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The SC4Devotion Mayor Diary Statistics

Started by thundercrack83, May 15, 2007, 01:01:32 PM

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Sorry for the delay this month guys, I'll try to get next month's stats out a bit earlier.

Battlecat has continued his ride at the top   &apls As always, Tomas Neto isn't far behind.

CSGdesign has returned for a 2nd mth in a row, and well done to mrbisonm and nedalezz for breaking into the top 5  :thumbsup:

Only a short month but good to see monthly replies increase by almost 25%, and the number of MD's also continues to climb.

Seeya next month



Dave great set of stats there man!!! Also congrats to all in the Top 5!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Great work on the statistics for Februar 2010! :thumbsup:


Well I'm a bit earlier this month  :)

And what a great month for our friend Battlecat. Not only retaining the top spot for monthly growth, but only 4 replies short of a 200. Well done  &apls

Tomas is still making his presence felt and mrbisonm returns for a second month. An impressive effort by nedalezz to take 2nd spot and 5th could not be split with io-big, ecoba and art128 sharing the honours. Well done everyone  :thumbsup:

Replies have dropped off again but it's great to see a continuing increase in MD numbers.

Seeya next month



Great work on the statistics! And congrats to the top 5 (/7)! :thumbsup:


Great stats, Dave! It feels great when you're in the top 5 :D Congrats to everyone else who has made it there! :thumbsup:
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Great work on the statistics, Dave. However, it seems that some of the names are a tad outdated...  :)



Hi guys, sorry I've missed a couple of months but there will be a quarterly update at the end of June which will catch things up.

At that stage, I'll consider whether to revert back to monthly updates or stay quarterly.

Until then




After a loooooooooong absence...welcome back!

Growth / Average stats will begin next time (with hope...), hence the N/As and 0.000s.


Tomas Neto

Really this is a fantastic news!!!   &apls &apls

Welcome to the activity!!!  :thumbsup:


Very nice set of stats!!
Does this mean we'll be seeing you in here more often now? ::)

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Hahaha.. 50 something replies and now 80 something replies in a month.  ;D


Cool to see this here. Great job.  &apls



wow.. I can't wait for next month statistic! :D