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March 31, 2023, 12:21:59 PM

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3RR-ST - Page 44

Started by dedgren, November 27, 2008, 11:21:20 AM

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This is the SC4D archive of Page 44 of Three Rivers Region at Simtropolis.  Comments are locked for now.

Page 44
#1290 11/12/2006 11:06 AM

David, that's, i think, the biggest map I've ever seen, i have on LA map that's huge, but this is amazing!! keep it up, good luck
#1291 11/12/2006 11:38 AM

[size=9ptIm real glad to see this huge map working...cause im doing myself one with 16x12 big maps from the Seattle region, and i still had some doubt that the map was playable!!... may be in a near future ill show some pics, for now ill have to learn better how to work with imageshack!!

i dont write to much here, but i play simcity since 1989 and kept playing all versions, saw this site almost 3 years and love everyone from simtropolis who made possible the advancing of Simcity 4...just wanted to made this statement in a city jornal that makes proud everyone who works for this site and this game!! Thanks a lot dedgren, for showing us a lot of things that some, might doubt that could be done!...and thanks a lot to all people who make this game still very much alive!! [/size]
#1292 11/12/2006 01:49 PM

Hey mate, nice work on finishing that huge task of terraforming. Is it time to build up? Have you already choosed from which "quad" you will start up?
#1293 11/12/2006 03:35 PM

Great Job on getting all those quads done!
#1294 11/12/2006 03:50 PM

amazing david just awesome such a huge task but you have done it well
#1295 11/12/2006 04:19 PM

Awesome work with both the finesse and patience it took to terraform all 256 tiles! I look forward to more!
#1296 11/12/2006 05:15 PM

that map is looking wonderful, perfect kansas for a huge metropolis right?? lolz thats was a lot of hard work you put into that and fast 2!! good job ;D
#1297 11/12/2006 08:59 PM

Well now I see the results of hard work... it does pay off for sure! Great job with that... I hope to see a thriving metropolis spring from the ashes in no time!
#1298 11/12/2006 09:49 PM

David that is some great progress here wow just simply amazing all the work you are doing for the terraforming and Aline the quads my god man i would just have blown my head off by now but the again as u said u r a lawyer and like any great lawyer u r tedious and picky lol but hey they say all the great one produce great out comes and man im waiting for this out come
#129911/13/2006 09:20 AM

Here's the first of what are likely to be many maps over the course of the next few months. It's a basic location map noting the places that I've named in 3RR to date along with a few new ones. Make sure you check out the 2,400 by 2,400 pixel version [ linkie ], as it sure helps with the eyestrain issue.

#1300 11/13/2006 11:41 AM

David my friend, allow me to do my 2001th post here to mark the beginning of what we could call "The new and improved 3RR".

That map of yours if full of great promises!
The ride, or shall I say the numerous rides we will take through this grand countryside will give us many beautiful surprises, of that I am sure.

I'm really glad to begin a new thousand post series in 3RR, yours and Jacky's CJ are two of the most nature oriented CJ's in Simtrop and I salute that.

So here's to several hundred pages of beauty!

Take care


And I just noticed that it coincides with 3RR 1300th post! I just consulted a guru up on an Alaskan mountain (isn't internet great!) And he told (wrote) me that it was a very good omen!
just a thought! hehehe...
#1301 11/13/2006 01:31 PM

Low Light
First Post here Mr Edgren ;D

I'm very, very impressed by your dedication and what seems to be a limitless amount of energy. The map is outstanding and I must congratulate you on your achievements to date.

()what() Q: I would like to know why you chose to have two TOWER HILLS on the map, is there a reason or is it a mistake?

I shall continue to lurk and keep an eye on your handiwork. $%#Ninj2

All the best with 3RR and all your sub-projects

;D :thumbsup:
#1302 11/13/2006 02:24 PM
Wow wow Wow, this must be one of my first posts here, but I think this is the right moment to pause the lurking for a sec! Because this map is amazing!!

I can really see how i would make sprawling city in there with farmlands on the outskirts. I'm very eager to see what you come up with! You put a lot on pressure on yourself now ;D

Good Luck!
#1303 11/13/2006 03:19 PM

[size=9ptCongrats for finishing the map! It looks good so far. Now You have to start on growing cities on it. [/size]
#1304 11/14/2006 04:39 AM

Fantastic regionoverview! Great names!

My 1002nd post!

bat $%#Ninj2
#1305 11/14/2006 05:55 AM

That map is unbelievable, serioulsy. You've got mad skills. Which is a good thing.
#1306 11/14/2006 06:24 AM

fantastic!! *thumbs up*
#1307 11/14/2006 08:35 AM

Amazing! Wish I had your skills, it's awesome!
#1308 11/14/2006 11:27 AM

Livin in Sim
Thus the 256 quads in all their vast array were completely terraformed. And Dedgren saw that it was good. On that day, Dedgren had finished the work he had been doing; so on that day, he rested.
#1309 11/14/2006 11:35 AM

Wow since I've been popping in and out the past six weeks or so, your precision still is a beautiful thing to see.

Meanwhile... On your last map, I really like how you got you names to fit the topography of what they're describing, just like an indepth atlas. Was a special graphics art trick to that, other than patience that is?
#1310 11/14/2006 05:45 PM

Congratulations on completing this monumental task. I'm curious if you would be willing to share your "few extra proprietary processing steps" that you used with Region Census to obtain those beautiful 2D maps. would no longer be porprietary then, would it?
#1311 11/14/2006 06:10 PM

Okay David,
 For three days now I have been trying to comment.  Either the site crashes or I loose my connection to the freaking internet.  I can't even figure out where I want to start.  I am gonna hit reply to topic here so that way at least you know I have been trying . Then I'll edit this post with my actual comments.

edit to continue the post:
 First let me say fantastic for getting so far along.  This is really great.
 Let's see I have to go back a few days to catch up. So....

     Back on 11/10 you said
Quote"Yet unnamed peaks in the Wylers. The unterraformed part of the range is readily apparent here."

    Are these peaks still unnamed? If so, the famed explorer Gaston (that's me) would like permission to make an assault on at least the tallest of them. And being the first to climb them he would most likely name them something like, oh I don't know, maybe The Gastonian Range or Point Gaston or something like that.  ::)  Okay it is a cheap ploy to live on vicariously but it might work.

   Below is an interesting pic I have a question about.

The Des Plaines River- a small stream (100 feet/30 meters wide) flowing through the farmlands south and east of the Wyler Mountains.

?> How did you get this much detail and make it look so easy.  My rivers never look this good.

On 11/12 at 1:41pm you posted:


 Congrats on this. I thought it would take you alot longer to make it.  I am truely in awe of this accomplishment.

Now on 11/13 you posted this:

QuoteMake sure you check out the 2,400 by 2,400 pixel version [ linkie ], as it sure helps with the eyestrain issue.

 All I can say is HOLY FREAKING insert explative of your choosing here. This is the most incredable thing I have ever seen.  I kowtow down to your greatness. I pray to the Gods of SC4 that I am worthy of viewing you work. You are truely the guru of terraforming.
 I hope that my internet trouble were just a passing thing and not the new norm for me.  I have really missed being able to be a part of this 3RR family.  Hope all is well in your life outside this box.

(hopefully not too much later)

p.s. Unrelated to any previous posts.  Does anyone know if the diagnal street mod is still avaiable somewhere? I can find stuff that relates to it but not the actual mod itself. If anyone knows where to get it let me know. please. thanks

#1312 11/15/2006 05:42 AM

Okay so I missed some updates, well last posted back on page 42, so I missed the jaggies discussion (snow without the jaggies looks soooooooooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!!)

That map is a remarkable feat! 256 tiles. What an ENORMOUS energy you've put into it.
So do you still recognize your wife and children?

#1313 11/15/2006 09:32 AM

Oh, Jesus, the map is really HUGE, it is lovely, really lovely, and all can i say is that i'm impressed. I'm sure that this is one of the hugest or the huggest map of SC 4.
I love 3RR, David!!
#1314 11/16/2006 01:36 AM

Hi, I have been a lurker on this CJ for about a week now. That is how long it has taken me to read through the entire thing (actually glued to this thing). Since I started reading from way back at the beginning a week ago, I haven't even opened up my Sim I am amazed at the wealth of information in your CJ. I have had to sit and rethink my entire approach to creating. The spectacular images you have provided and the plethera information is amazing, you truly are a credit to CJing. The thought even occured to me that I have bonded to this CJ is that I have spent time in Alaska, spent my first honeymoon in I love all the pictures you have post and it runs me down memory lane and reminds me how beautiful it was to see in person. I have looked up one place I visited while there and noticed it was definately not the same, Earthquake Park(it was barrin when I saw it (looked for pics...grr..don't know where put them) you could still see tops outlines of houses when I visited, it is all grown up with trees now(as seen on Google). Ahhh, missing the untouched landscape of Alaska(Adak 1990-1991). Moving right along, thank you for all you have/are doing with this CJ, it has inspired me, given me tips on terraforming, organizing my plugin folder, ideas on scaling, and some laughs along the way. I will be following it closely(promise to come out of lurking more often). Again, thank you for the wonderful ride through the Three Rivers Region to date, looking forward to your next update.

#1315 11/16/2006 03:58 AM

...passing through during a crazy RL week (two trials, two briefs due to our state's Supreme Court)...saw this...

QuoteLow Light: Q: I would like to know why you chose to have two TOWER HILLS on the map, is there a reason or is it a mistake?

...hmmmmmm...., work, work...

Does that answer your question?

Welcome to 3RR, my friend. You've become a permanent part of the landscape.

#1316 11/16/2006 05:43 PM

Low Light
Blimey! I didn't expect that to happen...I am humbled by your kind gesture, sir. :-[

Well I hope that those visiting Low Light hills will gain the benefits of it's almost spiritual mound status...the Gift of being a smart arse who points out possible Inaccuracies and gets rewarded for Them... $%Grinno$% < A.K.A: a GIT

I won't be changed by this new found fame...(PM me for an official autograph!) I shall return to my lowly lurker status and return, like the Gods of old, to stir trouble and instigate mischief ( I hope you all noticed how my ego shot up in the space of 3 paragraphs, from humble servant to ancient God ! EGO: It'll be the end of us all).

Your achievements are so impressive that they are wangling the creepiest of crawlies from this forums every nook and cranny! Which is indeed a great testament to your hard work and expert skill.

All the best with the trials of RL and the RL Trial; and Good luck with 3RR: The L.L.H. Saga ;)

Back to the Lurker world I go... $%#Ninj2 Fly my pretties aha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa...
#1317 11/16/2006 09:16 PM

Looks like I've missed quite a bit. At long last, you've finished up the map, and it looks a beauty.

Can't wait to see you begin building on it :P
#1318 11/16/2006 09:28 PM

Wow, that is amazing! It is so huge!
#1319 11/16/2006 11:57 PM

Hey David,

Congratulations on completion of your region. It must've been a hard work. It is really huge, and looks very good! I'm looking forward to more of your works in this region.

Keep it up!
D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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