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SC4Devotion Advent Calendar

Started by art128, December 01, 2015, 03:27:42 AM

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Welcome everyone to SimCity4 Devotion December event, the Advent Calendar!
As you may very well know, December is month of festivity, presents and reunions, it has been a tradition for many people around the earth for so many centuries now.
Well SC4D isn't an exception. This year we decided to unite our works and produce one magnificent month full of presents for the community.

We will be uploading one or two files daily until the 25th December. This first post will serve as a glossary of the month's upload.

We hope you'll enjoy the presents during the month as much as we liked preparing them. :)

-The SC4Devotion Team

Glossary of uploads: (Click on the pictures to access the download page)
LEX Collection for SC4D Advent Calendar 2015

December 1st:

Historic Monastery by vortext

SFBT Hofmarschallhaus by peterycristi

December 2nd:

BSC - VIP girafe daisy

December 3rd:

Palais Borsig by peterycristi

December 4th:

Bauakademie by peterycristi

December 5th:

VIP vnaoned Brains church

Bismarck National Memorial by peterycristi

December 6th:

Schlafwagen-Gesellschaft by peterycristi

December 7th:

Dutch row houses from the 1960ies by w_swietwoot

December 8th:

House 21 by Sir Roland

December 9th:

Almaden Council Chambers by Mattb325

Vienna Water Tower by Sir Roland

December 10th:

Vienna Main Library by Sir Roland

December 11th:

Japanese Transport pack by art128

Vienna Music Association by Sir Roland

December 12th:

Vienna's Giant Wheel by Sir Roland

W2W R$$Neighborhoods by Simcoug

December 13th:

Amalienbad by Sir Roland

Audubon Print Works by c.p.

December 14th:

BNL Dutch double houses 1930 by w_swietwoot

BNL Dutch row houses 1930 by w_swietwoot

December 15th:

Village Church by Vnaoned

December 16th:

Spyder Packing Co. by c.p.

Rue Duméril by N1_2888

December 17th:

Roundabout filler lot by N1_2888

Crowheart Cove by c.p.

December 18th:

Nexis Aquifer Station by FrankU and mrbisonm

Atmospheric Molecule Energy Plant by FrankU and mrbisonm

Donovans Workshop by FrankU and mrbisonm

The Lake Home by FrankU and mrbisonm

Mikes Home by FrankU and mrbisonm

December 19th:

Sandgate Council Chambers by Mattb325

NORO Mammoth From JENX Elephant Mod by Noahclem

December 20th:

SFBT Mammoet PTC Ring Crane by Shenti07

SFBT Obelisk by igc

December 21st:

Greek Revival Mill by c.p.

SFBT Feldherrnhalle by peterycristi

Japanese building pack 2 by Art128

December 22nd:

SFBT Tram Stop by Andreas

Grass Pastures by Vortext

December 23rd:

Briggsbury Station by c.p.

SFBT Airport Shuttle by Andreas

Morgenkirk's Organ Works by c.p.

December 24th:

Chicago Post Office by c.p.

Hankie Mill by c.p.

SFBT Moscow Housing Blocks by Sam Johnson

SFBT PreFab Filler Lots by Sam Johnson

December 25th:

University of Clayhurst Expansion Pack by JBSimio

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As one of the many offshoots of our Historic Harbor project Krashspeed made me some monks for a planned Historic Monastery set. Unfortunately he has been MIA for more than a year now, however, as a fitting opener of our SC4D advent calender I'm pleased to present you Krashspeed's excellent work!

For convenience I've broken it down into 4 different MMPs.  Well, 5 actually because I've separated the orthogonal and diagonal seasonal vines.  :D

In addition the download contains LE props as well, including timed seasonal vines so you can use them on your lots. Enjoy!
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It has been a while since the community saw a SimCity 4 advent calendar, but this year, we're happy to continue this nice tradition. The SFBT has been digging in its archives and dusted off a few goodies that haven't seen the light since a while, and some other contributions have been created since then.

Let me announce our first upload of the calendar, the SFBT Hofmarschallhaus by peterycristi, put on an outer corner lot that features a special pavement prop by N1_2888. Please update your copy of the SFBT Essentials as well, as we updated a few items, and fixed some bugs from the previous release.



Thanks guys for these awesome uploads  &apls  It's a fantastic thing to see this Advent Calendar finally become a reality  :bnn:


For this second day of December, I am glad to introduce a new pack of flowers: daisy

The Floraler

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OMG, am I glad to see new good stuff for SC4. I may even start playing again. Thanks everyone.


....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Quote from: Girafe on December 02, 2015, 03:04:14 AM
For this second day of December, I am glad to introduce a new pack of flowers: daisy

...and another great one!!! &apls


Beautiful flowers! 'Spose an Advent Calendar wouldn't really be complete without some Girafe-quality flora ;)


Wonderful new additions from all but my favourite so far are the Daisies  &apls
Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Thanks for all the nice words, much appreciated! :) December 3rd brings you yet another W2W building from Berlin, the Palais Borsig by peterycristi, also modded by N1_2888 as a landmark.



Oh yeah!

More Berlin buildings please  ()stsfd()


Wonderfully detailed model. Thanks. :)

....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)



Love these, thanks to all of wonderfully talented creators, can't wait to see the rest!

Happy Holidays,



Today's upload is a quite interesting building, the Bauakademie by peterycristi. As one of the many examples of Karl Friedrich Schinkel's designs, it has been a staple in the center of Berlin for decades, before it burned down in WWII.

There are plans for an original reconstruction, and one corner was actually recreated in 2002. Then a giant scaffolding was erected that shows the original size and volume of the original building, printed on a giant canvas, which looks almost photorealistic.

Sadly, peterycristi didn't create any nightlighting for the building, but it surely looks way too nice to omit it from releasing. :)



One, two, three, four.. gimme more, gimme more!  :bnn:
Great BATs!


Since I never play with nightlighting anyways, this is perfect. Great upload for the advent.


....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Yeah I don't mind the lack of nightlight either, fantastic building!!  &apls
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It s already 5th of December here in Qatar.

Something left by Vnaoned:

Please include my daisies to the SC4D Advent Calendar custom group, they don appear &Thk/(
The Floraler

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I'd assume the SC4D Advent Calendar Group is only available for the person who created it, since I can't pick that one either...

Anyway, let me continue with our little Berlin special; peterycristi created yet another landmark from the German capital, the Bismarck National Memorial, which once was located in front of the Reichstag building, and was relocated to the Großer Stern right in the middle of the Tiergarten, together with the Siegessäule.