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Tropical Storm squalls over City

Started by HurricaneMod10, February 14, 2021, 08:40:24 AM

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Supercell Thunderstorm Part 3

Skies across the region suddenly turned black on the development phase with supercell thunderstorm. Bright flash of lightning explodes through the skies during imposing supercell storm with even large hail, lightning effects and damaging winds.  &apls  :thumbsup:


Supercell Thunderstorm Part 4

Supercells often produce damaging winds, large hail, extreme rainfall, flash flooding and weak to violent tornadoes are associated with new Jenx Supercells in SC4. Create your own CAPE Supercell including hail size in diameter, torrential rainfall, thunderstorm clouds, lightning and tornadoes.  &apls