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January 29, 2023, 05:43:19 PM

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3RR-ST - Page 55

Started by dedgren, October 29, 2008, 08:22:49 AM

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This is the SC4D archive of Page 55 of Three Rivers Region at Simtropolis.  Comments are locked for now.

Page 55
#1620 01/13/2007 04:16 PM

What!!!! No more 3RR? That's a damn shame.
#1621 01/13/2007 05:14 PM

I understand what you are going through, especially with as much information that you cover in each update. Thank you for all the work you have done here, and I look forward to following 3RR over at the other site.
#1622 01/15/2007 10:13 PM

Hi, everyone.

I'm moving along the timeline as I transition everything "dedgren" over to SC4 Devotion. I'll be pulling the 3RR maps and waterfalls and rapids lots, along with the ploppable rocks I uploaded for jeronij off of the STEX this coming Friday, the 19th. They will become available on the LEX over at SC4D, although perhaps not right away.

If you would like to download while these things are still on the STEX, here's the linkies.








Jeroni Ploppable Rocks

Ploppable Water Lots

Ploppable Water Waterfalls

Ploppable Water Rapids

Please note that I will be deleting my content from the CJ List thread [ linkie ] on that date as well.

3RR is alive and well at SC4D [ linkie ], just having started its tenth page. I see lots of friends from here stopping by there, but hope that anyone who hasn't been and reads this would consider this an invitation. I will be removing 3RR content from ST on Friday, January 26, 2007. The plan is to place an archived copy of that content over at SC4D.

Take care.

#1623 01/15/2007 11:13 PM

Shadow Assassin
You really should keep your lots on the STEX, in addition to the LEX over at SC4D. I'll be looking into your CJ at SC4D.
#1624 01/16/2007 07:09 AM

The downloads are not there.
#1625 01/16/2007 11:27 AM

great pics!! that small river looks great, with those waves, wich look like, well, flowing water, looks really good!! and i'm jealous of those snow pics!! here in holland the flowers are starting to grow already:s
#1626 01/16/2007 04:47 PM

The links to stuff on the STEX that I posted last night here [ linkie ] are now fixed. I have no idea what made them glitch up- sorry if anyone got worried.

#1627 01/18/2007 07:45 PM


Thanks so much, everyone. I'd love to be talking about 3RR's 25,000th page view under other circumstances, but the move to SC4D and my issues with ST don't diminish the fact a bit that you folks have been the greatest- commenters and lurkers alike.

Thank you!

You can keep current with 3RR by clicking here [ linkie ]. I see new familiar faces from here almost every day, and I'm really jazzed every time.

I do need to note I hope to have the 55 pages of 3RR moved from the forums by next Friday, the 26th. I pulled it off the 4th page of the index today, and am again bumping my own last post. Pardon my pitiful vanity, but it would just break my heart to watch this CJ descend down through the index pages, fading slowly from sight like something treasured dropped into inky deep water, and finally coming to rest on the bottom somewhere around page 35, forever lost to everything but increasing dim memory.

...yeah, yeah- whine, whine...

Anyway, hope to see everyone around 3RR in the future, which is starting...!

#1628 01/18/2007 08:18 PM

Well this cj a classic no matter what page its on , i think to keep a cj on front page you goto update , reply on average 4-5 times a day , ive seen some with 8 a day from the author , i dont believe Number of replies or front page , make a good cj , its the content that makes them shine, and this cj is dazzaling!.
#1629 01/20/2007 11:25 PM

Ok, how do you get the gentle curves on the road like that? I can never seem to get them to look quite like that and I am getting very frustrated! Sorry to see that you are moving over to SC4Devotion...But I am already there waiting with bated breath!!

#1630 01/20/2007 11:37 PM

Hi David-

I've really enjoyed reading your CJ since I first found it four months ago, and while I am sad to see it leaving ST, I'm glad to see it's alive and being archived over at SC4D. I have been watching it over there ("lurking" if you must ;)), as I have been having some serious registration problems (the whole activation e-mail thing). I have contacted jeronij about it, and hopefully, I'll be "out of the shadows" over there soon. I also was fortunate enough to download all of your files off the STEX before they were taken off . . . phew /wrrd%&. . .

#1631 01/20/2007 11:40 PM

Will your journal still be available in its entirety over at sc4devotion?? I would hate to think that we will be losing all of this valuable information that I have barely had time to digest let alone apply!!

#1632 01/21/2007 08:11 AM

Hi David.

I was astonished about your decision to move to SC4 Devotion, but I was glad to see that you'd still maintain 3RR over here, just on a less frequent basis... but now this, wow, that was very sudden. Of course, I understand your frustration about the server down times... I also experienced some issues with that during my rare visits to Simtropolis lately [e.g. just when I wanted to post this particular post...]. And it's your decision what suites you best. I'm sad to see this CJ go from ST, but I try to check out the updates over at jeroni's site from time to time (I don't want to miss any new trend ;D).

As for your work, you once again brought SC4 to a new level. These maps are AWEsome, great effort there my friend. I'm looking forward to see more of your great work...

Take care.

- Phil
#1633 1/21/2007 08:24 AM


 Your City Journal was influental to me and probably to many other City Journalists. I enjoyed seeing what tutorals or new item that would change the face of a SimCity. I got so many new ideas for Ridge, most of them was from.....Yup... you guessed it, 3RR. I have your City Journal favored for quick refrence. I was a bit confused on why you were leaving for a few minutes, just the fact that you're one of the few that actually shaped a foundation for others. I understand the problems with Simtropolis, believe me, they are preventing me from updating RIdge. If they keep up, I may follow in your footsteps and continue on someplace else. I am glad you are continuing at SC4D, I know you wouldn't throw out something great like this without a fight.

Thank you for all you have done, thank you for the suggestions in my City Journal, and thanks for being a helpful friend.

See you at SC4D!

#1634 02/13/2007 11:03 PM

Hi folks.

It has proved far more of a challenge to move the 55 pages of 3RR over to its current home at SC4D than I thought. As some of you have also noticed, I continue to stop by over here once in a while to post in some of my favorite CJs and a few other selected threads. I also can't help but note that, for a "dead" CJ, 3RR-ST has continued to get a healthy (or, if it's truly dead, an unhealthy) number of page views per day here.

So, I've made a decision. While I won't any longer keep the Table of Contents regularly updated or try on a dedicated basis to respond to commenters (I was never very good at that anyway, truth be told), as long as 3RR-ST remains here I will every week or so update it with links to posts of current material over at SC4D.

I'll start by noting that there is an ongoing tutorial that addresses use of the Lot Editor and ilive Reader

underway starting here [ linkie ]. I'm also in the final phases of planning the collaborative development of the region, and haven't forgotten the folks here who've indicated an interest in doing a quad.

We still do shameless eye candy from time to time, too.

Take care. Don't be strangers.

#1635 02/14/2007 12:01 AM

excellent work beautifull pics my friend
#1636 02/14/2007 01:11 AM

Ah! Beautiful pics David. Glad to hear that you will be posting here every now and again as I have been having trouble registering over at SC4D. Anyway, I love seasonal trees and I hope to one day figure out how to convert all Cycledogg's models into Mayor Mode ploppables. But, until I figure that out, I will keep coming back here and looking at you amazing seasonal woods! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up the wonderful work...
#1637 02/14/2007 02:15 AM simplayer
Ew.... I can't quite be asked to follow many different fansites..... Everyone all together being in ST makes my life a lot easier.... :-S
#1638 02/14/2007 08:37 AM

Many big cjs will sometime end...... But why now?
#1639 X/XX/2008 XX:XX PM

These are a few "eye candy" shots of a mountain stream roaring down through stands of aspen that I've posted recently in 3RR over at SC4D.




If you like them, there are more here [ linkie ].

Thanks for taking a look.

#1640 02/16/2007 10:46 AM


waiting for more
#1641 02/16/2007 11:05 AM

Very breath-takingly done David! I really enjoy your CJ!
#1642 02/16/2007 01:02 PM

Great work, David. I love those natural pictures. You have made a great job with all the trees and rivers, etc. I'm amazed, as always!

Nice tutorials too.

#1643 02/17/2007 11:14 AM

It snowed a bit over at 3RR [ linkie ] yesterday afternoon.


Snowball fight, anyone?


#1644 02/17/2007 11:41 AM

You're on! Let the snowballs rain down!
#1645 02/21/2007 11:21 AM

Lots of new stuff up over at 3RR.

We've honored our 500th SC4D commenter [ linkie ],

recognized Matt (threestooges) for his sharp eyes [ linkie ],

and completed another section

in our ongoing tutorial on creating ploppable seasonal tree lots [ linkie ].

Hope to see you all stop by.

#1646 02/21/2007 11:28 AM

beautifull pics excellent work my friend,i love the snowy pic
#1647 02/21/2007 11:30 AM

WOW!, my friend!, that is so cool, cant wait for some more updates!.
Take care
#1648 02/21/2007 09:31 PM

Sure...just I have begun to follow your case in one room, now its on to another; especially after complaining about accessibility to the first. Have completed only 10 pages so far but am craving so much more info. Growing up I always asked 'why'..have never outgrown it. Why?... See you in the hinterland but not until page eleventy-seven, I hope.
#1649 02/23/2007 09:44 PM

There's new

up over at 3RR [ linkie ].

There's ponds and bridges used as dams and colorful trees...

...and snow.

See you over there.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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