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May 15, 2022, 10:03:05 PM

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SFBT Releases

Started by Andreas, April 27, 2007, 04:25:02 PM

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This set is based on the very first attempt to bring a tram system into SimCity 4. Mikeseith from the BSC was experimenting with tram stations and tram automata, which could be used on the regular (heavy) rails. daeley created an automata spawning script, so the lots actually generated tram automata. They created four station with different colors which could spawn tram cars with matching colors, so it was possible to create "tram lines".

Much later, when the first GLR mod was published, the SFBT picked up the dormant tram stations and the automata script and converted them for the GLR system. GoaSkin modified the LUA automata script, ArkenbergeJoe created a new UI and added a custom sound, and I modded the existing stations for the usage with the GLR tracks, added some nice icons and did some fine-tuning, such as a mod that hides the in-game el-rail automata, so it doesn't interfere with the trams that are spawned by this stations.

For the new draggable GLR in the June 2007 NAM, I have updated the stations with a new transit enabling, so they can be placed directly onto the draggable GLR tracks. I also fixed some minor issues and made the lots bilingual, so they can be used both in English and German versions of the game (don't mind the screenshot below, if your game isn't German, you will get the English text).


SFBT Tram Museum

The SFBT Tram Museum was the first collaborated SFBT effort, and probably the most advanced in the early days of the SFBT. I still consider this a major success, although the building itself doesn't look too spectacular. As usual, it's the small details that make it interesting - and if you have used it in one of your cities and watched it for some minutes, you will have as much fun as I have whenever I observe the activity around this lot. :)

It was GoaSkin, who provided the idea, and Mathe Man picked up the BATting job. Most likely, he cursed me later for this, because I was never satisfied with the texture of the green museum tram station roof - it was either too green or too brown. It turned out that Mathe Man has a slight color blindness for red and green, so the poor guy didn't even see what I suggested. He ended up with at least seven different renderings of that prop, before I was satisfied. ;)

ArkenbergeJoe provided his experience in the UI modding again, and he created the GLR track overlay textures. The reward and automata scripts were written by GoaSkin once again, and I was responsible for creating the lot, and the final touches, such as the doors, which are timed props that open and close each morning and evening. Swamper77 and vester_DK from the BSC helped us with the museum tram that can be used in UDI mode as well. As you can see from the pictures, there are two different lots, of which you can build one, once the reward conditions are fulfilled.



Dunno what else to say.
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Awesome, Andreas!! :thumbsup:

;D my 1750th post  ;D


Danke dafür, Ihre wunderbaren Arbeiten wieder zu teilen !!
(Thank you for sharing again your wonderful works Andreas san!!)

Is the German into which I was translated right? ;D

I already got almost all your good works :thumbsup:
I'm looking forward to your next works too ;)

Thank you.


Tolle Arbeit Andreas! Weiter so!  &apls
(Translation: Great work Andreas, keep it up like that!)
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SFBT Gasthaus Maria (Maria's Inn) by Mathe Man

Mathe Man started this building as a step-by-step BAT tutorial in the German SimForum, and I must say it was very interesting to see how a BAT is created from scratch, how the different tools are used to create walls, windows, textures, nightlights and all the small details. The result turned out extremely well, and everyone who has been to southern Germany or the alpine countries once should recognize this type of building. It's a bed & breakfast inn, featuring a nice beer garden in the backyard. And if you've ever been to a Bavarian beer garden, you know that the majestic horse chestnut trees play an important role by casting their shadow on the thirsty customers. The chestnut tree was BATted by Cycledogg esp. for this lot just before he left for his summer vacation, so I owe him a big thank you for that. :)


SFBT Rail Catenaries by Kenworth

Probably one of the most anticipated SFBT creations has now finally hit the SC4D LEX: A (more or less) complete set of rail catenaries, BATted by SFBT newcomer Kenworth after the catenaries that are used by the Deutsche Bahn AG (German railway). This set includes 17 different lots that can be plopped next to or directly onto your rail tracks, giving them a completely new look. All lots have a transparent base texture, so they should work well with every terrain mod. I suggest to install either the "No Rail Dirt Mod" by Swamper77 and Pegasus, or the "Alternate Railway Texture Mod" by Pegasus, so you can get rid of the ugly dirt patches below your rails. Along with this set, I'm also developing a mod that places the catenaries automatically when dragging rails, but I didn't have the chance to finish the mod yet (and it will take a while, since I'm always busy...).



Thanks Andreas, i try your catenaries tomorrow!!I need that!!! ;)
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The rail catenaries looks awesome ingame. Thanks!  :)


Hmmm, Is it just me or do both links lead to the same place? (the Inn)   ()what()


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Quote from: Gaston on June 26, 2007, 08:24:08 PM
Hmmm, Is it just me or do both links lead to the same place? (the Inn)   ()what()

Oops, you're right. Fixed. :)


I know people have been looking forward to the catenaries for a long time and a lot of people will be excited for those, but I wanted to say how much I like the gasthaus. It's got real character and will definitely get used in my regions... :thumbsup:
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sehr schöne releases!! es ist wirklich war... wunderbare arbeit!!  &apls


Question about the picture above;

As you see I have a texture-problem (above the station). It comes with the 4 & 5 -tile cantenaries.. I have the alternate rail PEG-modd installed and I get these black tiles underneath the rails on zoomlevel 2 and 3

any help / idea to get rid off??




This is the infamous Watertexturebug since the base texture of these lots is transparent.

Going to zoneview and back should solve the problem.

Another possible solution would be not using the alternate rail mod, deleting the overlay texture and adding a brown base texture in the LE for all lots

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Yeah, this is one of the minor drawbacks - and also the reason why we didn't make more lots transit enabled. Apart from the fact that they would act like small railway stations (not that bad since you can set the capacity pretty high), your railways would look horrible after laying some pipes and returning back from the underground view.


Just a quick question.  When you do the Catenaries to come on automatically on the lines, are you planning on having it on all train lines?  Or are you using the puzzel piece trick to allow us to dictate what lines it will be on?


I'm planning to do a mod that works similar as the Stree Tree Mods, so the catenaries will appear automatically. With some careful planning it will be even possible to create some tracks with and some without catenaries, since the cantenary props will stay, even if you remove the actual mod file. They will only disappear again if you work close to the tracks or click with the railway tool on them.


I acually HATE jagged edges, so BIG thanks for those.

Madeira aka Constantina

i would like to see the sfbt essentials in the lex exchange please

thank you


Quote from: Madeira on September 22, 2007, 09:57:37 AM
i would like to see the sfbt essentials in the lex exchange please

thank you

Uhm, they are there - since April 2007...