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Japanese BAT Gallery II (日本のBATギャラリー)

Started by snorrelli, February 29, 2008, 11:47:44 PM

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Thanks for the update and I'm glad everything is good with you! :)


@APTX san
Oh!! Well come back again APTX san !!  ;)
I'm(We're) relieved  and glad to you return again so much.
and as looking forward to completions with your not finished some works as well.  ;)
Thank you.

APTEXさん、おかえりなさい!  :)




Quote from: Aranho on March 14, 2008, 05:47:37 AM
wow! great A380 design! just asking, if someone can help me contact with tabinohito whether he could make a A380 with my decals? planning to use it for my upcoming cj. preferred to have it as landmark. if not possible, prop also can. thanks.

Here's the decals:

tail decal

side decal

flag use in side decal

In my design, the livery colour for the plane will be gold colour (the one shown above). i never include the windows for the side of the plane decal cause i don't know what type of plane you are going to use (if you're willing to make one for me). prefer airbus A380 plane being use but any type of plane also can, commercial planes only (boeing planes also can). if anyone is willing to help me, you have my thanks. cheers!

Your request has been fulfilled at Tabinohito and is there for downloading!.


wow! now i can download, but i expected a lot, not prop. but never mind, i'll just try 2 include it in my game.

but download link got problem. clicked on the link it says (in japanese) "file not found".
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Quote from: Aranho on March 24, 2008, 05:30:21 AM
wow! now i can download, but i expected a lot, not prop. but never mind, i'll just try 2 include it in my game.

but download link got problem. clicked on the link it says (in japanese) "file not found".

I had no problem downloading your request, it's the word on the right  at his site that says download, it should be underlined too!.


Hello together?

Mayby somebody knows how to contact tabinohito? I tried but there wasn't any result. So I'll do the same aranho did, just upload my requests. My planned airline should have a fleet of 10 a340, 20 a320 and 10 Boeing 747. The airline is based in bang Thep Int. Airport in my new CJ kaibesia (only on ST) and is named Kaibesian Airline System (KAS). But first I only need the a340:

So here's the skin I would like to have:
this is the decal for the tail:

This is the decal for the side of the plane. The letters should be approximately in the middle of the length of the aircraft. The darker grey area should be have the level the windows have and shoul go round the plane as well as the red stripes. The rest of the plane should have the other grey as its color:

The engines should also have the standard grey with small flags on it. Here's the flag:

That's it.

it would be wonderful if my project would be made!

Thanks a lot everybody who helps, helped or tried to help! :)

P.S.: Sorry, the pics are too small. Here are some links for bigger view:
decal for taildecal for tail
decal for side


Wait a minute, folks...  $%Grinno$%

This is not a request thread for Tabinohito to make custom liveries for your planes, nor for any other kind of request. Please do not post requests here.

Patrick  ;)
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feliwi: Could you send me a PM on Simtropolis so I can begin a 777 version of your livery $%Grinno$%
Tabinohito's doing it again:


What in the world is Somy up to now?

Now That is Cool!!!!


 Somy has released his Sci Fi statue, it's a landmark!..



Cool, thanks for finding this, as it is a building I have been hoping would BATted one day.

For those who are curious, it is the Twin 21 Towers complex, of which one tower is the "Twin 21 MID Tower," and the other is the "Twin 21 National Tower."  Together with the previously posted Crystal Tower, they help us recreate Osaka Business Park.  OBP is a relatively newer commercial skyscraper center on a river peninsula beside the famous Osaka Castle, and makes for neat contrasting photos of the historically-detailed reconstructed castle with the stark late '80s and early '90s towers as a backdrop.

Thanks for these finds, and thanks always to our Japanese BAT Masters for creating them.


Somy is not only a GREAT BATer, IMHO, he is first an artist :satisfied:!!!

His new release is :o!!!! Before BAting such a ....statue, you have to imagine it. For me, that must be the hardest part :-[.
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Freaky new robot thing today... :D
(hold on, can't find the download link yet)


Wow, that EVA 01 looks really cool. Now if only it could go beserk and start destroying the city :D
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You may have meant to search for Houdini. (result of searching for XiahouDun on SC4D)