.
Pink horse, pink horse, she rides across the nation...


here is a screenshot of the current area that I am working on when the game crashes to desktop. I am demolishing the old railroad tracks and laying the new real railroad tracks.


At what point does the crash occur?
Pink horse, pink horse, she rides across the nation...


It crashes shortly after I start laying the new "real" track... not always right away, sometimes it will allow me to lay some track... but when it crashes, it is always while I am laying track.


Try and see if it's a specific tile that's doing it.
Pink horse, pink horse, she rides across the nation...


Does the z_NAM Controller_RHD_4GB_Full folder have to be removed that was installed on 4/28/2021 when I install the newest NAM for 6/28/2021?


The entire NAM mod should exist inside just one folder, Network Addon Mod, which is by default in the root of your Plugins folder. You must remove that entire folder before running the NAM installer again, otherwise you might end up with conflicting files.


After I downloaded Nam 41 using the .bat file since I use Windows 10 OS shouldn't the window open so I can select the different options that I want to use?