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Silly Me

Started by doug_wesson, April 19, 2023, 01:24:12 AM

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Quite by accident I deleted my Plugins folder today :(

I think i had just about everything installed.

SO now the question is, is what do you consider the best Mega Props, Bat Props, and other peoples lots should one load to be able to be able to play a decent game


You not only accidentally deleted it, but then removed it from the Recycle Bin too (I'd double-check)? I mean there is careless and careless, did you not have a backup somewhere? For most people this scenario is unthinkable, it's worth taking a moment of your time to ensure nothing like this is possible. Due to the work that goes into making Plugins suites and Regions, you absolutely want to be able to recover from any brain fart, hardware faults or alien invasion. I think I would walk away from the game/modding at this point if I suffered complete data loss, I don't have it in me to do this again.

As for asking what are the best props, I hate these questions, it's a matter of taste and if you want a list of everything, go through the exchange. It's impossible to list what YOU will want/need, the question is too expansive to give a proper answer.