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August 19, 2022, 07:25:26 AM

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Xyloxadoria's stations

Started by z, March 26, 2009, 02:42:08 AM

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Here's Xyloxadoria's GLR station, which has been integrated into the RTMT Interim T-RAM Stations pack as a pair of T-RAM stations, and which will appear in RTMT V4 in addition as a set of GLR-in-Avenue stations:

This GLR station is unique in RTMT in that it is three squares long, including overhang; it actually only occupies the center two squares.  (For RTMT, it was necessary to shift this station a half square to the left from the way it is shown in the picture.  See the Readme file in the RTMT T-RAM Stations pack for instructions on placing this station.)  The T-RAM Stations package currently contains a plain GLR station along with a combination GLR and bus station.


Xyloxadoria has now created a High Definition version of his GLR shelter.  You can see the new version and the old version side by side here:

The HD version will soon be available as an option.


May I ask Xyloxadoria about the nature of that odd loking artefact on HD version of the station?:

is it something coming from the SC4Modle or an artifact on the LOT?


Good question - and one that needs to be resolved before we upload this anywhere.


tehre is also a tinny issue with reversed shadow in both HD and SD models. It's very small though, prolly station isn't exactly on the 0 on Z...


I think that the artifacts have something to do with the semitransparency. I noticed that they were only there after i modded it to include that. Its fine otherwise. im rendering it out again, and if i get the same result, then semitransparcey/HD might be a issue (But it didn't seem to be with your station)

I checked the model file and its on zero in the z, so i dont know whats causing that.

EDIT: It seems that the artifacts were caused by a error on my part. I forgot to check framebuffer render on one of the s3d files. It looks fine now that i fixed that.


good to hear you've sorted out the transparency artifact.
As for the "reverse shadow" make also sure that you LODs don't go anywhere under the ground.
I could also take a look at the original file if you want...


Xylo your station is looking good in HD and also in normal too!!! Glad to see that your station will still be used after all...

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Here are some creations by Xyloxadoria that need no introduction:

These Tram to Subway Transitions will be ready to be sent to RTMT's crack team of beta testers  $%#Ninj2 $%#Ninj2 $%#Ninj2 $%#Ninj2 $%#Ninj2 within the next few days, and they will be included in RTMT V3.60.  For those people interested in these transitions without the rest of RTMT, they will be available as a separate download shortly after they clear beta testing.


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Pretty darn good! Nice work.
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The last one reminds me of the Tram tunnel entrance at the Prinsengracht in Den Haag (The Hague).  ;D
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Awesome!  ??? Do these hook up with the U-rail pieces shown next to them, or is it a straight subway transition? It'd be really awesome to use UDI for Light-rail underground!


Those aren't URail pieces - that's just a texture mod.  It's what happens when you load the entire LEX DVD disk into your plugins folder.   $%Grinno$%

But that's an interesting idea, even aside from the UDI part.  I'll have to think about it.  &Thk/(   It would be pretty trivial to implement - just change a transit switch, maybe add a couple of paths.  Would other people like that type of transition?  There's already a Rail-to-El-Rail transition, so this wouldn't even be a new type of transition.


These conversion pieces do look sweat.

One small Detail: Usually Subways are so deep under the surface that you don't see from above the lower change of grade as it is completely covered.


Quote from: Nardo69 on August 29, 2009, 01:38:56 PM
These conversion pieces do look sweat.

I really hope you mean "sweet"...  ;D

One small Detail: Usually Subways are so deep under the surface that you don't see from above the lower change of grade as it is completely covered.

You're absolutely right, and this applies to SC4 as well.  But instead of having Xyloxadoria redo the whole model (at least for now), we'll just assume that the grade transition is temporary.  ;)


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I've wanted a piece like this for years. I can't wait until it's complete.