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July 05, 2022, 11:56:57 PM

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Maxis Highway Override (Project Symphony) - Development & Support

Started by MandelSoft, October 31, 2012, 09:09:21 AM

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Well after a long period without any updates, I'm glad to announce that as of NAM 35, a major "refresh" will be added for the Maxis Highway Override (MHO).

You may have seen some of these pieces as part of my MHO Patch Mod, but let me assure you there is much more in store here:

These are the first proper MHO Bridges for both L0/L2 networks:

Not forgetting DBE support either:

It's about time RRW was properly supported too:

Update: Thanks to Willy's code updates, STR support will also be included too (not shown).

Updates for better compatibility with Moonlights Alternate El-Rail:

In addition to Moonlights BTM Mod:

Not forgetting full support for U-Rail, GLR Networks, CAN-AM, draggable road viaducts and much more besides. A couple hundred path fixes to keep your automata on the right track. Greatly expanded support for LHD users and probably more too that I've forgotten.

And lastly, full support for the Japanese NAM Facelift Mod style overpasses. Note: this is not included in the NAM, please download this separate mod.



Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!



I've just created my first DBE MHO bridge to go along with a RHW-4. Simply amazing. Thank you so much for this update!! I highly appreciate it.  :thumbsup:


Yippie!  :thumbsup:  To think I haven't tried to use this yet!  I'll have to whip out the DBE to try this.
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I loves Sim City forever!


Video or it didn't happen . . .

This new implementation is planned for inclusion in NAM 37.




this is nice. Thanks! While you at it: working with the MHO in combination with the RHW would be a little bit easier, when you could drag RHW-4 out of a MHO stub. But I am afraid, I'm not the first to have this idea and it's on already on a list?


Actually that really shouldn't be all that difficult RUL code wise. The potential problem is whether such a change would interfere elsewhere. Off hand I don't think it should and frankly I can't see what else you'd have coming out of MHO when using the RHW tool.

If Tarkus doesn't have a chance to look into this, I certainly will, it's a good idea.



Sweet!  :thumbsup:  &apls

Given that I use both DRIs and MHO, albeit separately for now, this is certainly a treat to see.  I do use the MHO at times as an alternative to the RHW-4 (MHO is essentially RHW-4C for me), for variety and stability in select setups.  Superb work, Alex!

Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


Really-really nice! &apls &apls &apls
Exactly the same is here than with Metarvo. Sometimes the MHO is acting like RHW 4c to me as well, and I'm regulary using the MHO roundabout interchange too, but this DRI feature for MHO will make things much easier.  :popcorn:

Thank you!

- Tyberius
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I frequently transition between RHW and MHO due to MHO's ability to remain companct in urban areas and on the diagonal... are there any plans to make the basic A and B MHO ramps compatible with diagonal MHO? On roadgeek's advice I checked out the REW and avenue ramps but these don't appear to have diagonal support either... to be fair though there is a ton of stuff on these forums and I may have only just scratched the surface!

Based on my searches of the forum it hadn't happened as of a few years ago, but this would hugely improve the MHO's usability in these compact small-city areas! As it stands, I leave the maxis highway diagonal ramps in place and edit them in Photoshop after the fact, or just bite the bullet and add the grassy median - even "wye" style conversion ramps into RHW2 would be a fantastic start.



The MHO is due for an overhaul to make it more flush with the RHW counterpart, Not going to happen in NAM 43, Probably NAM 44 onwards.

Problem is the models, The MHO is based on True 3D models which few people have the patience to make. I can make models but they take a bit of time. The RHW on the other hand mainly uses Textures and Overhang flat planes that are easy to manipulate. E-RHW and Pieces like bends and curves including the Basketweave use True 3D models. So new functionality like this is sparse.

The former developers have since gone onto other projects in different scenes so are no longer active so any overhaul will need to be consistant with the said developer/s (Probably myself) On the NAM team to bring the pieces to fruition.

Feel free to request however, but please be patient. Other projects are taking place for the development of NAM 43 as we are trying to even out the coverage across the different networks.




On the subject of requests and the Basketweave, MIS support for it would be cool.

RHW in general is probably going to be mostly filling in gaps from here on out. FTLs are in progress, FlexDDI is probably coming eventually, and 4-level stacks would be cool, but apart from filling in gaps and making WRHW-2 draggable I can't think of anything else. REW and NWM on the other hand... Where's the REW crossover piece that got showcased but never released?
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Honestly I'd feel rude making a request, you and the team do a ridiculous amount of good work for this game as it is. But if as Wiimeister said it's mostly about gaps, then those gaps for me would be having the diagonal versions of all the awesome stuff that's already in there!

I recently built a L1 RHW-8C winding through my city as the result of a RHW8C T-interchange, but you just can't build ramps and transitions for any of that diagonal stuff unless it's on the ground and mostly orthogonal, so I had to return to surface level. That basketweave piece with FLEX capability would be amazing as I think it's currently restricted to 2 RHW4 same-direction networks.

I guess I have to get myself acquainted this REW, everyone is hyped about it! I have used OWR-4 and 5 but mostly in inner-city areas.