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Japanese BAT collection

Started by Chronic, February 05, 2014, 02:18:12 PM

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After years I've just reinstalled SimCity 4 and have been looking at all the great Japanese stuff that's been created. I've been downloading them from various sites by hand and was wondering if there is a mega pack or something that contains the essentials? :)


I haven't seen any. As it is one would have to have permission from each original creators as it is written in the sites rules:

10.  Downloadable content from the forums and the exchange, including (but not limited to) mods, plugins, prop packs, etc. may not be redistributed without the permission of the original author.  Any user found to be redistributing content without permission (including through torrents or other file-sharing systems) will be subject to termination of all membership privileges and site access. People work hard, for free, to make this stuff. Don't steal it from them.


It's a fair enough question. I believe he was asking for a legitimate download link (w/corresp. permissions).

I think that the only option is to use the various threads on this site and others and hunt them all down. Unfortunately my computer can't read most of the .rtf/.txt readme files, so all of the ones w/complicated instructions are beyond my capability.

I know Somy's site and Hide-and-Seek are both active, though slightly tedious to navigate. A few others may be had by perusing the CJ section and seeing if anyone requested similar info, though it may take more time than it's worth (if the pictures aren't your thing).
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