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Aspire - A collection of random images

Started by mjig_dudy, February 07, 2007, 09:57:47 AM

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There's a guy in a wheelchair on the right lane.  :P

Excellent updates as always. I'm particularly fond of that abandoned navy base. It reeks of loneliness and the grey layer is the icing on the cake.  &apls


thought i would pop by and reply to the comments, as there hasn't been much activity from me lately.

bat: thanks for commenting, as always  :D

thundercrack83: You may well have done, I used that in another in my line of failed attempts in the harsh world SC4D picture competition.

Eddie: :D thanks. Can't go wrong with some dirtying up in the ol' photoshop. 

As to post some form of update, i will give a quick run down as to what i am currently doing,
I felt there was something missing for SC4, some nice viaducts. I bring this up now because it is something that is very common in northern england, where my current city is based. 

Something like this, for example

so anyway, after a few days battling with the BAT and my extremely slow computer, I came up with this.

As i plan to make it pure eyecandy, so it can overhang, i batted the train in with it. 

So, now all that leaves for me to do is find a few years in which to render it, and then hopefully i can post a nice update, complete with viaduct.


WOW! That is amazing, mjig_dudy! I can't wait to see you use it in game! Keep up the fantastic work!


 &apls Super job on this bridge . this is gonna be a must to have .  :thumbsup:


Once I get my 3ds (gmax isn't working) I'd be happy to render it for you :)


That bridge is looking great! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


That viaduct looks awesome.  And the RL pic is very nice as well.  I see all the people hanging out the windows to take pictures.  Very cool.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.




Yes, a wonderful return there! And that mosaic is looking fantastic! Great work on it! :thumbsup:


The viaduct farther up the page, would you like me to render it? Though I'd take out the train model, the Acela isn't fitting for such a viaduct. I can probably find time over a night or something.

Toichus Maximus

That viaduct is amazing! You should talk to the NAM team and see if they can get it to be a functional puzzle piece!


Krio: Thanks  ;D

bat: thanks for stopping by.

Yoman: I've uploaded the gmax file for you to do whatever you like with http://www.box.net/shared/e3k9oheccg. However, I longer have the textures, so you will have re-texture it.

Toichus Maximus: That wouldn't be possible, because it would span uneven ground, making pathing impossible.



Great new mosaic and update there! Like that area! :thumbsup:


Superb MD mjig_dudy ... And very impressive mosaics.  &apls

Sam___ :thumbsup:


Market is looking great, I like it sandwiched in that alley. Love the new BAT also ;)


Heres something that I made for the Picture competition, but fits with the last update:


and some extras:

bat: Thanks for popping in
bat56: Thanks  ;D
Yoman: Thanks, I was very pleased with how that BAT came out myself, I had it lying around my hard drive for quite a while.  ()stsfd()


Gotta love the use of diagonals, and the new elevated heavy rail pieces. I can imagine sitting in that train watching houses go by. Excellent use of canals also.


Great looking city there. The mish mashed streets look great, very build as you go along-ish. I do have to inquire about that rail-to-subway transition in the rail bridge pic. Might you have a link to it? Later.
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Oooh mjig, almost perfect pictures  &apls only few things are missing: graters and my bats $%#Ninj2