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Show us your... Most Realistic City

Started by Frankie, January 28, 2007, 04:14:12 PM

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Well i've always been curious as to how others make realistic cities. Well these next few pics are based on real places near Augusta, GA (USA) and Aiken, SC (USA)

..and that's all I have right now that i'm willing to show :P Looking foward to seeing other peoples realistic cities  ;D


They look amazing Frankie! Great idea for a thread! I cannot wait to see more of yours and others :thumbsup:

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Really nice pics you have uploaded Frankie. I find this topic quite interesting and have often thought about a realistic city. I try to have some realism in any of my cites or regions when i play but actually developing a actual city well that's another thing. It would definately be a challenge and finding the right scale would be difficult have fun  ;D
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^Great job Frankie

Heres some of my hometown that I recreated last summer. Its not to scale or completely accurate but it's a good representation

This is Breaux Bridge, LA


The main commercial street (Rees St.) near I-10

My favorite neighborhood

Getting out of town and into the farms

That was the first time I have ever uploaded pics so if I did something wrong please tell me.


That looks great Bulldog2010 :thumbsup: I really like it ;) Keep it up mate :)

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Great work Frankie. I like the way you laid down your power lines, no trees in their paths!
The only thing I would comment on is the rural highway / avenue intersection. It looks a bit dangerous to me.

I like your town center a lot. The schools and the church are of similar style and I would assume the same period when they were build (if in RL) and the corner building (with the green turret), the big building across the street from the church and the building behind it are also in similar style suggesting a similar time of build too. Very nice!!
I also like that big yellow house (2x2) with the white fences in your last picure.
Very good work!



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Very nice examples guys, first frankie nice job capturing the rural middle america look, ag, rail line, tiny spaced neighborhoods, limited commercial, and limited or no, as in your case, heavy industry. The rural highway is great as are the choice of BATs.
The surrounding flora is the only drawback, way too monotenous, even when an area is dominated by a species, you will still find more shrubs, bushes, scrub, ect.  :thumbsup:

Bulldog:  A mid sized American city with a accurate sized historic downtown, with nice homogenous choice of BATs, some grid developement around the city center and cemetary and then sprawling out into farmland, with housing fanning out along the arteries, nice work.  You also included what looks like a second commercial zone away from the old city center along a major avenue, with much more modern and sprawly BATs, very realistic as many mid sized american rural towns have seen this happen.  :thumbsup:


hah cool Ive been through Breux Bridges before, the simcity version looks great
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no fair AK...  admin/mod...  scold him for posting google images.... trying to claim them as ingame.... 

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Wow AK, that's amazing.  The high tech industry looks out of place, but otherwise very good. 

If I was a dial up user, I probably would have put a brick through my computer. lol. 


Amazing pics folks lots of hard work done here
Put your feet up peeps I'll stick kettle on :thumbsup:
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A wonderful overview(!) Great rural area, AK!


That is one disgusting water mod :D

Very nice/large mosaic!! That thing is massive!!!

I love the rail yard as well :thumbsup:

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300... 200... 100... 50... 40... 30... 20... 10

Yep, I still got it.


 :thumbsup: Really beautiful mosaic of that fantastic looking area, ejc!! Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


i think i can resurrect this thread with my accomplishments in Parkland

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