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December 05, 2022, 12:29:26 PM

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3RR-ST - Page 38

Started by dedgren, February 24, 2009, 10:30:03 AM

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This is the SC4D archive of Page 38 of Three Rivers Region at Simtropolis.  Comments are locked for now.

Page 38
#1110 10/24/2006 03:45 AM

QUOTE ¨Well, I lied. What can I say?"

**Adressing the bench...**
Your Honor I humbly request that this statement be stricken from the record. My client having clearly been pressured and under duress! And besides his counselor was not present at the time....
Thank you your Honor!
**returning to his seat**

Hehehe.... Always wanted to do something like that! ;)

About that sneak peek, well, it's kind of a retro peek!!

But can't wait to see where it'll lead us!

My friend don't EVER say again that you lied! BAD for business! ! Do it, but don't say it!

See you



I know you dont like it, so it's an incentive enough to do it!

It's my privilege of opening page 38. And here's to many more!
#1111 10/24/2006 06:42 AM

really nice map... look really good!! keep it up
#1112 10/24/2006 06:47 AM

really nice map... look really good!! keep it up
#1113 10/24/2006 07:10 AM

excellent work and terraforming i love it,beautifull pics
#1114 10/24/2006 07:13 AM

n.b.: Make sure you read my previous post [ linkie ], as it will place what follows in context.

Also, hey John (Darmok - Anduin Valley Revisited)-

QuoteMy friend don't EVER say again that you lied! BAD for business! ! Do it, but don't say it!

Heh! Well, that's blunt. Probably good advice... who's sounding like a lawyer?

...but blunt. At least I didn't say my prior statement was inoperative [ linkie ].

Oh, and

QuoteI know you dont like it, so it's an incentive enough to do it! :P ;)

It's my privilege of opening page 38. And here's to many more!

Hey! Who said I didn't like it? Truth be told, if it wasn't for folks doing that, half the time I'd never know what page I was on.

Hmmm...38 pages. Who'd 'a thunk it?

On to content...

So I stopped last time by noting

QuoteLike I said, 3RR's scale just doesn't work. At least not for what I want to do with the region.

...well, actually you didn't... ...the last thing you actually said was "...breaktime! Back in a bit..."

,,,okay, enough already- you know what I meant. So what do we do at this juncture?

I'll spare you the "tortured mind un agony" bit, and just give you the answer. Yes, what you've been waiting for- the end of all this dithering about scale...

...the envelope please [ linkie ]...


...the Intro from Thus Spake Zarathrustra [ linkie ] plays...


...the ring is destroyed and Barad-dûr [ linkie ] falls...


...the Eagles [ linkie ] reunite... ...again...


...okay, okay- you get the point. We're going to make 3RR larger, folks. A lot larger.

From its current 10 mile (16 kilometer) square dimension, we are rescaling...

...shudder- there's that ferschlugginer word again...

...Three Rivers Region to an area 40 miles (64 kilometers) on a side.

At this size, our float trip, among others, will grow to a far more realistic (but still all too short) 12 miles (about 20 kilometers) in length.

Yeah, I know...that's 224 256 (thanks, bat ...gee whiz, I'm bad at math!) large township squares to develop. Well, at the end of this post I'll give you my ideas as to how we'll address that situation as well.

I'll post this at about 7:10 a.m. on October 24th so an ST crash...

...OMG- does ST crash?

Ha! Do wild bears poop in the forest?

...doesn't eat what I have written thus far. Come back later if there's no text after this point.

Hokay, I'm back for a bit more. In the interim, bat posted and corrected my math. Indeed, the new 3RR will have 256 large township squares.

bat inquires, nervously

QuoteCould this not be too largely for SC4 or for the computer?

This would be a very large region for SC4!

As you'll see glimpses of in a 'mo, I'm already running the region at that size, and haven't had any problems. I don't think (but have no particular technical knowledge or other insight) that SC4 region size really creates memory or processor problems for a computer, as very little actually is done at the region level. If there's an upward limit to "city" squares in SC4, it's above 256 because I'm running the game with that many now.

Another brief break...

...and we're off again.

During the break I loaded 3RR162 into Region Census.

Region Census is a tool no serious SC4 afficionado should be without. I won't take the time here to discuss it in any detail, but I will note that, as things on the web are, by nature, ephemeral- if you don't have it, DL IT NOW! It used to be available through Sim City Central [ linkie ], but that site has gone the way of the dodo.

...another victim of the Spore plague, it appears..

Googling [ linkie ] the term "region census" does not bring a link to its download location up anymore either (it used to).

So here's the link:

Region Census Download [ linkie]

Again, even if you don't have any use for it right now, DL it and tuck it away in your SC4 folder- you won't regret it.

Here's the image Region Census produced.

Dang purty, ain't it?

So I'm pretty sure it will work just fine.

Let's take a brief trip back to RL. You'll remember Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, the urbanized area I concluded, back when 3RR was 10x10, that my description...

Quotean urban "core" area of about 5 miles on each side (the original four (SC4 large city) townships of Pineshore, Wind River, Cold Lake and Grand Lake) surrounded by farms, woodlands and other open space.

...would fit.

Well now, since 3RR162 is four times its old 10x10 dimensions, we meed to proportionally rescale that urbanized area, so here's the new description (which also omits the references to the four no longer in existence townships):

Quotean urbanized "core" area of about 20 miles on each side surrounded by farms, woodlands and other open space.

Here's a 40 mile (64 kilometer) by 40 mile Google map [ linkie ] of the Bloomington-Normal area with the outline of the core urbanized area superimposed on it.

Honey, I shrunk Bloomington-Normal [ linkie ]...

...what? ...whew...

Well, actually those fine towns are the same as ever. It's just a consequence of our rescaling.

...urkkk- there's that word again...

So, we'll need to find another urbanized area that has a "correct" RL land area size. Let's head east to...


Indianapolis, Indiana appears to be just about perfect. The shaded rectangular area that is not quite coterminus with the core urbanized area outline is Marion County, the political subdivision of the state in which Indianapolis is located. The two share, I believe, a consolidated city-county government, but I could be mistaken.

...nope, it does [ linkie ]...

Marion County had a population in 2000 of about 860,000 people. We'll call that about 900,000 today based on its rate of recent growth.  That's a population density of 2,250 persons per square mile or about 880 per square kilometer.

I've got to stop here and head into my office. I'll resume this tonight in a new post.


Sign images are from the Manual of Traffic Signs, by Richard C. Moeur.


























D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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