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March 27, 2023, 07:38:04 AM

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How to plant a nice forest of fine trees?

Started by atomate, September 13, 2015, 08:51:02 AM

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Hallo there!

Now this is question about modding, let's use the ilive-reader to get things done.

One can find Doc`s Anti Pollution Trees online. They are plantable trees, one by one.


How would one make a 1x1 ploppable lot employing the specs of these anti pollution trees?


Not that I know much about modding and this is only for example, I am not intending to snatch Doc's effort making these fine trees....

How to sepparate the anti pollution trees from one another? It might just as well be possible to have a set of .dat-files each containing data about a sinlge tree.

Well, I do hope I am getting my point across. This might be a quick task for the experienced user, I just don't really know where to start and maybe this is going to be a bit of a tutorial in the making  :)

I suppose, one way is to employ the core conept of the antipollutiontrees, fitting a set of these into a 1x1 tile, make this tile ploppable - and the job's done. How to go about this?

The trees I refer to can be found on the STEX:

Thanks for your interest in this topic! Have a nice day, atomate


I believe with LOTs that the pollution exemplar is tied to the lot, not flora or props placed on the lot.

You can achieve a similar effect by placing whatever trees you want on the lot, and tuning the pollution exemplar of the lot to reduce pollution. This is why some lots covered in trees don't do anything for pollution, despite their flora/MMP brethren's pollution reducing abilities. The LOT strips out the properties of the prop/ploppable, and replaces it with it's own.

There are a number of other pollution cleansing lots on the STEX. Mostly they are more industrial in design, but generally if you fill everywhere not populated with trees, and then use the LOTs for your developed areas, you should be fine.
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Thank you, APSMS! That's a useful suggestion. I guess, I forgot about the good old f... follows f... Hahaha!

So, use the given 1x1 forest and beef up the air cleansing effect. No reference to the looks of the lot. Sure thing, makes sense. Thanks for the answer, I feel like I shouldn't have asked...


He there,

well, how do I set up the aircleansing effect of an exemplar file?

I have a small test stage set. Place a superstrong polluter in it, you get a red circle. Anyone interested btw? You can find these on the stex in a package called anti mod.

Now if you employ docs anti pollution trees, you can reduce the effect of this polluter to zero. They are this strong. Of course, by definition they are made this strong.

If I place a 1x1 tile forest next to it, I'd have to place heaps of them and still I would not achieve a near equal result.

How do I alter the forest to get - just for example - as strong as these anti pollution trees?

This is a technical question. Open the ilives reader and do what? What do I have to modify? Please be specific. I am going bonkers with this. Thanks a lot, atomate



to change the pollution, you'll need iLive Reader.
Open the exemplar file and search for two properties:
"Pollution at center" - the amount of pollution. This one always has 4 values, 1. means air, 2. water, 3. garbage, 4. radiation. Change these values to your liking, remember to use hexadecimal values on this one. For air cleansing instead of pollution, use negative values. -1 = FFFFFFFF, -2 = FFFFFFFE, and so on.
"Pollution Radii" - the radii (in tiles) of the pollution. Has 4 values, too. But this one uses decimal values (so only numbers, not letters).
Don't forget to click on "Apply" after changing the values.

However, it might be worthy considering to reduce the pollution on the test stage set you mentioned instead of increasing air cleansing of tree lots. This is especially important because, as far as I know, the air cleansing effect of lots can heavily backfire at you when you remove them after having placed them somewhere - this can shower the affected area in pollution. I already had this problem and it was hard to rectify; I don't know either why this happens.


Cool, thanks a lot for your superfast reply.

Sorry for bothering. Somehow I felt like it's all about pollution at center... I feel a little clumsy with this issue but then again not at all.

So pollution or cleansing is enclosed in one and the same instance and larger hex figures clean an area and and smaller hex figures pollute them. Baffles me that an [hex]FE has a stronger effect than [hex]FF since it is still a smaller number.

Everysince when is [hex]FFFFFFFF = [dec] -1 and [hex]FFFFFFFE = [dec]-2 and so on?   $%#Ninj2

So then, I suppose using for example FFFFFF00 - or some other number as negative as that one might just as well wipe the whole screen clean, right?

My tiny pollution increaser comes with air pollution set at 0x00001388, that's really heavy.

But to me it`s just as much a positive figure as is as 0xFFFFFFFF. hex or dec.

No hard feelings, comes across just like strongly ending support for goofy old CD-ROM stuff just in order to not produce new stuff on CD.



He 11241036,

just as you explained it did work fine. Thanks a lot.

Besides, the polluter lot has no other purpose but to pollute.It's a specially designed lot and I guess the creator just felt like designing something like that. Doesn't have much use but it actually does come in handy when it comes to setting up dirty industry into an otherwise pristine environment. Set a polluter, set up a decent forest around the designated area and in the next step let the dirty industry inside grow, take the polluter out. Voilá. Plain dirty industry. Since indurstry is otherwise not the most sought after neighbour you have to take some extra planning into account.

Of course it's worth questioning the using of superstrong forest but then again you might just as well create a nonpolluting steel mill. And I was more interested in the overall mechanism. Thanks for explaining! atomate