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Evergem, The Netherlands

Started by capo, October 13, 2007, 09:46:47 AM

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Very nice! You left me smiling...again!  ;D
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Capo that square is wonderful, I love your stone lined streets... See you next update - pat

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Interesting teaser Capo.

And I love the name Paroch Plein. hoe kom je erop? ;D

And what gentile lives in the West Eind Huis? a noble lord or a tyrant?


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Hey Capo,

Well, what can I say?  Het Paroch Plein looks fantastic.  It suggests to me that Biroud has jumped on a few years.  It's looking like a place where merchants meet, trade and make ££'s $$'s EUR's and of course, good old NLG's!!!

I'm honoured to have such a sqaure named after me $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$%

And as for West End Huis, is that the grey building in the bottom left?  Looks suspiciously like the Tower of London - whatever you do, don't sleep in the tower when your evil uncle is around ;)

Great teasing update there Capo.

Oh, and by the way I used your tutorial which was very easy to follow and I now have farm fields that I can plop :)

All the best,



Great place Capo :thumbsup: And so well deserved for Paul! Looking forward to that update. I guess there will be a secret door to the Intornet room in the West End Huis  :P
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Shadow Assassin

Nice teaser!

Maybe you should reLOT the Tower of London lot so that it fits in better with its surroundings. After all, that asphalt and pavement looks a little out of place...
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Nice looking two teasers there! Looking forward to that update...


Amazing MD, capo. My apologies for not commenting again earlier, I've been keeping up but often forget to comment.  $%Grinno$%

Thank you for your ploppable farm tutorial, I'm sure many people will find it very useful.

I imagine the Industrial Revolution in Evergem will be amazing to see in a couple of week's time!



I love the West End Home.  That is a great picture.  I can't wait for Biroud, it looks great.


Just had a closer look at the 't Veen update, you really do exceptional work with those small islands. Love the houses and the walled roads,wonderful touch.  :thumbsup:

Paul's Square is looking good and can't wait for the full update.




With a name like "Paroch Plein" I halfway expected to see a new church in Evergem. Interesting teaser, it looks like Evergem is becoming wealthier.  :)
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amazing pics...really cool houses and the walkway looks nice with some centre plaza...!!


I don't comment enough what is one of the best MD here ... but I'm following your work eagerly capo , as each time I've the feeling to watch at a totally new SC4 world for me . Can't find anything to criticise , everything is elaborately thought and realised ! That's perfect and your subject is a first interest one... :thumbsup:

&apls &apls &apls

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Hello everybody,

Thanks all for the wonderful replies and please do not worry: this MD is not dead. Some possible life-changing events are going on right now that are taking all my available time so I hope to update this MD as soon as possible in the new year.

However I do have some (bad) news for you I'm afraid. Evergem is going to head to modern times right away next update. Plopping every tile to recreate history has been real fun to do, but also very time-consuming. As I said before I'm real busy at the moment and the time I do have I prefer to spend on lotting and scrutineering files for BSC, a modern city is better for me to test new buildings in so because of this...Evergem is heading towards 2008. I'm not sure yet if I'm keeping Biroud and 't Veen or to start a whole new Evergem region.

I hope you understand and I wish all you readers a merry christmas and a very happy 2008! Thanks for your support and great replies for this MD, I hope to again entertain you all with this time a modern Evergem (with historical flashbacks!) in the new year. "Tales of a typical modern Dutch town with plenty of history to back up the story."

The complete history of Evergem ->My Mayor Diary <-
Come and visit Paroch Plein!


Although it's a pity (and I am sure others will agree with me (nietwaar Gjermund ;) ) it is fully understandable and believable: since the Intornet became available at the West End Huis modern times ran into this forgotten corner of the world to  :P

It will be great to see how Evergem developped to that new modern BSC-compatible nation, and I am looking forward to your new updates.

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Keep Biroud and t'Veen, just build around it, updating the streets with cobblestone streets from the SAM, and having modern town centres. :P
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Quote from: Shadow Assassin on December 25, 2007, 04:40:30 PM
Keep Biroud and t'Veen, just build around it, updating the streets with cobblestone streets from the SAM, and having modern town centres. :P

And don't worry, all of us have more than one thing to do, if you will not be able to make an update for some time, we will wait for it!
Your idea of going through centuries in the same place was very hard, I knew about it from the beginning, you should destroy some parts of city, leaving others and do it a few times  ;) Now you have only the last such operation to do
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Capo, I hope you will keep the old centre of Biroud unchanged! If not I will apply to the Rijksdienst voor Acheologie, Cultuurlandschap en Monumenten (the former Rijksdienst Monumentenzorg) and ask them to protect the area as a "Beschermd Stadsgezicht"! If this is appointed you need to apply for a building permit for every action you will take!
Don't tell me that I did not warn you!

Ha ha. You get the point: I like your Biroud and 't Veen as they were. And of course modern times also arrive in these townships. But I am sure you will be able to contain the quality of your work.

I can't wait to see the results.

This is my 100th post. Hurray!


Sorry I haven't been around in awhile.  Got sidetracked by Civ4.  This journal is been awsome and I can understand that it has been a lot of nitpicking detailed work and the difficulty of adapting lots etc to all the intervening ages to the present.  But please keep as much of the old world for flavour as is reasonable in modern dutch cities.

whatever you do I know it will be entertaining and beautiful.

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I can understand your problem with testing and playing Evergem at the same time, still you will have to be careful about using your MD region for testing( one bad lot and  :'(), probably need a new region to do your testing in.
I am of course saying this so we could continue following the development of Evergem through all the ages until modern time. I know I have been enjoying your work here but I am sure a modern day Evergem will be just as interesting.