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March 27, 2023, 07:39:37 AM

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Left-hand traffic version of SC4 does not work with GLR-in-avenue stations

Started by jogojapan, April 03, 2011, 10:50:38 PM

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I am using a left-hand traffic version of SC4, and I have installed the Aug-2010 version of NAM (with left-hand traffice enabled), as well the BSC SFBT GLR Tram Mod (Mar-2009 version). Building and rendering in-avenue tram stops works nicely, and when I apply the one-way tool the car transition paths are computed correctly (and visible when using the DrawPaths cheat).
But the transition paths for the tram are computed in the reverse direction, as if I was using the right-hand traffic version.

This causes the train automata to disappear when they approach the tram stop, and it also means that Sims can never travel farther than one tram stop.

The problem does not exist with the regular in-road tram, only with the in-avenue one.

Is there a known solution, or a fixed version of the BSC SFBT GLR Tram Mod?


I think the paths for the tram-in-avenue stations are part of the "SFBT_GLR_Station_Resources.dat" that is included in the SFBT Essentials. This file should be from march 2009, too. Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge about the inner working of SC4Path files, so I cannot tell if it contains LHD paths as well. If not, someone would have to fix that.


Thank you, Andreas, for your help. Would BAT be the kind of tool I would have to use to make the necessary modifications? Should I repost this to a NAM-related forum perhaps?
(I should say that I managed to change the game to RHD, and indeed the in-avenue tramway works fully now.)


You'd need the Reader and a tool for editing path files. But as you said, it's probably better to ask in the NAM forum, since those are the guys who can check the path files.


By the sounds of it, it's just not flipping the ElRail paths. I've actually seen it on a lot of GLR stations that don't use the default GLR path file (Like Cogeo's Island GLR station). The SFBT stations have a custom Path file, so I think that might be what's triggering it.

There is no real way to fix it I believe besides modifying the path file so the paths are reversed for LHD and overriding the built-in paths. All you would need to do is reverse is the ElRail path in each file (of which there are four).

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