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NAM Request: Plain Rail Bridge

Started by cogeo, September 29, 2007, 07:53:07 AM

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I think this is amiss: a plain concrete railway bridge for relatively narrow rivers or streams. There is already a "plain road" bridge in SC4 (or NAM) which doesn't require the road raised. All existing rail bridges must be placed at least at 30+ meters above water and this can result in very steep railtrack grades, which look awful and unrealistic. Such bridges usually have a bulky undertrack support made of concrete. There are usually no piers (just an opening in the middle) as they are supported at the two ends only. If the bridge required is longer, a few piers may be needed (they are bulky and strong too).

These bridges aren't spectacular or stylish, but they are very convenient.

I can BAT the models if needed (someone will have to explain me the "specs", ie lenghts, dimensions, LODs etc), or make some draft designs to show what exactly I mean.


as the plain road bridge is from the NAM, isnt possible to just re-texture and re-transit enable the bridge for rail instead?
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Does this website have the bridge design that you are thinking of? While this bridge crosses the two mile wide Bay St. Louis in Mississippi, it would equally be at home crossing a small stream.

Bay St. Louis Railroad Bridge

The bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and reopened in July 2006, if I remember correctly.

I hope this helps!



Kevin, many thanks!

This is basically what I requested. The pier design is different but my basic request was mostly about the minimum height setting, not so much the design itself. It would also be nice if existing bridges can be modified so that they can be built at a lower height too.

But I'm going to post some draft drawings too.


@bwatterud: Thanks, but the bridge height mod is very old and I don't know which bridges it mods.

Below is an example of how the bridge I want should look like.

Don't look at the textures (i know they look bad) the BAT was done quickly. It's just to demonstrate the bridge type. I know several models have to be made but I have absolutely no idea what they should be. Usually these bridges look like this (no piers, just these two supports), but for a longer bridge some piers might be needed.



It seems we were thinking of two different types of bridges. I was thinking of a bridge for a swamp or bay or river that doesn't have any shipping traffic.

You were thinking of a stream bridge, which looks like a great start.

How long is the model? 48m?



The model is only 32m long (not enough for even a stream), but as said above this is just a draft model, not to be used for making the bridge.


The Bridge Height Mod works for all bridges.  It sets the height restriction within the game to zero so you can build low bridges for roads, rail or anything else.  The only caveat is that you have to be careful not to block ferry traffic if used.

It won't give you a new style, but you can create ground level crossing with all the currently available rail options.  I am still using this with the latest NAM - no conflicts or problems whatsoever.  It is also compatible with all slope mods.