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Where can I Find the kei-jpn-prop-basic set-01?

Started by Cak Risman, August 14, 2015, 11:52:59 PM

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Cak Risman

I'm looking for it around the google, but all i found is just a deadlink. :'(
Did anybody still have the data for this?

Please help... :-[


You can find it on Gobanboshi's website: Here

Simply click on Simcity on the right, then →日本型建築スタイル保管所 under ●kei様提供プラグイン and then it's the first file →日本小物基本セット1 - ver1.05(2015年4月16日)
The other links under it are the others dependencies from Kei, and then you have almost all buildings created by Kei.
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To everyone who is looking for these wonderful props I found the new Gobanoshi's site here:  :D