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May 19, 2022, 08:52:39 AM

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Using iLive to Demolish a City

Started by Whizitey, March 01, 2011, 11:59:45 AM

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I have an old city that crashes the game upon loading and from what I can tell is due to a plugin. It's been a while and I don't want to go through all my plugins, I want to just wipe the city but keep the terrain.

Is there a way with iLive reader to remove everything from an .sc4 file leaving just the terrain in a city?


The .sav files can not be edited with success at this time.

However, you can do this in SC4Terraformer.  You would load the region, then export it as an SC4M file.  This would be a blank (with terrain) map of the entire region, which there are various ways to import into an existing region.  I imagine it can be done faster than my explanation, but:  Make a new folder in your region folder and copy/paste the config.bmp from your current region into it.  Then open Terraformer and select that folder you just made.  Import the SC4M you made, save, and you will have an identical region with no development.  Open SC4, and load the new region.  Open the city you want to switch, become mayor, name it something good, save and exit to region.  At this point you can import the city straight into your old region from within SC4, but you could also just move the files around out of SC4.

I better way that I am not sure of is this:  Open the region in terraformer, but when selecting what cities to protect, protect all of them except the one you want to make new.  Export the SC4M, and then re-import on the map.  This might work.

The downside of this is that building a city alters the terrain, so that your "fresh" city will have a bunch of flat areas on it.  Best thing to do is have backups before hand.


Even easier why not load up the offending city and then use the god tool to demolish it
and start again ;)

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It crashes the game because of a plugin issue and terraformer doesn't like Windows 7, so I'm just rebuilding from scratch.