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December 02, 2022, 12:34:03 PM

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3RR-ST - Page 49

Started by dedgren, November 15, 2008, 12:07:31 PM

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This is the SC4D archive of Page 49 of Three Rivers Region at Simtropolis.  Comments are locked for now.

Page 49
#1440 12/02/2006 10:44 PM

Here's shots of the pic/map for SE.




Here's the entire SE pic/map [ linkie ].

Two more to go.


EDIT: (12-03-06 1:05 a.m. AST GMT-9) And maybe topo maps after all...

20 minutes from the terraformer to this (crude) state. Yes...

...Wouanagaine, we are not worthy! WE! ARE! NOT! WORTHY!

I'm beginning to think anything is possible at this point.
#1441 12/02/2006 11:53 PM

hi my friend wow that sure does look amazing and i like the names
#1442 12/03/2006 12:34 AM

Great updates! Great region! Great pictures! Great names!

bat $%#Ninj2
#1443 12/03/2006 01:37 AM

Great pic as always david !

QuoteAlso, if someone wanted to give me the quick and dirty way to upload the four 3RR162 subregion maps to the STEX, I'd be happy to do that. I thought that SC4TF had some kind of ready-made to upload output, but it's not apparent now that I have looked for it.

QuoteIn SC4TF, toggle Global Tools, then click on Export. Export the file as a .SC4M and it should work

Yes, you will be prompt to a SC4M file to create, and you will be prompt to a html file to include that will be shown when someone will import your region, you can also skip it by not providing a html
once you have your 4 SC4M files, zip them and upload them as 'Prop' ->Map of fantasy.
Remember the 10Mb limit at STEX, so you may have to upload 3RR in multiple part

Take care !

#1444 12/03/2006 04:22 AM

Hehe, great work mate. I can see you already have assigned my quad, if I'm not mistaken, quad 29 ;) How did you do the topo?
#1445 12/03/2006 07:56 AM

I am starting to think bad thoughts about wouanagaine....

I dont think he is god... possably the devil or at least an evil jenius bent on distracting us withsuch great tools that we dont notice him taking over the world...

great maps...ded... hopefully you will figure out how to upload them (Vandy uploaded the map he map he made for the multiplayer region over at Pegs using a file called .sctf4 (something like that)
#1446 12/03/2006 09:38 AM

David, are you sure you were not a monk in a previous life??
Your work with 3RR resemble what those patient folks did with the manuscripts, painstakingly, patiently doing every little detail by hand..... and all this by a candle glow....
**hearing Gregorian chanting in the back**
Hehehe... I think I can really picture you doing that!!! :D

Take care my friend!
#1447 12/03/2006 09:57 AM

Super work! The detail is unbelievable, and considering it's HAND terraformed, well words really don't do you justice.

One area of terraforming I struggle with is rivers. You appear to have adjusted your elevations to allow your rivers to be at sea level (to make use of in-game water rather than ploppable, I assume). Has that adjustment affected elevation in all other areas including peaks? Or did you keep the mountains at actual and only deepen the valleys. I'm interested to know your thinking on this subject.

Anyway, thanks for continuing this project and sharing it with us. It continues to be a great read (and ride)!
#1448 12/03/2006 02:09 PM

3RR is now on the STEX!

I've run each quarter of the region through the SC4TerraFormer and created a .SC4M file for each. Click on a pic below to go straight to the appropriate DL screen.





Let me encourage you to use these maps in any way you would like, to include re-terraforming them for your own purposes. If you do use them and would like to share the results, feel free to post them here or in your own thread.

Have fun!
#1449 12/03/2006 02:12 PM

excellent my friend
#1450 X/XX/2008 XX:XX PM

 I just downloaded SW.  I have been waiting for ya to finish.  I figured I'd start with SW and see if my computer can handle it. LOL.  Congrats on the STEX posting. I am really looking forward to playing with these over the next couple of days.  I'll let ya know how they work out for me.  I had one question though.  You said to:

Quote2. Create a new subfolder in your "My Documents" SC4 plugins folder and name it "3RR-SW".

3. Unzip this file into the 3RR-SW subfolder.

4. Run SC4TerraFormer and select the "3RR-SW" region.

5. In "Global Tools", select "Import Image"

6. Navigate to the "My Documents\Simcity4\Regions\3RR-SW" folder and choose "3RR-SW.SC4M"

In step #2 should it be the "My documents\Simcity4\plugins\regions" folder??? Or will it put it there so I can find it in step #6????  I just wasn't sure, so I figured I'd better ask.  Thanks

#1451 12/03/2006 03:39 PM

Gaston- Absolutely!

...isn't that Alphonse and Gaston [ linkie ]? ...'thought you were dedgren?

I stand corrected. I've fixed the online instructions to refer to creating the new files in the "Regions" folder, just as you suspected it should be. Thank you for letting me know.

By the way, I heard there had been something in SW named after you...

...we'll check, and report back in a while.

...hours pass...

Well, we drove around all over SW, finally getting to Twin Glacier Valley. Missed it going up- someone must'a knocked the sign down...

...I don't envy 3RRDOT a bit- all those Scandahoovians in this corrner of the region drinkin' all that aquavit [ linkie ] on top of nothin' but a little =url]lutefisk [ linkie ][/url] startin' early on Saturday nights...

...but on the way back down, well- there it was.

Big as life! Checked out the 3RRGS Atlas when we got back and, yep- there it was.

Welcome to cyber-immortality, my friend.

Anyway, a busy week coming up. We'll see what happens...

#1452 12/03/2006 04:27 PM

Wow.... this is wonderful David. Nice maps
#1453 12/03/2006 03:04 PM

 Glad I caught that. Guess I need to move that file before trying to play it. LOL

QuoteBy the way, I heard there had been something in SW named after you...

Really...  That is way kool.  I am truely honored.  And would like to say...

... No, please, after you. ;D  Wow, Mt. Gaston !  I don't know what to say.  I am at a complete loss for words.... You have touched my heart, my friend. Thank you.

By the way...
... Is there a patch for SC4TF? Or do I need to unistall and reinstall the whole thing? I have version 9.0 (oops 0.9 I think it is) I used the DL link provided by you (thanks) and just wondered if there was a short cut. I'll be here for a bit so fee free to PM me if you are around. (I'll be here cause the DL is gonna take another 20 plus minutes with the dial up modem I am using. LOL) Okay none of that matters cause I dl'd it all anyway and it worked okay. I don't care for the fact that it doesn't seen to have alot of installation information.


edits in blue [/size]
#1454 12/03/2006 06:39 PM

Livin in Sim
T'was three weeks before Christmas and all thru ST,

There was peaceful posting and uploading by Dirk's decree.

The Home Page was filled with great articles and pics;

The forum gurus were sharing their tips and tricks.

The BAT'ers had rendered, and their creations bedecked,

Then they joyfully uploaded them all to the STEX.

The LOT'ers were employing their artistic tendencies;

Adding lovely props and textures, all with no dependencies!

The BSC Advent Bash had caused much delight,

As we hurried to register and download from Peg's site.

The Modders were sharing technical terms in their threads,

While complex computer codes raced thru their heads.

The City Journals had been given a lace>Holidaylace> glow,

As we found more ways to make the game produce snow.

I, with my computer cradled in my lap,

Had inadvertently nipped off for a winter nap.

When from the map section a mighty region arose.

Its sheer magnitude awakened me from my doze.

There were two hundred fifty six large tiles, split into quarters;

3RR NW, NE, SW, SE stretched out their borders.

The mountains were terraformed to the finest detail.

The rivers wound realistically thru land sized to scale.

Each quad had been designed with the utmost care,

For the eager Simtropolitans to develop and share.

As David continues this huge undertaking,

We'll follow each step, there is no mistaking.

As we accept this great gift from this diligent giver,

It's a simsational holiday, indeed, in the Region of Three Rivers!

#1455 12/03/2006 08:01 PM

I know I am supposed to wait to post again but I couldn't.  Liv this was an incredible poem.  I loved it. I read it several times .   Very very very kool. You have a talent, my friend.

#1456 12/03/2006 08:04 PM

Great work, David! My feeble mind often attempts to come up with unique names for areas within my regions, but your creativity and imagination are...stunning. There is a heckuva lot to name in 3RR, can't wait to see more.

Edit: BTW, I went back to check out the link for NE and it takes me to a pic of the entire region. I'd love to see a full-size pic of NE with the names.
#1457 12/04/2006 12:32 AM

Great Work David!
I've just dowloaded 3RR-NW, just can't wait to try it!!!

Thanks a lot for your Dedication.

downloading........ damn company network..... is awfully slow....
Blink!!! Dowloaded... Import-> :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

That Region ROCKS!!!!

NOOOO!!!! ()sad() Loading the region in my SC4, it crashes to desktop!!!!!!!

EDIT 10:49 AM: mmmmm strange........ It crashes only if I load a Mountain city....
#1458 12/04/2006 02:06 AM

David => thx for thoses uploads ! you may also add the SC4Mapper links for thoses who don't want to tackle with SC4TF. It is lighter and does not require DirectX. Check a NHP upload for the 'installing a SC4M for SC4Mapper' instructions. Feel free to grab them

meldolion=> you have not correctly installed columbus mod. check this Mountain Crash game

Another tip, if you don't want to have mismatched graphic terrains tiles, save your city tiles at the same in-game month.
#1459 12/04/2006 04:15 AM

tThank you very much wouanagaine!!! In fact I was missing CP_ColumbusRockTextures.dat in my test plugin folder (the file was present in the production plugin folder...)

David, could you explain us how can you get such beautiful strams and rivers? maybe a tutorial....
and the mountains!! They look soooooooo real!!!
#1460 12/04/2006 04:40 AM

Hi David,
Downloaded all four files, will certainly have a look.... and maybe..... sheesh... start a new region!!
This is certainly a one of a kind map.
A question if I may, as I'm not (yet) very familiar with wouanagaine SC4 Terraformer, is there a way for us to put all these 4 maps together as to have the "complete" thing all at once....

Thanks (really!) for sharing this labor of love with us my friend!


EDITED FOR Liv's poem

What a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing it... [/size]
#1461 12/04/2006 04:55 AM

David, I knew it, I KNEW IT. The moment my latest region starts to be fun you finish the regions of 3RR. What to do now, get rid of my great cities and download your region or continue playing. So many questions.
I knew it, I should have stayed home and listened to my mother. This is what happens boys and girls if you do not listen to your mother: YOU WILL GET FRUSTERATED!!!!

Look at those beauties of regions. Maybe one day (probably just before SC5 is released) I wil find the time to play in these regions.

Great stuff David!!

#1462 12/04/2006 05:01 AM

Congratulations! You have created a magnificent region! You know what, I might just download a quarter or two and have a little play!

You definitely have a lot of skill in the terraforming department so I commend you for that! Brilliant work as always mate, I can't wait to see some nature and eventually the cities start to spring up.

Exciting stuff!
#1463 12/04/2006 05:45 AM

David i must say awsome work since my last visit to 3RR and wonderful maps that are now up on the ST but as for me and machine i would love to DL but my poor puter would die lol man i so need a new machine lol. I do have to say Mt Gaston what an awsome addition to 3RR and i cant forget to say Crazy Chicken Flats wow lol. LIV that is such a wonderful work christmas poem beatifuly well put.
#1464 12/04/2006 06:45 PM
Oh man...Too bad I already spent hours planning out a different map, the northwest map is just what I wanted.
#1465 12/05/2006 06:34 AM


As I've noted in the Lists [ linkie ], I've got a bunch of stuff going on right now, and the work I'm doing with 3RR doesn't really lend itself to real-time posting (more on that in a bit). So, I thought I'd start an extended We've got Mail...

It's been quite a while, actually, since I went back over recent posts and tried to respond in any organized fashion. There's also several of you who've asked questions that I haven't gotten around to addressing, and that's after a promise made several months ago to do better. So, here goes.

I'll continue my recent practice of posting as I go along and putting a highlighted message at the end noting the "in progress" nature of what I'm doing until I consider the post complete, at which point I'll let you know as well. As I try to keep 3RR both current and compact to the extent possible (jeez- will this thing really be 50 pages long on a bit?), it's always worth checking back up the page a post or two or looking in the TOC [ linkie ] for updated previous posts.

A few notes and asides before I start:

1. A number of you (who will remain unidentified) have asked

QuoteWhy [ linkies ][/url]?

Why not?

2. I've found, as my familiarity with SC4TerraFormer has grown and to my complete amazement, that I can edit the entire region...

...that's right, the whole 256 quad schmear...

. It is a very slow process, admittedly. It takes about five minutes to load the region, I can only edit two quads at a time, I can only do minimal edits before I have to save, I cannot switch to new quads to edit in the same session, and the program will crash or freeze unexpectedly about one out of three sessions. But, it can be done. Right now, I'm using that capability to clean up the boundaries between the quarters. I'll return to this topic in a bit.

3. Are you having difficulties with ST? I swear, if I see another one of these over the next few days, I'm going to start screaming.

It's really been a problem over the past weeks. Most of the time I'm trying to post something, and the "back" button doesn't always let me recover my work. It seems to me that, if someone at the administration end is aware that the server is unstable for some reason, an alert might be in order. A little warning beacon on the main forums page, perhaps. Just something to let folks know they might want to try and post their magnum opus a little later.

On to the mail.

On 12/4, WorfoSAUR exclaimed

QuoteOh man...Too bad I already spent hours planning out a different map, the northwest map is just what I wanted.

Well, hey, what can I say? Now you've got it if you need it.

On 12/4, Patrick (patfirefghtr) said, referring to 3RR maps on the STEX

Quote...would love to DL but my poor puter would die lol man i so need a new machine lol...

Pat, thanks for your posts and PMs- I really enjoy hearing from someone I know is living in one of my favorite parts of the states- northern Wisconsin. As far a killing your computer, I'll note here once again my unscientific opinion that the only issues unique to big regions, from a processing standpoint, would be DLing them and running them through SC4TF. I don't think the size of the region makes a whole lot of difference in SC4 game play- it has far more to do with quad (city) size and development and what the overhead is in your plugins folder.

Watch out for the deer up down there!

choco (chocolatemax285 - Green Depra/Gold Depra): I have been so remiss about posting recently in your great CJs- you are too kind.

Nik-nik, on 12/04 you observed

QuoteMaybe one day (probably just before SC5 is released) I wil find the time to play in these regions.

You may get a chance more quickly than that, as we should be starting the collaborative phase of 3RR162 early next year. I'd be really pleased if you would join in that effort.

John (Darmok - Anduin Valley Revisited)- On 12/4, you thought out loud

Quote...and maybe..... sheesh... start a new region!!

Don't you dare!

Just kidding, you do what you want, but I think (and have reason to do so) that AVR has many, many miles left on it at this point. Like for Nik-nik, and hopefully many others, the chance to develop a quad or two in 3RR should be coming up shortly, in any event.

You then asked, as for wouanagaine's SC4TerraFormer

is there a way for us to put all these 4 maps together as to have the "complete" thing all at once....

I don't think SC4TF has any function that would do that for you, but that's OK. I'm doing it (hence my delight in finding out that I can edit the entire region in the terraformer). I should have 3RR162 in all its 256 quad glory on the STEX by the end of the week, and maybe sooner. I'm about halfway there.

Thanks John, for everything.

n.b.: (12-5-06 6:30 7:45 8:20 10:05 a.m. AST GMT-9) Not done yet. Actually, not even really started. Just getting started. Rolling along now. Little here, little there...

UPDATE: (12-6-06 5:55 a.m. AST GMT-9) When I returned to the computer last night to continue this, ST was offline. The reason is now apparent, given the ongoing Trixie ceremony. I'll go ahead and continue this WGM on page 50, so consider this post closed out. When I start the continued post, I'll come back here and post a link.
#1466 12/05/2006 08:32 AM

One tip for you David, before hit the submit button when updating press CTRL+a and CTRL+c. If that error appears, wait a couple of minutes, check if the update post is there, if not, hit reply button and then CTRL+v and try to submit the post again. That way you will never loose any post again, well, if you remember to do this procedure, of course ;)
#1467 12/05/2006 12:45 PM

Yeah, I've had a couple of nasty server errors time is somewhat limited (Nutcracker, actually playing my own region and a great new habit for playing World of Warcraft) and maybe 3 out of 10 times I try to log on to ST, I get that screen....grrr....
#1468 12/05/2006 10:47 PM

Just popped into the site now (yay finals) that I have some time. If you haven't checked out the trixie results, you should (not that I'm hinting at anything). Great news with the maps and the terraformer. I just hope the 256 map meets the stex 10mb requirement. I am impressed at the work you've been able to achieve in such a relatively short time. On a more personal note, wish me luck... law school apps will be out within a month. Enough of that though. Congratulations on everything you've achieved thus far. Here's to more. ---12/6 11:28pm pst: Now that the results are officially out and attached to the member names: Congratulations on that too! Most educational tutorials, roadmaps, history of everything (briefly) the list goes on. To be honest, two almost isn't enough for what you've put in... but hey, not bad at all.
#1469 12/05/2006 11:13 PM

hey dedgren, I figured its about time I drop in for some more awesome stuff..I love the work you do with mapping...very nice topo map also!! and congrats on the trixies my friend you really deserve them!!
D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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