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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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ooh no nova please dont give up on simcity please preeeeetty please don't.... It might be a download that you gotten and its having a problem with your game.... I personaly have had to give up several lots that i recently gotten of the STEX and they was awesome stuff, but siigh i had to stop the crashes and that did it....

btw welcome to pg 17

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Oh that's a shame Nova. &mmm
I had the sameor at least similar propblems when I moved my pic and music foders to my backup drive the problems were solved because my computer had more room on the C drive. I don't know, but perhaps it helps.

we'll patiently await your return my friend.

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this region has came along very nicely

i've been meaning to ask... i seen you post this awhile back on simtropolis i think... what program did you use to make the illustration on top?



Fabulous updates but i'm sorry to hear ou have been having problems with SC4. It's always a real pain when SC4 just seems to give up after a few mins of play. I hope you manage to sort out the problem and continue your fab work. :)

nova vesfalo

well, Nova Vesfalo is dead, welcome Tientsin - Fort Bayart !

Nova Vesfalo was bugging more and more so I decided It will be better to stop it. I'm restarting a region, completly different since it is located in China....

Emperor Stormont

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, very sad Nova is gone, was truly fabulous (Runs to rename your embassy  :D )

I'll have a look at your new one.

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Sad day.  This was a fave.

I'll certainly be watching for what's next.

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I am so sorry to read this.... Nova Vestfalo was a beautiful MD and your cityplanning a pleasure to look at and follow.

I'll be sure to follow your new MD as well, that without doubt, will be as beautful as this one was is. Good luck ! :thumbsup:
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Such sad news...but I'm sure your new works will be just as gratifying, actually I'll probably see what you've been working on as soon as I catch up on all the updates since my last visit  ::) This was one of my favorite MDs....