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Post by: dedgren on February 24, 2009, 10:28:05 AM
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Page 39
#1140 10/27/2006 12:51 AM
Hmmmm... 256 large city tiles. Now, let's say you are a really fast builder and pay no attention to detail whatsover (yeah, right!). My guess is that it would still take at least 4 hours of playing time to fill up a large tile (at least if you want roads and water and perhaps some rails and services too). Now, lets say you play 8 hours each day, that makes for two tiles a day. That's 128 days just to fill it up, presuming of course that you just drag-and-grow. Considering your REAL level of commitment to this CJ:s details my guess is that a realistic time prognosis is probably tenfold that number.

*grabs pop corn

Looks like we'll all be here for a while. :)
#1141 10/27/2006 06:12 AM
Well Hello, This CJ is awesome, It's amazeing the details you put into everything you do.
The tutorials you did were also extremely helpful, Thanks.

#1142 10/27/2006 11:42 AM
Oh, No! We're starting off with some more completely irrelevant but absolutely fabulous-

Alaska Eye Candy!

Well, yesterday was our first snow, about two weeks later in the year than usual...





"Skating rink" roads again this a.m. I bagged the trip into the office and am working...

...uh-huh, working... ...which client are you billing for this post?

...(I'll ignore that) at home. Here's a final pic- my son in full Halloween [ linkie ] ( "Jack Sparrow" [ linkie ] ( regalia.


Oh, to be young again...




emilin (Province of Lazarus) ([/url] remarked early this morning, after noting 3RR162's 256 large quads

Quote*grabs pop corn

Looks like we'll all be here for a while. :)

like I said...

...I have a plan...

...and here's a teaser (meaning I'm still thinking it through) as to what the plan will be.

My intention is to completely terraform the region first. That will include fairly well thought through placement of particular types of trees, placement of all ploppable water, rapids and waterfalls, and lake, river and stream shoreline detailing. I'm estimating about a month to do this.

This intention is based on the following exchange, back about a month ago in this post [ linkie ] ( with Lora (ldvger - apocrypha). She had asked in a previous comment [ linkie ] (

QuoteI have one major question for you. I noticed that in your tutorial (Update #10) that you have your road in place before you create your stream. It is my thought to continue to develope the natural landscape of my region prior to placing anything "built", including roads. My thought being, to build my communities around the existing natural features of the landscape, just as happens in RL. And so I woul;d lioke to be able to bridge streams and rivers after the fact, depending on how my communities grow, rather than trying to plan everything out to the "nth" degree ahead of time.

I responded
QuoteI agree with you wholeheartedly, Lora. Were I to do it all over again, I would complete all but the very finest level of terraforming detail in 3RR before I would build the first road or highway. You are exactly right- the entire natural environment comes before the first thing is created in the built environment.

Little did I know that the opportunity to follow through would come so soon...

So, as an aside, thanks, Lora! You've had a hand in shaping the future of 3RR.

After the terraforming is completed, I would develop a basic plan for the development of the region: such things as locate the urban and suburban city areas, outlying towns and villages, and place the skeleton of a pre-freeway era road system. I'd also place main rail lines.

Then I would open 3RR to you-

With some fairly specific development guidelines (a set of common appearance standards and a well-thought through plug-in list at a minimum, there are many other things I will think of between now and then) I will solicit readers to undertake developing one or more quads within a reasonable timeframe. If I found 50 folks and each developed two quads, that would represent major progress in a fairly short time. I'd say by next spring 3RR would be well along, if such a collaborative approach would work out.

Now, if you're inclined to be interested in being involved in this, let me know...

...once, please...

...and I'll start a list. Then watch 3RR for progress toward the point where quad development would start, at which point you'll hear from me.

That's the plan for now- it may change, but I like the idea.

Finally, where we are at with initializing the quads.


We're getting there, slowly but surely.

#1143 10/27/2006 12:20 PM
Whoa, snow. Cool. It was like 60 degrees here the other day, and everyone around town was all bundled up (including me). Heh, guess I'm never gonna live in Alaska, no matter how beautiful it is... Anywho, the rescaled 3RR looks like it'll be much more realistic size-wise, David. Good luck with filling all that up, though, should be one hell of a challenge. See ya around, Mr. Edgren.

#1144 10/27/2006 12:36 PM
Snow...Looks good but I hate it. I'm the one that has to move it..... Great pictures though.
#114510/27/2006 12:38 PM
wow thanks for sharing those beautifull pics my friend there wonderfull,snow does make everywhere look so pretty,is that you in the pic
#1146 10/27/2006 12:51 PM
This is a question for a few pages back, but how did you make your region in PSP?
#1147 10/27/2006 02:06 PM
Now, you have been asking for a long time for lurkers to show themselves! And I'll admit, I ignored that for a while... but here I am, out of hiding! I think I have commented maybe three times in this Journal, but I have been here alot more than that so I guess I count as a part-time lurker! :P
I'll give you a quick rundown of why I like this CJ, the first time I came in here I was confused by this thing you had called "You've Got Mail". It had many links, and was all a' jumble, and it wasn't until later when I sat down and realised how interesting that, and many other aspects of this City Journal were.
I like that this CJ has become more than just a journal of a city, but rather a little Realm! Its a Realm of Dedgren's life!
Haha, It seems to be a mesh of your ideas, thoughts and basically anything under the sun! And wow, I just took a look at your Table of Contents, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone with quite as much dedication as you have put into that! Woah! I wish I had the time to do that.
Anyway, as for your real life eye candy, those images of Alaska are beautiful! You seem to have a knack for photography, I just love those snow covered trees, the closest we have here in Australia are snow gums, but its very interesting to see a different style of tree covered in snow!
Oh, and as for your Simcity updates, I enjoyed seeing you slowly import your region from the Region Editor, never used it myself but from what I've seen here it looks pretty amazing!
Thats one giant, and incredible region... nice work! I love how thought out the future of your region is, especially when it comes to planning out each road and how it will look and feel.
I look forward to seeing you start the region. Goodluck.
Cheers, choco.
#1148 10/27/2006 03:41 PM
This is definately one of your best updates, those photos of yourfirst snow fall, wow. I've just booked and confirmed my snow holidays in January, 2 weeks in Andorra, snowboarding, and those photos of yours, just make me wish that was January already. If I could, I would change my sun for any of you guy's snow. I love it!
Silvio, the Eskimo ;D
#1149 10/27/2006 06:14 PM
Whoa! That is one large region. I've actually tried making them that large (and larger . . . we're talking 16,000 pixels by 16,000 pixels) but it would have taken a couple of days to import the terrain data. It looks as if it might be quicker with the Terraformer program, which I've downloaded and think is a great idea . . . but I keep crashing it somehow. I need more RAM . . . 512MB doesn't really cut it anymore.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

#1150 10/27/2006 07:28 PM
Well, you have quite a plan here. A month to finish detailing the terraforming, that's pretty tight, I should think. 2-3 large city tiles per day... that's alot of work to do in a short period, but at least there's no penalty for late completion of the project (I was reading in the paper today about how a two month delay in begining the work on our cities lightrail project has already cost the city 65 million dollars, maybe more)
Ahhh, but you can do it, you've astounded me before.

Now your plan for development, that's pretty intriguing. I assume you've already figured out all the angles, and have a plan for neighbour connections and such. I'd like to hear some more details about your plan, but I think I might be interested in giving you a hand with this.
I'll be keeping an eye on this thread (as always) to learn more about this planned colaborative effort.
#115110/27/2006 08:10 PM
Hello, David!

I just looked over the past few pages that were past my last post. I have to say: 256 large squares!! I know it would take me FOREVER to fill up all of those squares. I see you have discovered the pain of going through each city to change the city tiles in the region view from the SC4Terraformer look to the regular game look. I did it with my Wannabe County region, and it really didn't take that long because I actually thought for a change and...

...wait, you thought?! What's this world coming to?!

Yes, I thought; I took out every single last one of my plugins and temporarily stored them somewhere else while I loaded and exited city tiles.

Anyway, I really liked those pictures of yours that showed the river and landscape up close; they were absolutely breathtaking, and I look forward to many more nature pics as well as city pics. Come to think of it, you haven't showed any city pics in a long time, and I was just thinking that I'd like to see some, but I guess that's impossible right now given the state that the region is in.

Well, I'm about to head off to bed pretty soon, so I guess I'll see you later.

P.S. Can you bring some of that white stuff down here to Alabama? It'd be really appreciated!
#1152 10/27/2006 08:23 PM
Wow David,
All of this terraformed in a month. Seems like alot to me. Well if anyone can do it you can.
And being that I am already a 3RR groupie [linkie] ( , I might as well be a roadie [linkie] ( instead.  You can include me on your list of potential victims colaborators.

We had snow here in Iowa before ya'll did in Alaska. Hmmm. Maybe hell did freeze over [linkie] ( .

#1153 10/27/2006 08:43 PM
David that is something else hmmm 50 volutneers ehh??? ive been trying to do my cj but it has hit a bump in the road cause of an up grade to my system and and trying reload everything is not going to well sooo with set paramiters as u said with "plug in list" i would love to be a victim of the maddness with that in mind i do have to say here in Northwoods WI we already have had our first snow fall and its gone already but them are sure purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty pics i love snow lol and i dont know if Hell froze over yet [linkie] (
#1154 10/27/2006 09:27 PM
I think the idea of having lots of people collaborate on one big region is a great idea. Could you imagine the caliber of work if people like yourself and others worked on one region? I come in here, look around, and want to give up playing now, I can only think what it will be like if your ideas come to fruition! Hood luck and keep up the good work!
#1155 10/27/2006 10:19 PM
Hey David, I like those Alaskan first snow pics. Out here in the east, we didn't have any snow yet, only for a moment, but we had a lot of inondations lately.

Although I don't show up often here, I mean by commenting, I hope you won't treat me as a lurker, even if I do

Your Cj is still one of my favourites and I don't have many of these, believe me or ask Great stuff, great ideas and great pictures as always. Another *Must See* CJ on Simtropolis.

Once in awhile I somewhat steal your an idea from you, work it over my way and show it in my CJ, I hope you don't mind.

Keep it up Buddy and continue to amaze me.

#1156 10/28/2006 10:34 AM
David - I'd love to build a couple of quads in 3RR, but I'm not sure my computer could handle that big a region. Still, I'd be more than willing to give it a shot, put my name down as a potential colaborator, please! See ya later, gotta go get ready to watch the UM game...

#1157 10/28/2006 02:15 PM
I would be interested in developing a few quads. I am curious,though, how the development would occur (if we would create a plan, or actually develop the quad ourselves). Great idea for 3RR and the cj ranking's list too. Be careful you don't burn out on it all though, though it's all good, it can overwhelm (as gaston has suggested elsewhere). Waiting to hear what comes next.
#1158 10/28/2006 03:24 PM
You asked for lurkers to come forward so I will. I have been lurking here since the beginning. I find myself coming to this CJ several times a week to see what is new. I love the detail of our cities, learned quite a bit from your tutorials and I have been very interested in this mapping thing you have been doing. I too have been frustrated with the unrealistic compression of scale with Sim City. You made it clear when you were comparing population densities with the real maps and same size SC regions. Now this 256 tile region is unbelievable! I thought my 25 tile region was ambitious. It is going to be interesting to see how this region develops.

I wanted to jump in a couple weeks back when you wrote about studying maps and taking road trips as a kid. As it turns out, you and I were studying maps with a flash light under the covers in fairly close proximity. I was born and lived in the northern Chicago suburbs in the 50s. I remember many family road trips before Interstate highways to SW Florida down U.S. 41, through the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee, the boring slash pines of South Georgia and the endless scrub palmetto of Gulf Coast Florida. All we had for entertainment was AM radio and for comfort, 4/60 air conditioning (four windows open at 60 m.p.h.)

Keep up the excellent SC work and keep throwing in the Alaskan "eye candy" pictures. I enjoyed the pictures of the fall colors a week or so back. It almost made me miss living in a more temperate climate, but the pictures today reminded me why I don't. I don't like the cold! The climate here in El Paso is just about perfect. The winters aren't too cold, the summers are not nearly as hot as Phoenix or as humid as Houston or South Florida and, if I really want to, I can "visit" snow in the New Mexico Mountains on weekends.

see ya

(sorry about the formading marks, but when I go back into edit mode they aren't there.)

cleaned up your post again. You need to remember if you're pasting from word to either use the "Paste from Word" button or the "Paste as Plain Text" button. Thanks, choco.
#1159 10/28/2006 03:36 PM
Arent you going to freeze to death if you go trick or treating? :P
#1160 10/28/2006 05:55 PM
...tonight's the night [ linkie] (

75 quads to go!

#1161 10/28/2006 05:55 PM
Well your subtitle said something about lurkers but necessarily newcomers, but here I am anyway, right in the middle of your diversion time! :)

Anyway at first glance I can tell that you really take a lot of pride in paying attention to detail. And I'm sure I'd probably see more evidence of it the deeper I go into your journal. :)

Back to the diversion, Captain Jack is exactly why I am dreading my children becoming teenagers! :)
#1162 10/28/2006 10:21 PM
Interesting use of the SCTF colouring of terrains. it looks like your doing a ground survey afterr a satelite one . Can you keep some of that snow for us down here
#1163 10/28/2006 10:23 PM
David you are a machine with a sense of humour...
#1164 10/29/2006 05:37 AM
The red stuff makes your mountains look like volcanoes. :P This wouldn't be that new terraforming tool, would it? Wish I could use it. :(

#1165 10/29/2006 08:25 AM
1 to go!





...what is that?



...what is that? ...get closer...



...oh, wait a minute...

...wrong button...



There! That's better.

#1166 10/29/2006 08:36 AM
LoL dedgren!! very funny..congrats all 256 tiles completed...job well done!! can't wait to see where this goes!!
#1167 10/29/2006 06:39 PM
I second that David congrats on finishing the 256 tiles looooooved that little tile graphic sweeeeeeeeeeet
#1168 10/29/2006 07:10 PM
Nice!!! I will also volunteer to develop a few quads (maybe four at most). I do have Nutcracker coming up and you know what that means...

Don't you?

Oh, right... I'll have lots of free time.

Catch ya later...and I'll trade that snow for the horrendous rain we had last week.
#1169 10/29/2006 09:23 PM
I couldn't even be bothered doing about a quarter of the numbers of tiles you did... most of them medium!
Impressive stuff David, can't wait to see the results!

:) wen