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APTX BAT showcase

Started by APTX, October 26, 2008, 05:52:25 AM

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Yes. it seems that he deleted his site &Thk/(
So, it does not restored eternally :'(
However, a few BAT and MOD is uploaded to the site of LEX(BAT) and Hide and seek!(EL-train skin MOD. Only the upper link).


Moonlight: Do you have an idea how many train mods APTX has released and which ?

This is what I got from the Hide ad Seek post you posted a link to:
5000 Series:
Tokyo 5000
Tokyo 5050
Tokyo 5080


Maybe you can add a little extra information, like city, type ....


They are all MOD which he made(All MOD in that link thread) :thumbsup:

5000 Series: HIDE and SEEK!  made by APTX
JRQ-303:HIDE and SEEK! made by APTX
TMRT:HIDE and SEEK! made by APTX

It is the same link altogether.


Did he do other train mods you know of ?


That's all.

His downloadable BAT and MOD.
BAT:LEX(Custom Google LEX Search "APTX")
MOD:EL-trainMOD(5000 Series(Japanese train), JRQ-303(Japanese train), TMRT(Taiwan train))

Other BAT and MOD have disappeared :'(


Maybe we can find people who still have them and can upload them somewhere on the STEX, LEX or even on Mediafire or megaupload, no ? Because I don't think APTX will get back to BATing or even to SC4, but if yes then we can ask him to reupload them or something like that.

What do you think ?
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I am very poor English, so can not explain in English well... :(

My personal idea(My idea may be extreme).
If there is no BAT and MOD which I need, it will make by myself. Even if a part of BAT of APTX is not found, there is no objection on my part.

Furthermore, I think that he erased the site in order to escape bondage. So, I think that only those who possess his BAT and MOD should use. But I regret that his wonderful BAT can not be obtained.


 &hlp  &hlp  &hlp
Where can I find the futuristic spaceship warehouse by APTX?