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November 27, 2022, 03:34:11 AM

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Show us your ... Region shots

Started by Giligone, January 25, 2007, 07:45:13 PM

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Updated Reading region view pictures, now with over 850k inhabitants, a couple of a new tiles and no more blacked transport views (thanks Kitsune, dyoungyn and Seaman!)
Still taking it the growth relatively slowly, sprawl over skyscrapers (probably required anyway as I'm running CAM 2.1.0 Midrise)

You can compare to the state of the region in May 2018 at this post:
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Region update. Click links for full size.

Current population is 36.3 million, but I have a few cities ready to grow that should add a few million more to that soon.



This region is still in the terraforming state.........
I started the Lendt Region almost a year ago with on/off playing, and that is where I am at this moment. I actually hope to make it bigger than the Winding River Project and NoG (Nexis of Genesis) one day

....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Some early shots from the region I'm currently working on..

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I'm currently working on a new region. More to come soon.

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A region I started years ago - right after GRV2 (IIRC) kind of was canceled - and now came back working on it, adding ~200000 residents in the last months to now ~340000 people.

Each "peninsula" started with its own style of agricultural structure:

West: Pivot

Southeast: rectangular, divided by tree strips

Northeast: Irregular, divided by tree strips

East: Irregular, divided by canals

I'm developing the region iteratively based on a mathematical concept I planned within a "simple" excel file, which calculates the discrepancies of demand and availability based on RCI compared to neighbour RCI for each tile.

Keeping it simple: If there is a higher job to resident ratio in the neighbour tiles, this tile wants to have more jobs as well, keeping the ratios within the region normally distributed to simulate kind of a natural growth. 

From 500000 residents on, I'll redo the maths to switch from homogenization to specialization.... not sure how I'll do it, but this will be the challenge (as there are not enough challenges within SC4 ;) )

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You might also visit my participitation in GRVII - Bordertown!


90% of the coastline is now developed. Only left are the harbor, the navy base and some shrines.. And with that the region just checked the 300K inhabitants mark.

right click show image for full view.
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manga rivotra

@ soulchaser : It seems mathematics met aesthetics here! I have always loved the satellite views where the fields are very numerous.  :thumbsup:
@ art128 : Superb work!  &apls &apls &apls
The wooded mountains seem quite real and the presence of deciduous trees pleasantly emphasizes their contours: it is very beautiful  ;)
The developments on the coast also seem very well planned and it would be very interesting to see some close-up views of your airport at the bottom of the map  ::).


Some massive changes were made to my region over the past months.... Islands are still big WIP, which is why the coastline of the larger is not good.

And with cities labels and borders

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Slowly but surely rebuilding my regional planning layers for the Kingdom of Borike. The 25th regional screenshot and 6th census shows the extent of development along the southern half, accounting for a population of 2,201,951 residents! There's still huge swathes of land to develop throughout the north, west and central parts of the region.

Currently I finished the region's freeway network, showing built freeways in bright blue, tunnels as thin bright blue dotted lines, and dark blue for routes under construction.


Here's mine! Timbuktu Region. Playing with CAM 2.1 (Skyscrapers) + NAM 44 Lite + 2.67GB worth of plug-ins (mostly content from LEX + Simtropolis)


Some Great regions posted recently.


Here's the latest progress on mine. Currently standing at 837.821 Citizens. Very close to the Million. I've never had a region with that much inhabitants before. I think I will hit 2-3 million when the region is filled completely.

I have some pictures I will dump in their respective threads now. Very much WIP so there are still empty spaces and stuff.
Will try to focus on BATing now. I want to finish my current building so I can move on to others.

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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