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Rob's Red Hot Spot - NAM Advanced Tutorial Series

Started by Tarkus, June 20, 2021, 01:35:52 AM

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Hi everyone-

As some of you might have heard, Rob from Rob's Red Hot Spot on YouTube, who has done a number of great SC4 and NAM-related videos on his channel, has teamed up with the NAM Team to do a series of tutorials on more advanced concepts relating to the NAM and general transit network construction.

The first video, getting into ground/earthworks preparation and bridge construction, featuring our very own LucarioBoricua as a guest, is up now.

Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1_DXg2qE9M

There are indeed more such videos either in the works, or in planning, with other members of the NAM Team--as those are released, the links will be posted here.

Hope you enjoy!



I'm excited to share the next part (or technically, two parts) of this series . . . wherein I collaborated with Rob on a pretty wild full interchange.  This was a lot of fun to make, and I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the full playlist with both videos:



Very nice videos. Keep them coming - especially standalone short, quick how-to videos on some features like FLUP's. There's a lot to digest with NAM and you've been really helpful.

I followed your stack interchange tutorial...the result is attached, as well as my attempt at a bowl with the lane and tile counts written in road tiles.

For the stack, I am using the map "Twin River Valley" (forget right now who created it) and the terrain elevation is only around 255 meters, even on a landlocked big city tile surrounded by other big city tiles. Without the God Mode in Mayor mod this meant I couldn't really dig a bowl like you did and therefore I don't have the on-slope transitions like you do. The workaround was to use the FlexHeight ramps. It turned out nicely, although it takes up a bit more space than what you demonstrated. It's a mostly Texas-inspired region, so it actually fits nicely since "everything is bigger" down there.

Once the empty space is filled in I'll post the end product. Adding some feeble looking trees, weeds, shrubs, lottery jackpot billboards, graffiti-tagged sound barriers, etc. to give it that real scar on the landscape type feel  :D.

Something I learned quickly with building complex RHW networks is they are FRAGILE. I'm terrified to touch it in case it'll cause a chain reaction. Hopefully soon will get to a better comfort level with NAM/RHW to be able to tinker with finished networks.

Thanks again!


Looks like the final product didn't want to attach, so here it is.