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June 03, 2023, 07:43:47 AM

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BATs by DaveN

Started by DaveN, April 14, 2011, 06:30:05 AM

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Quote from: Girafe on November 01, 2012, 03:46:24 PM
usefull  ;)

Thanks for the improvement. Of course, my mistake. English is not perfect, and sometimes a man mistake :)


Already very nice! I like it's a large corner building so the lot will eventually have enough space for a nice courtyard or something.  :thumbsup:
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Hi Dave,

well, concerning the stadttheater i would suggest the following textures:

for the center part, which had a metal plated roof you could maybe use this one by odd:

the stage house and the towers seem to have had a tiled roof as you can see in the picture. I think, this modyfied one of odd would go well:

or if you like it red, maybe this one would work:

hope i could help a little.

Nice new project! Waiting to see more  &apls


H I S T O R I S C H E S   B E R L I N


Both theater and court look really nice. Perhaps even better than the original theater you started.

About the court, the only flaw I see is the bulb dome. Is it suposed to be round or octogonal? if it is round it needs to be softer (more sides!), if it is octogonal it needs to be sharper (clear smoothing groups). In any case, the geometry looks strange. You sould try making it with the "lathe" tool to get the right profile.

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Very nice work so far - the level of detail is stunning. ;D


Great work Dave! I like your work. :) I'm happy you are back to bat; you are learning so fast. Your new theatre looks even better than your previous one. Keep up the good work!



Hi Dave,
i first want to apologize for the long time of absence. During working with the last update my machine crashed, graphic card is defect and since then i did not play the game again.  &mmm
But i saw your new creations now, and also released the framework houses. vortext did a real good job, bravo, i looked at them in the LE.  :thumbsup: &apls
Away from this the theater looks really good, and this corner house would be a great addition in quarters of the early 20. century. Would be also a nice model for a diagonal.  ;)
Hope i´ll be back soon, greetz, Carl


Hi all folks and I thanks you guys for the all words.

This year was the worst year for me and a lot has changed in my life. First of all, at the time of my absence from the country of my house, moved out of my wife taking my daughter is beyond me. I have not seen her for more than half a year. I know that I have some interesting projects to finish and I really want to finish them. This and a few other things have kept me alive. If you have any suggestion I would be grateful. Owycziście, I have not forgotten about your earlier comments. I'm still here, but considering the problems that affected me, a little, quite a lot less than I'd like.
I hope I can finish the theater and the courthouse before March 2014.

I greet you all and take this opportunity to wish you the best entourage Christmas

Best regards and thank you for any tips. I'm here all the time, though not as often as I'd like.

Once again, I cordially greet


That is unfortunate news indeed! Hope you're able to get things sorted out, and I certainly encourage your return to BATting.


Sound like a rough year indeed, I sincerely hope 2014 will bring positive change your way.
time flies like a bird
fruit flies like a banana