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BATs by DaveN

Started by DaveN, April 14, 2011, 06:30:05 AM

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I've seen your uploads. They're phenomenal



Hello again.
A little bit I was not here, but that's only because I was busy creating another add-on. The overall mass is already finished. Was to create a rear wall, and blind, and a few minor amendments.

I hope that you will fall to the taste. Later still be tailored to the size of the plot. Although it is quite unusual building, as a wall adjacent to the building, while the second wall is not blind and it's entry into the rear of the property. I plan to do this building as a building corner. Leaving such an unusual version of a replication of the original, and the creation of stone wall with a gate, so that the building was 100% built to W2W.

Here is the today progress:

This lighter version of a similar original. Darker version of this slight modification of colors, and placed on the side wall with a gate to match the building as a building W2W. Later i will make this even clearer, and I'll make it a corner so that it fit into the building W2W. As the effects are like? Are there any comments or criticism? As always, welcome your answers are, as they allow me to continue during the elimination of errors in subsequent buildings.

Regards. Have a nice viewing and commenting.

EDIT: I have a question. I did a LOT as a library and I have a little problem. I gave at the beginning of 200 when it comes to coverage. I wanted to test how it goes in the game. It turned out that the range is small and I wanted to correct it in the desc file. But as I entered the value of 1000 or even 2000 is not expanded coverage.
And here I have a question:
What is wrong?
Did I edit some value in the Plugin Manager, I have to once again create LOT's to properly operate these values?


I changed the texture of bricks. I gave her another one, and additionally highlighted with a little bit, so it is not so bright. I changed the texture of the roof.
I miss his way of simulating the texture of the roof of tar paper. So if anyone has and would be willing to share it please.

As for the texturing I have a problem with that, since my collection of textures is still quite large. On the other hand have a problem with distinguishing colors, resulting in even more difficult for me to correct texturing models. Some things I simply feel.

Now the building looks like this:

What do you think?


To be honest I don't like this at all... your previous models looked much better, and the problem is beyond the textures.  ()sad()
Could we see a RL picture to compare?

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Quote from: DebussyMan on April 30, 2011, 11:43:06 AM
To be honest I don't like this at all... your previous models looked much better, and the problem is beyond the textures.  ()sad()
Could we see a RL picture to compare?
Thank you DebussyMan for criticism.

The real building, just as I have already written is quite unusual, because on the one hand does not adhere to the next. It is between him and the next building clearance. In contrast, the satellite pictures in the shape of the building is close to the square. That's peculiar beauty.
The real building is as such:

My version is darker and the texture seems to me to be more difficult than modeling. I earned here wall with a gate to fit it into the building W2W.

I do not have large amounts of textures and still learning. Otherwise, the buildings are painted in reality and it feels good, and otherwise they have to be tekstured to look good in the game. There is still much work ahead of me. A and shape of the building may not like it. In the end I'm also not all the buildings that I liked the city. But the difficulty is that as I want to map the building is trying to retain as much detail and the correct proportions. Sometimes the problem is, because you have to find the right proportions. In this case I have to go for a compromise. Definitely it would be easier if I made my own models. Then all of the details would have been easier to create and proportions would look better. Building on the tile 1x1 is too large, while the 2x2 is a little too small. I had to find some intermediate size.

Aaron Graham

Great Job on the building you are improving, sorry for not helping much, but I'm so busy on my buildings and I have way to many to work on. :(
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Hmmmm... I can't really put my finger on what's wrong with your model.  :-\
Apart from it been too squashed on the Z axis, it looks too "boxy", the trimming doesn't really convince me. Also,  from what I can tell from your picture, the tower is too far into the building...

I'll try to analyze it deeper and give some concrete suggestions.

Edit: I'd also like to see a picture of the street side of your model  ;)

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Hello again.

     I fixed some latest model. Fixed tower, placed below the roof, and changed the texture on the roof and the dome of the tower. So far, only a clear version, because I want to know if I follow in the right direction.
     If you notice a that this building nothing can not be blamed, then the improved version of the darker and I will do as a mirror for a clearer version.
     The following views from two directions:

     Tell me what you think about it now.
Waiting for the suggestion, I'm not afraid of criticism, because you continue to grow.

I made a few amendments the ornate tower. I think that it is now about in terms of a model. At most they can be confident any more comments on the texture. I look forward to your comments.
Now it looks like this:


I'm loving your work!  Can't wait for something like this to be HD.  ;D


What a great improvement with this building! I like the last texture you used, but as everyone suggests me I would suggest you to make the main white texture look a bit dirty, even when it isn't so in the real building

:thumbsup: More more!!


It's a beautiful BAT  &apls  &apls
just wonderful :thumbsup:
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Very nice.
I like it.


Aaron Graham

Look great, keep up the great work. &apls
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Some days I was gone, but it's because of increased work, seem to me, the most complex project to date have done. The building built in two versions. Version with annexes is practically completed. Only think about changing the texture felt roof, the other textures are taken from the original building and put a little cosmetic treatments. However, the version without the annexes will be "repainted".

Version with annexes:

Version without annexes:

But tell me what you think? Maybe there is still something that escaped my notice, and would have to be improved? I cordially greet and wait for suggestions and guidance.
And thank all those who already are engaged in this thread.

Aaron Graham

Looks great, I think you need to make the walls that's going to touch the next building a little dirty more dirty on your building that's what came in my mined &idea, but I'm sure you was thinking of that. ::) That's up to you. Keep up the Great work. :thumbsup:
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The walls more dirty   ::), and why not a bit of ivy in the courtyard? $%Grinno$%
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You did really nice work on your buildings :)
The only thing is, aren't your buildings too low, related to other dimensions? Maybe it's just me.
As I said, you have big potential and I hope you won't stop on tenements only  :thumbsup:


I agree with making the walls that will touch other buildings to appear more dirty and have either exposed brick or  chipping stucco, or even better, an advertisement! Perhaps even adding different colours of brick so that they show how the building may have had additions made to it throughout its history.

Keep up the awesome work!


For sure my buildings are not too low. Are scaled to the other, created by Glenni's, whether Ferox or other.
Let's see. If something else is so interesting that it would be worth doing. Thanks again for your recognition.

At the moment the buildings that make up most of the buildings in good condition or have recently been renovated. Therefore present themselves very clean. I will try to make even the less representative and thus more dirty buildings. These are the beginnings of my case and texturing I have the most problems. With time, will become more proficient. In any case I hope that the present achievements do not have to be ashamed of, and every note, every praise, or even any criticism, makes it even harder to get down to work on another project and devote even more attention to all comments.

Thank you for your comments and invite further comments, advice.


Hello again.

After a several lack of progress in work on another project, I managed to complete the overall massing of the building.
There is still work to do on the other input, the invisible hand, several smaller pieces, any amendment to the textures and minor details and at the end of scaling.

How do you like the current progress? I hope not lost your patience in waiting for more photos.

If you have any comments feel free to smash it. I greet and encourage commenting.